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  1. My favorite episode for the Witcher season 2 was actually episode 1! I don't really care to admit that. I wish I could say that my favorite episode was the final episode. But episode 1 of season 2 has all the things that I enjoy most when watching the Witcher. Firstly, there's a nice little mystery. As the audience we know that something is wrong, the village is empty, Geralt's friend has a peculiar appearance much different when Geralt saw him last, also he lives completely along...so he says. Somethings is not adding up! Geralt, slowly but surely does his monster hunting detective thing, but this time he has to do it while navigating his father like relationship with Ciri. The reveal at the end is actually pretty tragic and extremely well done. A part of me, really wishes that season 2 was just Geralt and Ciri roaming the countryside together, solving little mysteries like this one, while getting paid for his services as a Witcher. For me little self contained 1 episode stories like this one contains the strongest story telling. I wish we had a lot more of them.
  2. I for one think that he crossed a line in the sand. He know that Ciri was Geralt's charge through law of surprise. As Geralt's mentor and friend he should have known he was crossing a line. Ciri is a young girl, there was no need to rush to turn her into a Witcher. Doing that behind Geralt's back, knowing the circumstances felt all kinds of wrong on Vesemir's part. I felt like there should have been a greater fallout because of that decision. Good intentions or not.
  3. Dijkstra is a mage and adviser to the King of Redania he tells Philippa(a mage that can change into an owl) to bring him the bard. A lot of people think that this bard is actually Jaskier, Geralt's friend. I doubt that they are truly working together but based on his comments I think its very possible that they've met already in some capacity. When you add in the fact that Jaskier was already made at Geralt from they way they separated in season 1, this theory doesn't seem like its outside the realm of possibility as it did on first glance. Ultimately I can't imagine that Jaskier ever betrays Geralt. In fact I suspect that the showrunners might just make it seem like he's betraying Geralt based on the way they film the scenes(if it turns out they've been in contact)but instead he's just milking Dijkstra for information. The plot that Dijkstra has posed the King of Redania is that they could use Ciri to gain rights to the kingdom of Cintra. But since Dijkstra is a mage, that knows the value of elder blood, I suspect we all think that Dijkstra has an even greater scheme up his sleeve.
  4. It's clear at this point that the two of them can't be completely trusted. They both lied to his face. Cahir can claim that Fringilla threatened him to go along with her plan in order to hide her catastrophic failure(from her point of view) from the emperor. Although I doubt that happens, it is fun to imagine a world where Cahir and Fringilla are at each other's neck competing for the Emperor's favor. The Emperor should probably remove both of them from his service as they've already proven that they are willing to lie to save themselves embarrassment and chastisement from the emperor. Perhaps he'll give them both a loyalty test of some kind. A way to prove themselves worthy of continued service. It's starting feel like Fringilla's lie to the emperor and Yennefer fleeing from the mages that its setting up Yennfer to join Nilfgaard via help from Cahir.
  5. I imagine that Fringilla and Francesca's relationship will be disastrous moving forward. Fringilla can never again trust Francesca and Francesca has to realize that she has ruined the only true human supporter in Nilfgaard. I expect they will both be walking on eggshells as things move forward. After an initial face off, expressing their feelings and a cooling off period, I suspect they both will begin to plot against each other. It has to be inevitable at this point. The only question is how will they meet again? Right now, Im not even sure if Francesca has any plans to return to court and treat with Emperor Emyr. If Fringilla can survive and regain some of the Emperor's trust Fringilla will likely be meeting Francesca in the field and will likely have orders from the Emperor to do anything necessary to use the Elves as a tool to get to Ciri. In fact that may be how they meet again. They may both be plotting to combine their powers to capture Ciri and then once captured, betray the other. There could really be an epic showdown next season.
  6. Istredd is a mage historian and the former lover of Yennefer. He tells Francesca that Ciri has Elden blood. What I can't figure out is, if Francesca has so much raw anger at the humans why would getting this information from Istredd cause her to spare his life. My only guess would be she is planning to use him in some sort of plot to capture Ciri? But if she were to use him like a Trojan horse of some type how could she trust him to follow through once released? With him realizing that Yennefer and Geralt were a thing in the past would he be willing to betray Yennefer for a second time? This time out of jealousy? As a historian, that knows the history of the elves, I can't imagine that he doesn't realize that allowing Elves with bad intentions to get their hands on Ciri would be a very bad idea. He would be cast away by the humans for doing so and still despised by the elves for simply being human.
