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Found 9 results

  1. They must be saving all the answers for next season because the season finale really fell flat for me. Delores/Christine Delores being trapped essentially in the matrix without realizing it could have been a bigger surprise but for some reason they didn't really set up the reveal enough for it to have a bigger impact. I knew the roommate was extremely odd but I didn't quite understand her purpose. Teddy showing up kind of gave it away but the idea that she is just subconsciously creating all of these characters to rationalize her own existence was just not very wholesome. We spend a lot of time with her and the finale feels like it was mostly for nothing. She doesn't do anything significant in this season. Hale Hale basically choosing to opt out after all her grand planning and scheming seems absolutely ridiculous. She's not going to spend all that time and bother with transcendence only to just change her mind at the last second and basically decide to self-destruct. There was no reason for her to go get that gun which Bernard had laid on the ground. She could have easily finished off the man in black host while he was standing at the control panel. Instead she starts running around hurt. Bernard Bernard's death is still incredibly fishy to me. Bernard and Maeve had plenty of time to go up there stomp the floor pull out Delores and destroy the tower. As a matter of fact it seems like it would have been better if they all moved as a group to accomplish this task first. Had they done so, the men in black would have had no chance to create total chaos by ordering everyone to kill themselves. Hal would have transcended which would have made her a none factor. And the group could have easily handled the man in black before moving on to rescue Caleb. Transcendence At the very end of the season we are led to believe that there are only two humans left, the last host has ended her life in the real world and Delores is holding some type of grand tournament(Mortal Kombat?😂)in the sublime to determine if humans and AI are worthy to go on living? It seems to me that Delores(Hale was also Delores) just won again. But what about those hosts that have undergone transcendence? I don't recall any real explanation of what that means. Nor being provided with information regarding their current status. Was Hale just turning hosts into machines with no emotions? Do hosts that undergo transcendence still have a sense of self? If so wouldn't they have a role to play in regards to how the world ends and their place in it? The show conveniently seems to just leave them out.
  2. It seems to me that Bernard had plenty of time to blow up that tower and that if he had simply allowed Maeve to come with him instead of going to confront Hale, Maeve could have easily watched his back to ensure that Host William(the man in black clone) was never able to kill him. Maybe it will be revealed in the next episode but right now I see no benefit in Maeve and Bernard splitting up. Hale would have undergone the transcendence process, Maeve and Bernard could have stopped Host William together, blown up the tower and "C", her Host/human father and Bernard's buddy Stubbs would have been okay and wouldn't have to worry about any danger. Of course it seems to me that the big twist will be that Bernard cloned everyone or nearly everyone before they decided to embark on the last mission to destroy the tower. There has to be some unknown trick that Hale has left, some trump card or plan B that Bernard knows about and hasn't told anyone else. Because right now his actions has put a lot of people's lives in danger for no reason at all.
  3. I must admit for me, this episode was a lot of wasted time. Don't get me wrong, I was fully engaged the whole time. I wanted to know what happened next but Caleb's whole journey seemed like a lost opportunity. Perhaps artistically speaking you can make a strong case for it, but from what I observed there is not going to be a lot of carry over from these events. As I was watching Caleb, I told myself hmm this is interesting. Is Caleb in some sort of time loop? With the arrow pointing towards the shaft, the finger prick, I thought to myself very early on that this was sort of elaborate plan by Hale. I just couldn't figure out why it was so important to Hale. Later on she reveals why, but as she said that was a lot of wasted time only for the end result to be that Caleb makes some kind of desperate call out into the wild hoping his daughter would somehow hear it. That was just kind of pointless. This Caleb/Hale scenario doesn't really advance the plot much at all, I personally feel like it was a mistake to spend so much time on it. More time should have been spent with Bernard, "C", Maeve and her crew. There was opportunity to add a lot more intrigue there because those characters are actually doing something that will have ramifications on the actual timeline.
  4. Okay, so Christine is the grandmaster storyteller. Why wouldn't Hale be in total control? It seems to me that Hale had delegated to much power. I guess, her main point was not to be like the humans and to rule everything. But Christine seems to have just as much power as Hale. Maybe just on a more localized level and a slightly different way. Hale seems to be able to just tell the humans what to do, the host man in black seems to have the same power. It seems to be the equivalent of sit, stay, do this, do that. Almost like a command line power. Whereas Christine maybe able to do the exact same thing but in a different way. Perhaps Christine is able to just rewrite people's programming so they do what she wants. So at first glance it appears her power may be the same as Hale but perhaps not. Maeve on the other hand, works in a completely different way. Its never been fully explained how Maeve is able to do what she does and why nobody else can. But its already been demonstrated that she can hack into both Host and human bodies. Her resurrection will be a big deal. Analyzing things on a bigger scale though, we've yet to get confirmation if the remaining human rebels are immune to control or have somehow managed to avoid infection Either way though, it seems like they should be able to see that tower. You would think at some point the humans have considered conducting a major strike on that huge tower and destroying the mini speakers on the sidewalk when conducting an operation so the people don't become like the "projections" in inception and start mindlessly attacking the humans. Surely the humans would have thought of retrofitting some hosts or drones to disable the tower. There are still a lot of questions left unanswered. I wonder if we will get a history/timeline of the world between the time Hale unleashed the flies and took over the world to present day.
