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Found 8 results

  1. Okay, so when the University released the Crocodile it gave me a lot of release the kraken vibes! Like from pirate of the Caribbean. The crocodile was definitely a cool weapon but as we saw with umbrella's superior firepower in the air they could easily take that thing out. Billie was using those drones pretty effectively, but it all looked a little too cheesy to me the way she's using those extremely exaggerated hand gestures to direct them. Also, I couldn't help but to think that the drones weren't nearly as active when they were shooting at the humans that were about to board that ship back in episode 2. It looked like Billie actually ended up killing the zeroes and the her security team at the same time. After most of the backstory has been revealed I still don't understand how she became so heartless. Maybe it has something to do with the virus. I don't like that excuse but that plot point regarding Joy has been presented already about how it affects mood and kind of desensitizes people. I don't understand why the crocodile didn't attack Bea at the end but if we get a season 2 I suspect we'll find out pretty quick. I'm still very curious to know what happened to Bert, Jade and Billie when they go on the road presumably to find Ada Wong.
  2. Jade just causes havoc wherever she goes. I feel sorry for her daughter. That being said what stood out the most to me this episode was the beginning. That was a wild sequence. The original Albert walks into the room looking like he had just come from a Blade costume party. I was like where are all the vampires?😅 So of course we find out that Billie was indeed faking it when she made it look like she was helping Jade in the previous episode. And we also learn that Billie has somehow taken control over Evelyn and effectively all of umbrella. Albert's big secret is revealed that he's actually a clone and that he needs his children's blood to continue to exist. I mean I don't understand why they were so angry. He's a clone, but he's always taken care of them and he's treated them like true daughters, not blood banks. Jade breaking the vial and all the zeros start to converge on the camp was a cool moment but also a bit under developed. It just doesn't feel like the vial could cover that much ground to where the zeroes could smell so far away.
  3. Okay so it's hard for me to make up my mind was Billie fake crying to trick Jade or did she seriously just decide to let Jade go, just like that? Arjun seems like a nice guy but a complete pushover. He's the complete opposite of Jade. His relationship with Bea is interesting. He seems like the primary caretaker while she's away but Jade was very clear that he's not the father. It makes me wonder if the father will show up sometime later. Perhaps we've already met him😏. Okay, so Jade finally gets her hands on something that looks like a stop gap measure to help protect humans against the infection. And instead of waiting and going through proper protocols she leaves her daughters recital, goes out that very night and brings a zero on board the ship all by herself to test things out. She only temporarily restrains the hands? Why restrain hands, feet, mouth, neck knees everything. In episode 2 she witnessed a zero breaking out of handcuffs by simply dismembering itself at the wrists. She of all people should know better by now. And this headstrong attitude of her's has finally comeback to bite her. The zero escapes, ignoring her, and running after her daughters. Finds her way to her pregnant friend and bites her. Not only does she loose what seems like a good friend but humanity probably loses one of the few scientists left in the world. What an incredible mistake that was.
  4. This episode was absolutely insane. One minute the girls are mad at each other and want absolutely nothing to do with each other. The next minute, they are sisters for life nothing else matters. I'm still trying to figure out why Jade hates Albert so much. Jade actually gets jealous that Albert leaves a getaway plan for Billie! Why is she mad? Jade never listens to Albert, talks about him negatively all the time, is resistant to everything he says. Billie for the most part listens to her dad if she's not influenced by Jade. The two sisters turn the house upside down looking for a birth certificate? Why? Had Albert ever mistreated them? Ever hurt them? Jade actually pulls a knife on her father and when her dad tells her to stop Billie knocks Albert upside the head??? What is going on? They strap him to the chair and start interrogating their own father? No apologies for pulling a knife on him, no apologies for hitting him upside the head. All this because he has secrets? Let's not forget that the father seemingly just saved them from death by fire. This whole scenario is ridiculous. I really don't get it. After giving a few answers, they let him go only so he can take take care of things at umbrella, not because of some renewed family bond or trust, just pure self preservation which is just remarkable. And then of course in the future timeline its revealed that the leader of the 2nd umbrella squad is Billie.
  5. I was expecting the brotherhood to play a huge role moving forward. There was a bit of a set up for the leader like he's supposed to be some kind of religious zealot and then Jade just breaks free and punches him in the face. Afterwards, they just casually escort her out like it was no big deal. Nobody, hits her back they just push her around some that's it. Completely unrealistic! There were some nice moments between Jade and the umbrella guy. And wow that was a great "one shot" scene with the Umbrella guy that just came out of nowhere. I love how he turns around and was like "Jade did you see that?". That was hilarious. The idea that Jade finally gets her freedom but decides to go back to get leader of the zeros was an interesting decision that was totally in line with her character so far. Brash, headstrong, resilient, stubborn confident etc. She gets the head and but has to run into a room with no exit. And then predictably she makes a really bad decision of throwing just one grenade which seemed to be a dud. It seems like it would have been much wiser to stock up on all those grenades and use them one by one as needed. Umbrella guy turns up out of nowhere and saves Jade and it seemed like Jade kinda just left him hanging. I feel like they could have filmed that better. I honestly don't know what else she could have done but the way the director filmed this episode by showing her looking back and looking at him while she is in relative safety on the ladder didn't feel right. Should have saved those grenades! I really thought umbrella guy was gonna survive but Jade was the only to make it out. Only to be immediately stopped by another Umbrella squad. Now Jade and Billie in the past timeline were really starting to wear on me with the bad decisions. They've gotten this hacker kid to help them break through all the security layers on the network, spoken to an investigative journalist and have been attacked by a crazy strong mutated dog. But let's forget all that and go to a party! Because if my life is going to end might as well go to a party instead of going to our dad that is a scientific genius and might be able to save us.
