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One Piece Chapter 1031 Discussion


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First things first. I like many others loved the cover art for this chapter. Zoro looks great. I just need him to do a little more. Many of the other first mates on this cover are absolute beasts and I feel like Zoro is still holding a card or two in his back pocket.

Sanji stepped up in this chapter, and made a decision not to use the RAID suit, good for him. I'm not caring much for these these little skirmishes between the big battles but if its got Sanji in them its hard to complain. Law and Kid battling Big Mom actually feels like a more epic battle than Kaido. I know Kaido has the mystique of being unkillable but Big Mom is crazy powerful and influential. In terms of name recognition it still kinda feels like Big Mom and her crew are still a bigger deal although Kaido maybe considered more dangerous due to his Zoan and underworld connections.

Two weeks wait for a new chapter is painful but I understand why, these panels are crazy detailed, packed with art and dialogue..

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