  5. Once again I am lost. When "C"(Aurora Perrineau) was first introduced I thought she looked like an older version of Caleb's daughter. I just didn't consider at the time that we had been watching different timelines. When I saw that Maeve(Thandiwe Newton) was about to die, only then did it occur to me that Maeve could be the weapon they were looking for in the desert. That's a cool reveal and a great job by the writers. The big surprise that Caleb's timeline/narrative/experience has been fake this whole time is a bit disappointing. As a viewer I don't like being deceived to that degree without better hints. The show just kind of goes surprise! Caleb is actually dead! Hale actually won. As I sci-fi fan I definitely appreciate the end result but I'm just disappointed with the execution. The ending of this episode with Hale having her Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) moment like in season 1 was actually pretty awesome. All the humans just froze on command when she catches up to Caleb. In the grander scheme of things, the very end of this season allows for the possibility of Maeve and Caleb to be reunited. It feels fairly obvious that Maeve loved Caleb and only left him so he could live a full mortal life with a "real person". I think by the end of the show these two will be together as host and host. Or perhaps die together. At least, in a perfect world that's the way it should be but the showrunners may try to subvert expectations. So who knows! I have no idea what's happening with Christina(Rachel Evan Woods). But it feels like her roommate Mya brought back Teddy(James Marsden) to try to settle her down a bit. Considering what we just observed with Caleb's character, it feels almost certain now that Delores is somewhere still alive or at least alive as a host can be and is perhaps stuck in some kind of loop or false memory similar to Caleb. Christina recognizes Teddy and feels like she's seen him before almost like an echo of her past lives. Perhaps Christina is a host. I'm also drawing blanks on the importance of the lighthouse scene, after they destroy rehoboam's last data center it appears that Maeve hacked into Caleb somehow. I don't understand the implications of that. Surely it can't simply mean, by hacking your body I can keep you alive a little longer so we can get you to the hospital, there has to be more to it then that. The man in black is definitely going to have his moment to shine. Its odd to me that Hale leaves the man in black alive but allows Caleb to die and just tries to create copies of him. Is she lonely? Why not just remove all the humans if she actually won? At the end of the episode the showrunners really emphasized the amount of care and detail that went into designing the machine that William is placed in by Hale. It makes me feel like he still has a big part to play.
  6. Never in a million years could I imagine Maeve getting beaten by another host. But yet, it seems like it just might happen. The only way Maeve should ever lose is if she lost her powers. And how about Bernard! He has become the ultimate embodiment of Morpheus and the Oracle from the matrix. I think its a bit unfair that he can see infinite possibilities. I also don't like the idea that he has to die no matter what he does. Hopefully, that last bit Bernard was gifted in the sublime was not a 100 percent accurate. The bigger question is how can the sublime give Bernard this level of ability. From what I remember, the sublime was just supposed to be host heaven. I hope we get some solid answers for why this was possible and not just make it a simple plot device.
  7. The big reveal that the man in black is just a pawn/prisoner is nice. Hale has taken over and she's developed a way to program humans to do her bidding. At least temporarily before they seemingly go insane. I have a feeling that the real man in black is not going to stay a prisoner forever. I also love that we are going to a new theme park similar to Westworld called the "Golden Age". Things are finally picking up!
  8. Can we all just admit that Maeve's abilities are just the coolest in the show. Evan Rachel Wood seems to be really central to the plot this season although she's no longer Delores but appears to be a human name Christina. Is Christina hearing some type of weird echoes of her stories? How is that possible? Lots to unpack here. I would really be scratching my head if it weren't for the behind the scenes discussions after each episode.
  9. Its been awhile since I watched Westworld so I don't know what to expect from season 4. This trailer starts off incredibly weird and then starts to get really wild. Hopefully this next season really delivers the goods. It releases on June 26 2022. So we don't have long to wait! Its almost time to start the rewatch party to catch up on everything.
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