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For Doc's Sake I'm Glad Philly is Playing Well So Far


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Joel and Ben are back and healthy. The team is playing well. And Doc is looking like the championship coach that we all know and love.

If Doc can find a way to get Ben Simmons to be more aggressive in asserting his will on the game, they are going to be extremely tough to beat. In my mind there is no reason Ben shouldn't be able to put up the same crazy numbers he put up in college. He's that gifted and skilled.

In the East I suspect Boston, Philly, Milwaukee, Brooklyn and likely Miami will be at the top. And honestly I can foresee different scenarios where any of these teams could surpass the others and go to the finals.

My gut tells me that Philly and Brooklyn will win the east as they have the most superstar talent. Although I must admit I love the toughness and defense that Jrue holiday brings to Milwaukee. I just feel like Milwaukee is still missing something.

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