  7. I'm really interested to see where they take this Elves plotline. The way they ended Season 2 makes me feel like they are setting everyone up to begin hunting for Ciri. Its pretty obvious to me that the Elves are allies of no one. They are simply using whatever humans they can to regain their former power. Right now the leader is motivated by vengeance I'm not sure how long they can hold on if she's moving through the countryside with the intention of harming every human child.
  8. I admit that scene was pretty cool. It was cheesy but at the same time pretty cool. I would have prefered that it was some magic not some poison but either way the question is, was it a bad move on Fringilla's part? I say yes, logically speaking those officials/officers/men of note, were important people, likely nobles that came from powerful nd well established families. Once they hear of some type of treachery like that, their families are gonna make some noise. This would cause a political crisis for Emperor Emyr. That is how you lose control of your wealth and support within your kingdom. Another point to recognize is that those men presumably have some lower officers and loyal soldiers that were fiercely loyal to them. They are not gonna take to kindly to you murdering their commander. Is Fringilla gonna kill them too? That's a pretty big domino effect. That would make Emperor Emyr lose control of his army if he doesn't punish Fringilla. It will be interesting to see if The Witcher season 3 addresses the fallout from this decision or rolls along like nothing happened. That's the kind of plotting that made Game of Thrones so great and that so many other shows failed to follow through on.
  9. I think this is a very good question. Both Yennefer and Triss obviously have a deep affection for Geralt and they are both on friendly terms. For pure entertainment value, I think it would be interesting to see that dynamic play out on screen. Who knows we might still get to see it in season 3. But think about the way that season 2 ended. Even though Yennefer decides to protect and nurture Ciri what she did midway through the season was actually a form of betrayal to Geralt. Think back to the earliest part of the season, Geralt thought Yennefer was dead... and then in episode 2, Triss shows up and basically tells Geralt that she was looking for some comfort because of what happened to her. It would have been perfectly okay if those two were to have some type of romantic involvement at this moment in the show. Especially considering what just happened with Geralt's Witcher friend Eskel. From there everything would happen just as it did in the show, then, later on, Geralt finds out Yen is alive. When he finally meets her, he would perhaps feel some guilt or regret, but then even later, Yen betrays him by taking Ciri. The natural course of events would be for him to start thinking of Triss because at least at this point he can trust her. It would have set up season 3 perfectly. Geralt trusts Triss implicitly but also has some deep affection for Yen. He has kinda sorta, forgiven Yen for her betrayal but he doesn't trust her...plus he struggles with the idea of how real his affection actually is, due to the fact that him and Yen are supposedly bound by the magic of the Djinn. WOW! I mean that's some good stuff right there. Emmy potential, depending on how you film it and how much of an emphasis it has in the show. If that isn't the perfect fantasy love triangle, I don't know what is. I think the showrunners really messed up by not following through with the potential love triangle in season 2. I've heard George R.R. Martin quote William Faulkner half a hundred times by saying "the only thing worth writing about, is the human heart in conflict with itself." I think this would've qualified. But we'll see what comes next.
  10. I'll be the first to admit that I did not care for the loyalty test that the Elder mages were putting Yen through. Tissaia knew that Yennefer had said everyone by tapping into fire magic and as a result had lost her magic. If she was the hero, you don't force her to do something morally grey especially if she doesn't want to do it. IF the truth comes out, the truth would prove to be the loyalty test.
  11. I don't feel like Tissaia did enough to protect Yennefer from the other lead mages. She portrays herself as a mentor/mother to Yennefer but she constantly lets the council/conclave find a way to manipulate Yennefer. I will give her points for protecting Yen while she is being tortured by Stregobor. But I didn't like how she wasn't very supportive about helping her find a way to get her powers back or finding an alternative way for her to prove her loyalty.
  12. Yennefer's storyline in season 2 was a big disappointment for me. Her storyline just took too much of her agency away. It made her too weak, unconfident, it just wasn't very compelling. It does lead her down a bit of a ruthless path but their are no long term consequences for her actions so why even bother?
  13. Emperor Emhyr is Duny from season 1. The cursed knight that was attacked at the Royal banquet that Geralt attended with his musician friend Jaskier. Emperor Emhyr is the father of Ciri.
