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Found 2 results

  1. Raised by Wolves season 2 is landing February 3rd! I can't wait! Season 1 took me by complete surprise. I had absolutely zero expectations, I think I saw it available for streaming on the HBO platform and just checked it out because it was a new sci-fi series. Whenever something is made by Ridley Scott, it gets my attention. In this new trailer it seems like the humans will be pretty active. I forget the main characters name but he's obviously in a big leadership role for season 2. Mother and Father seem to be, still struggling with their roles of raising human children. And who knows how their relationship with each other will evolve. But the biggest question is how will the show address that ending from last season! That was one wild, twisted ending and I have no idea how that will affect things going into season 2. But you have to think that it makes the world extremely dangerous for all the humans moving forward. Wow, I can't wait. I hope we don't have to wait till the very end to get some answers. I'm very curious about the voices that the human leader was experiencing.
  2. Introduction Hey guys I must admit. Raised by Wolves is strange and weird and odd but it's a whole lot of fun! I highly recommend that all sci-fi fans go check this out. This show came out of nowhere and is extremely entertaining. If you haven't seen it yet stop reading right here and go watch if you've seen it continue on! My Thoughts It has become apparent to me that Ridley Scott really loves his androids. Perhaps in the same way Christopher Nolan loves messing with our perception of time. At first I didn't care for my lack of knowledge regarding the past events but after each episode, I found that the more I watched the less it bothered me. The way they've set things up is nobody knows who to trust. Everybody is deceiving the other in some way. The humans seem to be a new age sci fi version of the Templars. Androids are weird and mysterious. And each time the show goes back in time to reveal something new, it adds another interesting layer to one of the characters. I'm honestly not sure who to root for in this show! I feel like I'm on everybody's side and no one's side, all at the same time. I watched the first 3 episodes back to back although I only intended to watch the first one.😅 I'm glad HBO was kind enough to release the first 3 all at once so now the stage is set up! I will say the show does feel rather small. I tend to like epics. But that's not what they were going for in this series(At least not yet). Update I've since finished the full season of Raised by Wolves and I need more! If you haven't seen it yet, go give it it a try. It is a great sci-fi show! I needed Season 2 yesterday!😆
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