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  1. It seems like the acquisitions race is in full swing. Microsoft's Activision/Blizzard acquisition is still in process and but I suspect both PlayStation and Xbox will be looking to make more acquisitions. Its an arms race of IP and development talent right now. And neither one wants to fall too far behind the other. Since development takes years, failure to act now would put Microsoft or Sony at a huge disadvantage 5 years from now. Source
  2. Halo Infinite Redfall Starfield Avowed Perfect Dark Elder Scrolls 6 The Outer Worlds 2 Fable Fallout Unknown MMO
  3. I just got through playing Ryse Son of Rome on Gamepass and I gotta tell you guys, wow! I'm impressed. I waited far too long to play this game. I know critics really hammered this game because of its simplistic controls but I loved this game. It's presentation is top notch and it told a pretty straightforward story of revenge that I found highly enjoyable. Some of the influential romans in the game were pretty well acted. The music was grand and impactful. It had all the elements you could want in a action focused launch title meant to show off the graphics engine and consoles capabilities. Also there were some nice story wrinkles, such as some deities seemingly involved. The only problem is they didn't really expand on this part much at all. The true magic of the game is that you actually feel like you were a roman commander leading men into battle. You tell them when to put their shields up, when to throw spears. You go on flanking missions, and rescue missions. There is an intense gladiator battle that you participate in. The colosseum is able to literally able to transform to change the layout and design, that was a nice touch. But the best part without a doubt was when we had to go into Britannia. They have this awesome scene involving a wicker man. It really needs to be seen in-game to be fully appreciated! This is basically an almost arcade like game based on some good old historical fiction. If they were to remake this game and instead add in some RPG elements from Dragon Age Inquisition mixed this game would have been a masterpiece. The devs just needed to add a little more to it to make players really respect it. But all in all as a launch title and showcase piece, this game knocked it out of the park!
  4. Description Imagine the future for gaming powered by quantum computing and featuring the world’s first holographic UX. The fastest most powerful gaming experience ever made — capable of 1 exaFLOPS of processing power, 32K video and 240 frames-per-second — yet it’s 90% smaller, a gaming supercomputer you hold in the palms of your hands. Imagine Xbox 2042. Xbox 2042 is built to drive native 32K resolutions in Full Spectrum Color at a base frame rate of 240 FPS (up to 480 FPS) with zero latency. All games are now “instant-on” requiring no loading times whatsoever. Even cloud-based open-world games with worlds so enormous they have their own dedicated data centers load and sync instantly. The all-new holographic user experience is intuitive, extra-sensory and will forever change how you game. The new gaming experience will support a robust games lineup, featuring more than 70 titles available at launch including the cutting-edge first-person shooter, Battlefield 2042. Xbox 2042 also offers full backwards compatibility with the games you know and love, boasting a library of 5000+ titles across four decades of Xbox. Just imagine the possibilities? My Thoughts I thought this was an interesting share by Xbox's official youtube account. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. But I guess a video like this does give us something to talk about and speculate on. For one thing Microsoft's marketing department seems to be on overdrive. We have some Xbox related news to talk about seemingly every other week. And that type of constant publicity has to be good for the brand. I look forward to seeing what comes next from Xbox.
  5. The campaign looks good. The gameplay looks way more dynamic. There seems to be a strong emphasis on verticality. I guess the new AI looks alright but its a poor replacement for Cortana. I'd prefer something closer to Cortana from Halo 4 compared to how they depicted her in Halo 5. Update I have since beaten Halo Infinite's single player campaign and have shared my full thoughts be sure to check it out here.
  6. The fact that this is an MMO intrigues me. The fact that Games Beat is reporting this intrigues me even more. I think we are long overdue for a console centric RPG. But we'll see, right now we know almost nothing about this rumored game.
