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AT&T Is Rolling Out 5 Gbps Internet, Which Is Fast Enough To Download An Entire 100 GB Game In About 3 Minutes


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This is could news for all you digital fans out there.

I haven't bought a physical copy of a game since 2020. Im not opposed to running up to the store to grab a game but with the pandemic going on, buying digital has allowed me to reduce my footprint a little bit.

Higher speeds should also help us to reduce latency a little bit. Of course all of this will come at a premium $110 for 2 Gbps and $180 for 5Gbps. For online gamers some may end up being second class citizens. When playing a competitive online game, the players with the highest speed almost always have the advantage. I wonder if they will start matching players based on internet connection. That's something to think about.

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