  14. This is an interesting question. The critics loved the Witcher season 2 and thought it was much better constructed and had more flow than season 1. Witcher season 1 critic score: 68% (rotten tomatoes) Witcher season 2 critic score: 95% (rotten tomatoes) But the audience score which is made up of regular people tells a much different story. Witcher season 1 audience score: 90% (rotten tomatoes) Witcher season 2 audience score: 60% (rotten tomatoes) My own opinions tend to fall in line with the audience score. I felt like season 2 was easier to follow, it had much better flow since it wasn't skipping back and forth through time BUT....it wasn't nearly as entertaining as season 1, because of the story arcs of Geralt and Yennefer. As much as it pains me to admit it, for me, episode 1 of season 2 is probably the most entertaining episode from beginning to end. I still enjoyed going on the complete journey with all the characters in season 2 but if I had to choose, Season 1 had the best dramatic moments, surprises and overall pure entertainment value.
  15. Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes, 30 seconds. Contains 1100 words I felt like The Witcher Season 2 was a step up from season 1 in terms of pure plot structure. It was much easier to follow this time around. Its gotten some crazy good reviews so far. Now here's the rub, I didn't care for the fractured storytelling in season 1 but in terms of pure entertainment value, I feel that season 2 is actually a step down from season 1. Right now on rotten tomatoes season 2 is sitting at a 92% tomatometer score(critics) and 62% audience score(regular people). Interestingly enough, the tomatometer score is up for season 2 but the audience score is down from season 1! That tells me that regular people like you and me, didn't find season 2 quite as entertaining as season 1. So what's happening??? For one, we learn a little bit of history about the elves and humans. I believe that critics are really digging the Elves story of being dispossessed of their land and their righteous anger at the humans for how they were treated in the past and continue to be treated in the present. Without spoiling the story, lets just say some new things happen during season 2 that makes the elves even angrier. I feel like the critics loved this plotline and I'll be honest, I find this part of the story pretty interesting too! My issue came with Geralt and Yennefer's storylines. I strongly suspect that their journey is a big reason why the audience score has dipped. To put it simply, its just not as gripping as season 1. Even though season 2 is much easier to follow then season 1. Geralt and Yennefer's storyline is much less interesting than before. Yennefer's story in particular, suffers a lot. Geralt to a lesser degree because he's with Ciri and the plot has emphasized the importance of her character so much, that due to mere proximity, Geralt gets to have enough good moments along the way to salvage his story arc. One of the reasons I enjoyed season 1 much more, was not because of its fragmented structure but because Geralt is basically acting like a detective, solving mysteries and defeating monsters using his Witcher knowledge. Plus I've heard that it sticks much closer to the books. In season 2, the only time that Geralt goes in to Witcher detective mode is in episode 1. And surprise, surprise, it seems like most fans have really enjoyed episode 1 of season 2. Upon personal reflection I feel like its my favorite episode of season 2. I really, really, don't want to admit that but it's true. Henry Cavill is most captivating, when he's the monster hunting detective and we as fans get to see the bitter hard choices that he has to make to capture, stop or kill the monster of the day. Now on the other hand, Yennefer suffers from a very similar problem. She loses what's makes her special. This is my biggest issue with her her plotline. She loses her essence. This was my same issue with the Hulk and Thor in The Avengers Infinity war part 2, they lose their essence. I understand that its not about the destination but the journey. But...Yennefer's journey, was just...not that interesting. I was pleased with the final destination but the journey needed to be much better. In season 1 its all about her being looked down upon because of her physical appearance. We get to watch her struggle to gain power, and then we see her get betrayed and then begin to mistrust those closest to her. Her encounter with the Djin was a very clever plot device that even plants a seed of doubt into her relationship with Geralt, which of course makes their encounters, all the more interesting. Its a complete story arc full of struggle, betrayal, bitterness and mistrust. But in season 2 Yennefer regresses, she gets taken advantage of even more, she's made weak but most importantly she loses her confidence. It was hard for me to watch and of course there is some more betrayal in there, you would have thought she'd have learn by now how that ends. Her storyline doesn't become interesting until the 2nd half of the season but that's far too long for a major character when the season is only 8 episodes long. In my experience watching these types of shows, its always a bad idea to remove a character's essence for a prolonged period of time. For example Bruce Banner would be infinitely less interesting if he couldn't turn into the Hulk and he only had his intelligence. Spiderman would be much less interesting if he couldn't shoot his webs or use super strength. And does anyone think Tony Stark would be anywhere near cool as he was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, without Robert Downey Jr. making him a fast talking, playboy, hot shot, genius? It would totally change the character. My recommendation moving forward is to never do that again to any character for an extended period of time, unless its absolutely essential to the plot and actually moves the story forward. In season 2 its used as a simple plot device. I've read that it doesn't even happen in the books. As a fan of Yennefer it was extremely disappointing to watch. By the end of the season, I feel like they finished things off in a decently satisfying way but it just took way too long for these individual threads to come together. I personally feel like the show is best when Geralt is doing Witcher missions while simultaneously burdened with a greater concern. Yennefer is served best when she's confident, assertive and has some plan that she's working on. Also the politics are starting to get interesting, especially with what's going on with the mages. Season 3 has an opportunity to really go all in on bringing the world to life as there are currently a lot of moving pieces. Let's hope Netflix doesn't mess things up by steering the show on a certain agenda and just lets the characters be who they are. This should be relatively easy, with an abundance of source material available. I know some fans were disappointed by what they did with Eskel. I've never read the books, so that change didn't matter much to me but its the perfect example of how if you change the characters too much, you better have a really good plotline in place. Otherwise you can kind of throw things off tracks and disappoint a lot of fans in the process.