  7. I'm not a fortnite player but I thought I'd share this one for all of you fortnite fans. The skin looks pretty sweet.
  8. I think this is an interesting topic, because for the longest time Xbox was definitely lagging behind Sony when it came to first party exclusives. Their strategy was largely, hey lets create a great platform for publishers to develop and distribute games. However, this is no longer the case. Xbox now has over 20 first party studios developing games. And with the acquisition of Bethesda they technically have a ton of very popular first party games in their back catalog. I guess console wars I fun to engage in but I'll be interested to see what happens when Xbox starts dropping 1 big party game every quarter like clockwork. Or what people will say once gamepass subscribers reach 30 million. We haven't heard in official game pass subscriber numbers in a while now but I suspect Xbox is currently in the 20 million range. I've said this before but I'll say it again, once they are in the 30 million range they will be generating enough revenue from gamepass(In excess of 300 million) to fund a AAA game every single month. I truly believe, that given enough time, Xbox can easily reach 60 million subscribers. This would give them over 7 billion dollars of revenue from gamepass alone. How could any other company compete with that. Microsoft would undoubtedly take some money off the top but can you imagine what would happen if Xbox funneled most of that money back into game development? Netflix right now has over 200 million subscribers. Gamepass has a ton of room to grow. And overtime games available to the average sbscribers is just going to keep increasing. After awhile its going to be insurmountable. I full expect subscriber numbers to jump once Halo infinite and Starfield start dropping.
  9. I'm a big believe of you get what you pay for. These bad boys aren't just any storage expansion cards. They were made specifically to run on Xbox series X/S and take advantage of the Xbox Velocity Architecture. So these are premium storage cards. We've been told that we wouldn't necessarily get the same performance using third party cards. So I have no issues with it.
  10. I think these type of blockbuster style experiences are on the way. They just haven't quite hit yet. In terms of sales Halo has always been a heavy hitter for Xbox. But that's sort of been the only consistent iconic character. Now we have Perfect Dark in development, I imagine that game is going to do extremely well. I think games like Avowed and Starfield will be mega hits as well but those games are RPG heavy. They are most likely going to let the player create and name their character. Games like Sony's: God of War, The Last of Us, Horizon Forbidden west and even Uncharted are all big huge games but they also are extremely story driven and focus on creating a world that revolves around a very established character. That's why we are starting to movies and TV series announcements for those IPs because Sony has done the work. I would not be surprised in the least if somewhere down the line we get a Johanna Dark Netflix series. It has all the elements of what's trending at this time. But at the end of the day, what's important is delivering fun games. And Xbox has a large number of first party games in development right now. You couldn't say that last generation. And out of those games already announced I suspect we'll see multiple big blockbuster style games.
  11. I must admit these are a great showcase for Xbox. I can't wait to see the visual fidelity for games that are made specifically for next gen hardware. Starfield and Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 come to mind. Forza looks gorgeous but me ohhh myyy, Flight Simulator is on another level!🤩
  12. I get it. If Sony or any member of the big 3 are willing to give up some extra cash to get timed exclusives from third party publishers why not take their money? More power to them. It's not great for fans that have only one console but hey, I think competition is good. This one doesn't really affect me as much since I haven't been heavy into COD. Plus I like all the consoles. The gaming industry is massive, I want them all to succeed. So lets see how this timed exclusive thing shakes out moving forward. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is another one that hits a little closer to home because I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy. Its unfortunate that Xbox only fans are going to miss out for so long. But hey that's how it is right now. I know there are some disappointed PlayStation only fans that can't play Bethesda's next huge game, Starfield(they created Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout). Sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles.
  13. https://gamerant.com/shang-chi-xbox-series-x-console-controller-contest-giveaway/
  14. I saw another analyst post refer to these numbers and seemed to attribute this to Xbox's solid E3 showing. Sorry, I don't have the quote readily available.
  15. I love how they made it look just like the xbox console. It would be fun to get this just to kind of troll my playstation friends when they come over 😁. It would be cool😅, if Sony released their own version of a PlayStation mini fridge in response. I also like the tagline Xbox and chill. Kudos to the marketing department with that one.
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