  6. Watching Albert fail at his little insurrection was amusing. I have to admit, besides being sort of a mad scientist he does seem to have his own sort of moral code. He's definitely not simply an evil man. Which makes you wonder about Albert's background. This Albert looks different tha the Wesker that most fans of resident evil are familiar with. It makes you wonder if there aren't some shennanigans going on with his identity. That scene where the smugglers are trying to get the people to the other city was interesting. There are "zeros" that reminded me of he clickers in The Last of Us. The basic zeros hunt by smell but these new ones hunt by sound. They are even called "lickers" which comes awfully close to "clickers". They had the atmosphere down really good. It felt much more serious than the regular encounters with the zeroes. My only issues were once again the incredibly bad decisions that all the characters keep making. The family's son was infected 3 days ago and the father just runs into the tunnel supposedly sacrificing himself so the others could get away. I seemed to me like they could have all just ran into the hallway and tried to make a break for it at the same time. The father's sacrifice did nothing at all, Jade still had to kill the giant spider all by herself and she didn't gain any true leverage by the dad dying. And then at the end the mother decides to just stay with the son and watch him turn. Just bad decisions all around.
  7. So Jade is obviously a trooper and the main protagonist for this series. She seems well traveled and know a ton about the world, the virus and the different factions that have power. It seems like under no circumstance does she want to go back to umbrella. At this point, we still aren't 100% sure what happened back in Umbrella's corporate village. Obviously there was some huge outbreak but how did it happen? I'd like to believe that Jade's father was somehow able to stop the infection in his daughter but something seems odd to me. The suit from Umbrella that had come for Jade in episode 1 indicated her sister(Billie) was still alive. If that's true why is she just now reaching out? Why let all this time pass? Plus what happened to the father? On one hand I'd like to believe they are making Whesker a more sympathetic character but deep down he may be as devious as ever. He obviously needs the girls alive to keep taking their blood but he doesn't seem overly concerned that Billie got bitten. Even though he saw the Joy virus's affects in Tijuana. At that point, since this timeline is happening post raccoon city, shouldn't he have a lot more concern? Him and the CEO seem to have some history. I can think of several different reasons why. Perhaps They used her eggs and his DNA to make Whesker's daughters. That would explain her line, telling Whesker to say "hi to the girls for me". And that look of silence afterwards. Or perhaps she just knows about Whesker's condition and why he decided to have the children. Or perhaps they had a relationship in the past and just called it quits. Either way, I'm sure this is going to come into play at some point down the road. From the moment they showed the cat lady, I knew immediately that Jade was about to have some kind of weird encounter. And when she said her husband was gone and she didn't know when he'd be back I instantly though of him being locked up in some closet in the house because he became infected. It turned out to be the bathroom! So I felt good about that prediction it was sad Jade had to kill her husband but that seemed unavoidable at the time. And again predictably the wife was mad. And in a way I kind of understand her anger. If her husband is only infected and not dead then supposdely you should be able to make some type of vaccine and antivirus(at some point). It amazes me how headstrong young Jade is, even after her dad told her not to tell anybody she goes and talks to a hacker kid and then goes to talk to an investigative reporter! And even lets the reporter hear that she's Wheskers daughter! At some point this has to comeback to bite her(no pun intended). Its just too reckless.
  8. I wasn't expecting this time format of storytelling for Netflix's new series. At first I was not a big fan of jumping back and forward through time but somehow it grew on man. I'm actually much more interested in discovering what happened in the past then what's happening in the current timeline. But I expect for that to change as more info is revealed in the about the future timeline. I thought this was a pretty good introductory episode for the series. It feels like they spent a lot of money on the opening episode. Seeing the virus severely mutate and change that worm was pretty cool. Although I must admit, that I'm now wondering why we haven't seen some giant zombie dogs. I feel bad for the girls having to move into a new school but man, they are giving the dad all he can handle. It seems pretty obvious to me that he's trying to make the best of bad situation but he's catching it at work, he knows the product is bad and then when he comes home he catches it from the girls. On top of that he's sick, its just problem after problem for him. I will openly admit, I'm not a huge fan of the plot devices that are being used to get us from point a to point b. I think the writers did a great job of writing an interesting backstory but they make all the main characters behave in absurd ways. Everybody's in Whesker's family is keeping a secret, everybody is trying to solve things on their own. It's all really painful to watch characters that you genuinely like make incredibly bad decisions again and again. Why on earth would you just randomly go an unlock a locked safe in a room full of animals. Why would you just assume that Umbrella only has one camera to capture surveillance footage. Why would you use your father's password to login to a secure network? How could they not consider the massive repercussions! 😅
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