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Found 8 results

  1. My Quick Thoughts Assuming Mother proceeds with altering her programming, will this make her less supportive to the other children? I feel like Grandmother isn't telling Mother the whole story How does the serpent know to eat the tree? Is the serpent getting instructions from Sol? Hopefully Campion finds a way to get Rue back online The idea that the serpent is guided by jealousy over Campion and Mother's relationship feels a little shallow. Hopefully there is a lot more depth behind the serpent's actions. Having the sea monster stealing a human baby and then nursing it themselves is extremely strange. We need to get a lot more explanation on that one. If the sea monster can nurse human babies then perhaps it capable of some type of thought. The idea that humans and androids wouldn't try to communicate with it is a bit perplexing. I still want to know what was so strong it was able to pull that human shelter into the season early on this season. Even though we are starting to get a few answers, there is still a ton we don't know.
  2. My quick thoughts Paul and his fake parents running away together feels kind of hollow. The way they've written Paul in this show, it feels like he has no real relationships, even his relationship with Campion seems antagonistic. Why was the serpent so upset? I'm guessing it knows that the tree is some kind of evil? The tree seems like it has a heartbeat and is feeding off of the land. Is Sue now a tree? It feels noteworthy that the writers didn't actually show us Sue's fate. I feel like its still possible that Sue is alive. At this point it should be highly unlikely but possible. I found Tempest actions to be incredibly dangerous. She should have known she was putting herself in danger by going to the ocean. The sea creature somehow burns tempest, but when it touches the baby its okay??? I actually thought the whole, let me open my chest and store the baby in here part, was kinda cool. I look forward to seeing where that goes. Hunter needs to take an active role in things, he seems to be the smartest human around and he is pretty risk averse. I feel like all the humans and Father need to take a course in risk management, I've seen Marcus walking around eating random pieces of fruits that he finds, it just doesn't make much sense.
  3. My Quick Thoughts Marcus finally seems to have a none corrupted card. That scene involving that alien that somehow magically comes back to life was wild. I'm not surprised that Marcus didn't die but I don't like Father breaking his word, it feels wrong. Watching Father interact with his android is pretty awesome Paul getting healed that quick was a bit surprising I thought there would be more fallout and reaction to his condition.
  4. MOTHER is back!!! Wow, so somehow mother pulls her eyes out of marcus' belly? Sticks them in and then just like that Marcus seems to be a regular human again while Mother becomes all powerful. The Trust was incredibly stupid. I could easily conjure a scenario where the Trust decides to consider Mother and her family allied to the Collective but not part of the collective itself. This would allow the Trust to search for a cure for Paul while simultaneously looking out for the total well being of the collective. Basically like a non aggression treaty. That being said, I can't imagine the Trust is completely gone. At this point Mother obviously thinks the serpent is or could soon be dangerous. Now she's doing test runs with a control chip so she can have direct power over it in case of an incident? Very interesting. We finally get to see what was in the water! And it doesn't look friendly at all. I find it very peculiar that the weird acid water being can withstand the hazardous water but a few strikes to the head from Campion puts it down. I was extremely sad to see Campion's android crush jump off the cliff after her mother tried to kill her. That was ridiculous. Of course the only thing that can happen now is for it to be fixed by that smart kid in Mother's family. From there she could have a personality of her own. And last but not least we finally get a glimpse of the being that Father revived. His entire science project seems to have been a colossal bad idea of epic proportions. Nothing bad has happened yet but now it appears like Father may get some kind of upgrade, or perhaps Mother is gonna have some competition in the all powerful arena now. Stay tuned...
  5. Okay so the serpent is a herbivore. In my mind, I'm thinking the serpent is a herbivore for now......🤣 It's a BABY! Of course its a herbivore. And then the way it got between Campion and Mother. I definitely think thats a sign of things to come. Could be a bit of jealousy or perhaps its something else. What if it helps fighting whatever other big creature is out there. Marcus busting out the super strength and energy resistance was totally unexpected but in a good way. This dude is so weird now. I'm so tired of Father getting creamed though. I've been saying for awhile that Father needs an upgrade. And it looks like his little science project is bearing fruit. Im a little worried as he hasn't really done much analysis. If he ends up transferring his consciousness it could have some side effects. If the change is permanent though I hope we keep the same actor as father. This guy has been great. At the end Father showed everyone who's boss. Im glad father finally had a good moment even if it is superficial. Paul going to see Marcus was inevitable, I'm interested in seeing what happens with him now since they can both hear the voice. I also want to see what happens with Campion and the girl android. Will they act like they are meeting for the first time? Will Campion get mad when he discovers that Marcus doesn't like the girl android?
  6. Wow. Campion pulled a dirty one, he broke their agreement, betrayed Paul's trust. Marcus gains a new follower by saving another runner. The serpent is alive and well. Nobody knows its true intentions but almost everyone is scared of it. Everyone but Campion and Paul. I hope the girl android doesn't hurt either one of them. It seems like their friendship is starting to fray. I'm really digging(😄) Father's science experiment by putting the ancient android back together, I'm extremely curious to discover why its starting to bloom. Maybe it grows back to life somehow. Anything can happen in this show.
  7. My first takeaway is that Campion and Paul seem to be set on a collision course. They're both keeping secrets from the adults and their caretakers but not from each other. I'm glad to see Mother and Father back in good health. It's hilarious to me to see the resentment that Father has towards Mother and how he just keeps pushing it down deep lol. At some point its gonna boil over. But the actor, Abubakar Salim does an excellent job of showing us the resentment and anger that he still has while not outwardly expressing it. Its impressive that we can actually see it on his face but he still comes across very Android like. I think he's doing an incredible job. Mother is her cheerful encouraging self as always around the kids. Im not really sure what to expect from her going forward. But I do expect for the serpent to resurface. Since it is her "child" but obviously extremely dangerous and likely hostile to her human children, she probably has some complex feelings about it. At some point I expect Mother to get her eyes back. I wish the writers would give Father some upgrades as well. He's a little to weak for my tastes. Marcus is a smart dude, he saves a woman who may very well be the smartest human alive and luck for him she has a grievance with the collective so she'll probably be sticking around for a little while. I do still wonder if she isn't just playing along for now. There's obviously some unique circumstances in regard to her and the android she is protecting. This is a good first ep to get us started on season 2. I'm sure that there is plenty of strange, convoluted plotting ahead! I look forward to it!
  8. Raised by Wolves season 2 is landing February 3rd! I can't wait! Season 1 took me by complete surprise. I had absolutely zero expectations, I think I saw it available for streaming on the HBO platform and just checked it out because it was a new sci-fi series. Whenever Ridley Scott is attached to a new sci-fi project I get excited! In this new trailer it seems like the humans will be pretty active. I forget the main characters name but he's obviously in a big leadership role for season 2. Mother and Father seem to be, still struggling with their roles of raising human children. And who knows how their relationship with each other will evolve. But the biggest question is how will the show address that ending from last season! That was one wild, twisted ending and I have no idea how that will affect things going into season 2. But you have to think that it makes the world extremely dangerous for all the humans moving forward. Wow, I can't wait. I hope we don't have to wait till the very end to get some answers. I'm very curious about the voices that the human leader was experiencing.
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