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Wheel of Time Adaption By Amazon Has Wrapped Filming


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It is now being reported that the Wheel of Time adaption by Amazon has recently Wrapped filming.

I hope this new series does well. I'm sure that there are a lot of Robert Jordan fans that are looking forward to the trailer and to see the progress that's been made.

If the premiere is successful and Amazon goes on to greenlight the entire series I wonder if Brandon Sanderson will get any compensation since he was the author that finished the wheel of time series after Robert Jordan's passing.

Perhaps after a few more years it will be Sanderson's turn to have his fantasy epic 'The Stormlight Archive' turned into a TV series as well.

Either way though, congrats to the wheel of time fans and Amazon for wrapping the first season. I hope its well received and leads to many many more. Perhaps it will get me to finally go and checkout the books for myself.

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