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Re: Zero Starting Life In Another World episode 36 'The Taste of Death' (Beware Spoilers!)


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I rarely feel lost in fiction. It doesn't matter if it's books, movies, shows, video games, poems. But I can tell, after viewing the last few episodes there are some things I thought I understood well that perhaps I only got a piece and now need to go back and view the previous eps to make sure I have the full picture. The nice little info drop by Roswal was pretty good and a bit of a surprise even though it was hinted at.

At this point with Subaru's return by death its hard to imagine how he is going to be able to turn things around. He's in so deep and there are so many moving pieces and still so many unknowns. He's going to need some big time help. My only guess is that he's able to get one of the big baddies to ally with him or at least go after one another because as it stands now he is just far too weak to do anything else. I feel like this whole season he's been running around and just crying all of the time. I'm ready for him to do something splashy!

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