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Found 1 result

  1. Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes, 30 seconds. Contains 1100 words I felt like The Witcher Season 2 was a step up from season 1 in terms of pure plot structure. It was much easier to follow this time around. Its gotten some crazy good reviews so far. Now here's the rub, I didn't care for the fractured storytelling in season 1 but in terms of pure entertainment value, I feel that season 2 is actually a step down from season 1. Right now on rotten tomatoes season 2 is sitting at a 92% tomatometer score(critics) and 62% audience score(regular people). Interestingly enough, the tomatometer score is up for season 2 but the audience score is down from season 1! That tells me that regular people like you and me, didn't find season 2 quite as entertaining as season 1. So what's happening??? For one, we learn a little bit of history about the elves and humans. I believe that critics are really digging the Elves story of being dispossessed of their land and their righteous anger at the humans for how they were treated in the past and continue to be treated in the present. Without spoiling the story, lets just say some new things happen during season 2 that makes the elves even angrier. I feel like the critics loved this plotline and I'll be honest, I find this part of the story pretty interesting too! My issue came with Geralt and Yennefer's storylines. I strongly suspect that their journey is a big reason why the audience score has dipped. To put it simply, its just not as gripping as season 1. Even though season 2 is much easier to follow then season 1. Geralt and Yennefer's storyline is much less interesting than before. Yennefer's story in particular, suffers a lot. Geralt to a lesser degree because he's with Ciri and the plot has emphasized the importance of her character so much, that due to mere proximity, Geralt gets to have enough good moments along the way to salvage his story arc. One of the reasons I enjoyed season 1 much more, was not because of its fragmented structure but because Geralt is basically acting like a detective, solving mysteries and defeating monsters using his Witcher knowledge. Plus I've heard that it sticks much closer to the books. In season 2, the only time that Geralt goes in to Witcher detective mode is in episode 1. And surprise, surprise, it seems like most fans have really enjoyed episode 1 of season 2. Upon personal reflection I feel like its my favorite episode of season 2. I really, really, don't want to admit that but it's true. Henry Cavill is most captivating, when he's the monster hunting detective and we as fans get to see the bitter hard choices that he has to make to capture, stop or kill the monster of the day. Now on the other hand, Yennefer suffers from a very similar problem. She loses what's makes her special. This is my biggest issue with her her plotline. She loses her essence. This was my same issue with the Hulk and Thor in The Avengers Infinity war part 2, they lose their essence. I understand that its not about the destination but the journey. But...Yennefer's journey, was just...not that interesting. I was pleased with the final destination but the journey needed to be much better. In season 1 its all about her being looked down upon because of her physical appearance. We get to watch her struggle to gain power, and then we see her get betrayed and then begin to mistrust those closest to her. Her encounter with the Djin was a very clever plot device that even plants a seed of doubt into her relationship with Geralt, which of course makes their encounters, all the more interesting. Its a complete story arc full of struggle, betrayal, bitterness and mistrust. But in season 2 Yennefer regresses, she gets taken advantage of even more, she's made weak but most importantly she loses her confidence. It was hard for me to watch and of course there is some more betrayal in there, you would have thought she'd have learn by now how that ends. Her storyline doesn't become interesting until the 2nd half of the season but that's far too long for a major character when the season is only 8 episodes long. In my experience watching these types of shows, its always a bad idea to remove a character's essence for a prolonged period of time. For example Bruce Banner would be infinitely less interesting if he couldn't turn into the Hulk and he only had his intelligence. Spiderman would be much less interesting if he couldn't shoot his webs or use super strength. And does anyone think Tony Stark would be anywhere near cool as he was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, without Robert Downey Jr. making him a fast talking, playboy, hot shot, genius? It would totally change the character. My recommendation moving forward is to never do that again to any character for an extended period of time, unless its absolutely essential to the plot and actually moves the story forward. In season 2 its used as a simple plot device. I've read that it doesn't even happen in the books. As a fan of Yennefer it was extremely disappointing to watch. By the end of the season, I feel like they finished things off in a decently satisfying way but it just took way too long for these individual threads to come together. I personally feel like the show is best when Geralt is doing Witcher missions while simultaneously burdened with a greater concern. Yennefer is served best when she's confident, assertive and has some plan that she's working on. Also the politics are starting to get interesting, especially with what's going on with the mages. Season 3 has an opportunity to really go all in on bringing the world to life as there are currently a lot of moving pieces. Let's hope Netflix doesn't mess things up by steering the show on a certain agenda and just lets the characters be who they are. This should be relatively easy, with an abundance of source material available. I know some fans were disappointed by what they did with Eskel. I've never read the books, so that change didn't matter much to me but its the perfect example of how if you change the characters too much, you better have a really good plotline in place. Otherwise you can kind of throw things off tracks and disappoint a lot of fans in the process.
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