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Found 3 results

  1. Oscar Isaac's acting is better than ever. But I must admit that I was let down a bit by this episode, it jumped around way too much. I was not a fan of the plot. Too many things unexplained. It felt way too trippy. But my biggest issue is that something just feels wrong. This series has started to feel more like a character study using a superhero backdrop, rather than another major addition to the marvel cinematic universe. Hopefully episode 6 can clean things up and give us a good resolution.
  2. I found this episode entertaining but... I don't like the secrecy with the way Mark Spector and Conchu are keeping Steven in the dark about what's going on. If Mark had taken time to explain things besides just saying "give me control" half a hundred times they probably never would have lost the scarab. Also while I understand that Marvel/Disney are implementing their trademark humor into the show, they shouldn't do it at the expense of the plot. When Steven has control for the first time while using the suit he obviously is totally out of his depth. There is no time to celebrate and act really goofy when you're fighting for your life. I would have preferred if Disney had kept those type of funny moments for when Steven was not in combat. When they inject moments of silliness during the fighting it really takes away from that excellent suspense vibe that they've developed for this show. The plotting for episode 2 really stood out on this one. I didn't like how Steven just let some randoms inside his "flat" started answering all their questions and allowed them to snoop around. I get that Steven is not supposed to be an assertive guy but he should have a decent concept of private space and be able to recognize when someone's out to get him. I also missed the instant time lapses that made episode 1 so mind bending. It really gave episode 1 a freaky type of edge. I like the fact that the show is globetrotting though. It looks like episode 3 is supposed to takeplace in Cairo or Giza in Egypt. Also can we all just take a moment and appreciate how great the full Moon Knight suit looks, plus I'm really digging the crescent moon weapons. The suit looks extremely well done. I also like The Moon Knight's movement, he has some strength and seems durable but the way he moves is pretty cool it feels like he's big and powerful but has a sort of grace to him, like he just kind of flows, its a very cool effect. Episode 2 while entertaining, only gets a C+ from me, due to plotting.
  3. The director of Moon Knight Mohamed Diab did a fantastic job with episode 1 I personally feel that whenever you mess with time/reality its hit or miss. You never quite know if it's going to work or bomb. The way the show switches between reality and time is extremely effective and it happens in an instant. As a viewer I felt exactly how I imagine Oscar Isaac's character would feel in the moment completely disoriented. Sometimes the time lapse is mere moments and other times it's days and Oscar has to catch up each time it happens. The whole horror vibe is awesome because its really not too much horror, it leans much closer to suspense and it worked well by keeping me engaged and I was constantly anticipating what was gonna happen next. The whole mystery of Moon Knight and Ethan Hawke's character Arthur Harrow is very interesting. Nothing much has really been explained as of yet. And last but not least, Moon Knight looks awesome. He looks both mystical and physically imposing at the same time. He looks like he can just beat you with his bare hands or do some type of weird magic attack that would knock you out. Moon Knight is one marvel character I know absolutely nothing about, so I'm learning as the show goes on. Moon Knight episode 1 gets an A+ from me.
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