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Found 10 results

  1. https://www.gameinformer.com/2021/09/06/nihon-falcoms-40-years-of-rpg-glory
  2. Additional Things I'd Like to See Living The Garden Life I would love to see an expansion of Squall's time training in the garden. In this game I feel like Square did a great job of making the player feel like they were the main character. Not only do we make choices as Squall but we also get treated to little thought bubbles showing what Squall is thinking of inside his head. I always felt like the events in FF8 happened so fast it would have been nice to kind of just live the garden life, training and then really take that time to show why Squall is exceptional and really give the game some time to ratchet up the rivalry between Squall and Seifer before everything goes crazy. Think of it almost like Harry Potter Malfoy we get to see those two despise each other through the years and really snipe at each other as they grow up. Laguna's Story I've read in the past that Laguna's story was supposed to be longer. It would be nice if it was a little more fleshed out. I'll readily admit those parts weren't my favorite bit but they always did feel a little incomplete. Give Squall and Rinoa a Little More Time Together As much as I enjoyed the original their relationship seemed a little rushed almost as if a switched had been pulled and it was time for Squall to start showing a lot more empathy. There are some really beautiful moments in this game, I think of the railroad scene when we are walking to Eshar, the Ragnorark scene while going back down to earth or the I'll come running scene at the orphanage their is some great stuff in there that will look absolutely amazing with next gen graphics. The Sorceress' and Their Power There is a popular fan theory that links Rinoa to Ultimecia and based on some of the earlier scenes in the game these actually do have a decent amount of meat to them. I'd be 100% on board if the devs decided to make this theory 100% canon in the remake it would be an awesome twist. But this idea brings me to a larger question. Where does Ultimecia's power come from? Where did Adel's power come from? Why is Ultimecia so powerful? If any Final Fantasy game was remade with different or simultaneous timelines it should have been this game as time travel and future event altering is already part of the fabric of the original game. That's not a gripe on Final Fantasy 7 Remake but I thought that it was an interesting thing to point out. The Mysteries As awesome as Final Fantasy 8 was, when compared to 7, one thing I felt it was lacking were secrets and mystery's that you could discover. In FF7 it was nice to discover Vincent. It was an out of nowhere surprise and having him join your party was totally optional! And then discovering Knights of the Round was awesome as well. Not to mention fighting the planetary weapons, or even the Midgar Zolom. On my first playthrough, I didn't even consider training enough to beat it. My point is FF8 needs a few more random, optional moments like these. Let's hope that Square is already hard at work on the design docs to make a remake a reality!
  3. Regardless of the way some fans felt about Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect Andromeda, I feel like a next gen mass effect game will be huge. It's going to look so beautiful. And I expect Bioware to put their full weight behind this game as they'll want to get it exactly right. Of course Dragon Age 4 is the primary focus now but there are a ton of people out there that love the Mass Effect franchise and consider Mass Effect 2 to be one of the greatest games ever made. With Bioware refocusing on Mass Effect and Dragon Age I feel like good things are on the horizon for the company again.