  16. I understand that during filming Henry Cavill suffered a hamstring injury so this along with dealing with COVID protocols likely significantly affected production. But in season 3 there are no excuses. The Witcher setting is so rich, and Cavill puts a ton of work into his body. Its a complete waste for him not to have more action sequences. Episode 1 was probably my favorite episode of the season. And for much of that episode it was Geralt and Ciri getting accustomed to one another and plotting their next move. But in between time we could tell something wasn't quite right about his friend's new situation. We need need more detective Geralt. The endings to his little monster hunting cases are always the twisted bittersweet variety. I still feel like this is where The Witcher shines brightest. These larger plot points have yet to really deliver like the briefer short stories.
  17. I wasn't overly impressed with the introduction of the Deathless Mother. In large part because it wasn't really explained well. At least in the beginning, I was totally lost as to what was going on with her. I will give kudos to the showrunner for adding a main villain for season 2 but it was so mysterious that we really didn't understand what had happened until the very end. And then only in pieces. For me the Deathless Mother was so divorced from the rest of the plot that her inclusion seems a bit wasted.
  18. Let me be the first to say that I found Yennefer's magic problem to be a bad plotline. In season 1 she is this a weak oppressed person that is manipulated and lied to. She ends up becoming confident and powerful. But then in season 2 all of a sudden she's weak and unsure of herself again, all because she lost her magic. I didn't like that at all. When you look at her story as part of a greater whole, it makes sense, there are no issues with it. But as a Yennefer fan, I'm like please give her something cool to do. Don't make her weak, scared and desperate! Much of her screen time was annoying to watch because they basically erased all her character progress from season 1. At the end even Geralt was annoyed by her and that's saying alot! Thankfully we are past that problem now. I expect her to have a much better plotline and overall character showcase in season 3.
  19. I enjoyed the huge reveal at the very end. It makes you wonder what his end goal is and just how dark a path he is willing to walk to reach it. I expect him to be charismatic and extremely calculating.
  20. I'm really diggin the mage power struggle at Aretuza. I feel like having that in the show adds to the worldbuilding and really gives fans that like conspiracies, secrets and political maneuvering something to sink their teeth into. My only issue is that so far most of the leaders of the brotherhood seem to be quite inept. They don't seem to be particularly sharpe or capable when it comes to this kind of thing. This is in large contrast to A Game of Thrones, where we had some very smooth operators playing the game such as Littlefinger, Varys and Tywin Lannister. Hopefully this particular plotline is given more attention and sharpened up in Season 3. In season 2 much of the plot seems to be centered around weak characters/groups, rising up to gain strength and respect in the world. I think The Witcher franchise has a lot more to offer than just that narrow focus.
  21. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/the-witcher-season-2-who-are-the-creepy-red-riders-in-the-finale.html/
  22. Rotten Tomatoes has the Witcher Season 2 at a whopping 95% on the tomatometer. It seems like critics are loving it. For context, while the Witcher Season 1 scored a 91% audience score, critics gave it a 68% on the tomatometer. We'll have a few more days until the audience scores start rolling in for season 2 but things are looking great! I think the producers realized some of the weaknesses of the storytelling(telling the story in reverse and in fragments) hurt season 1. Its been rumored that those issues are fixed in season 2, so I suspect fans are in for a treat! Source
  23. This is great news. Nowadays we hear so much about actors becoming tired of playing a certain character on screen. And the producers have to throw more money at them, or severely alter the character to appease the actor. I think that's the wrong way to go about it. I think story and narrative comes first. If Henry is willing to stay for seven seasons I'm all for it. There are thousands of actors that would love to have these roles. Its nice to see one that enjoys the opportunity. Source
  24. Official Trailer Additional Details Streaming on Netflix December 17th Starring Henry Cavill
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