  4. "There is a nice article up on Gamerant that describes the argument in detail. The idea is that Mass Effect 3 had a lot of loose ends to tie up after Mass Effect 2 and they may have ultimately contributed to some fans dissatisfaction with the game. And now Dragon Age 4 is basically in the same position." My Thoughts While I agree that there are some loose ends that need to be tied up, I don't personally see any reason why they won't be able to bring things to a satisfactory conclusion by the end of the game. The Lore For one, Dragon Age's lore has always been extremely dense. There have been tons of texts scattered throughout the game that explained the history of the world and the many different locations, peoples and events. Bioware could simply spread little tidbits of information throughout future games. Solas, Flemeth and The Elves As far as the next game, I suspect we'll get tons of answers about Solas, Flemeth and the Elves. I expect that to be tied off pretty well. If Bioware does this, I suspect, most fans will be very pleased with Dragon Age 4. The Fade and Other Mysteries As to the point about the Fade and other mysteries, I suspect that we'll not get all of those answers in one game. And I don't see any reason why we need to. The world is huge there is still a ton of different ways that they could go with the story. The Dragon Age series is not going anywhere. Mass Effect and Dragon Age are Bioware's most recognizable IPs to date. They both have large fan bases. Its very possible that Solas is not going to be the big bad boss and we may ultimately discover someone even more sinister. Player Choice I'm much more worried about player choice and how our actions will affect the game world. I'm hoping that Bioware gives us some really good alternate endings as well as some game changing decisions. One thing I loved about the original Dragon Age was you really had an opportunity to roleplay your character. Not only did you get to make big decisions but the choices really felt consequential. For example, depending on who you decided to be, elf, human, dwarf etc, the first 20 minutes of the game was vastly different and had a heavy impact on how the game would play out for you. Consequences Your decision in the late game of Dragon Age: Origins could also heavily change the ending. My decisions in Dragon Age Inquisition, didn't feel quite as impactful. But if Bioware continues its tradition of carrying over player decisions from game to game those choices could become much more important. Conclusion I feel like Dragon Age will be highly enjoyable for the vast majority of fans. I've personally all of the Dragon Age games Bioware has produced so far. Dragon Age 2 was my least favorite but it had its moments. I'm confident Dragon Age 4 will have its moments as well. With the huge amount of lore that Bioware has already built up around the 3 games released so far. I feel like the devs have a lot of material to work with, so it's going to be really hard to mess this one up.
  5. Although this doesn't tell us anything additional about the game. It's always nice to have something to talk about. It seems that the internal codename for Avowed is Project Alabama. Game rant is reporting that a redditor by the name of taclane discovered the codename by searching through the metadata on Obsidian's new website. I can't wait to discover more tidbits about Avowed. Hopefully, sometime soon, we get more official information on the actual game.
  6. Details I saw this question online on twitter and decided to do some digging. It appears that the answer is currently unknown. There was some speculation that it may have been Josh Sawyer, who was project director on Fallout New Vegas, and Pillars of Eternity. And was design director on The Outer Worlds But he has since publicly confirmed he is not the director of Avowed. I guess it remains a mystery for now.
  7. You can read the full quote regarding Avowed below: I take this as a good sign. It sounds like he is confident about the current progress that the dev team is making on Avowed. I'm actually a little surprised that he even said this. I was expecting at least another year before we got more info. Now, I'm thinking we'll get an update and possibly some screenshots or gameplay details before the year is out! Source
  8. I think competition is good. For more than a decade the Elder Scrolls has rained supreme in terms of open world western RPGs. And Avowed looks like its coming to take its crown. Competition is Good For Gaming The fact that Microsoft has two studios that are competing in the same space bodes well for the future. I think that the worst thing that every happened to NFL video games was that EA sports got exclusive rights to the license it took 2K sports out of the picture and without the competition Madden just kinda stayed the same, there was no need for innovation. With a monopoly they had cornered the market. The NBA license was never monopolized by EA or 2K and eventually 2K's NBA games were so good. EA just stopped developing a basketball game using the NBA license. So I thinks its really good Obsidian and Bethesda are competing. Fans will inevitably play Elder scrolls 6 and Avowed and they will always compare the two. It will lead to innovation and cause both companies to really push the envelope. Avowed is More Than An Elder Scrolls Clone I think it would be a mistake to think Avowed is simply and Elder Scrolls clone though. If you haven't seen the official announcement trailer for Avowed yet be sure to check it out. While the dual wielding does leave strong echoes of Skyrim. The game is based on the pillars of eternity universe. So it already has a long established history, setting and magical system to draw on. There was a nice write up on 'games radar' about everything that we know about Avowed so far. Be sure to check it out when you get a chance. The rumor is that the world will feature a real time weather system and will be waaaay larger than Skyrim. I can't wait to hear more.
  9. When I first saw this trailer last year, I was immediately hyped for this release. A first person RPG set in the Pillars of Eternity universe. The visuals at the end already look fantastic. Dual wielding magic and a sword gives me the strong impression that this will be an Elder Scrolls competitor. This game has all the elements in place to be a masterpiece. Obsidian is just knocking it out of the park with RPGs. They have two RPGs in Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 that I'm really looking forward to.
  10. So it's like the Arcane warrior with a bow? I like it! I've never played it as an archer though. At least not for long. Eventually, I always get the itch to get on the front lines and go mix it up with the warriors.
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