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Found 15 results

  1. No big reveals this chapter. Just more of Luffy showing off how ridiculous his powers have become. I don't like the fact that Luffy is taking tons of damage. I love the huge Haki fist coming out of the clouds though. I' ready for Luffy to finally beat Kaido. I need some more story elements moving forward.
  2. Luffy is able to grab lightning now. At this rate Luffy is becoming more powerful by the panel Its important to note though, that we haven't seen Luffy use his awakened powers on a huge scale like that of Donflamingo's bird cage, Big mom's soul abilities or Kaido levitating an entire island while engaged in battle. At the end of this fight I can definitely see Luffy doing something absurd like causing Onigishama to bounce when it falls and it ends up in a completely different part of the world. That would be epic. Zoro is still out and we still don't have any answers about the grim reaper but at this point I think its safe to say that Zoro is somehow fighting death or is in the process of forging a black blade or some combination of both. Raizo using ninja arts to unleash a torrent of water and put out the fire was wild and totally unexpected.
  3. So we have confirmation that Luffy can now give the environment properties of rubber I think its likely he'll be able to do that to the sea as well. Also its now evident that Luffy can give people the properties of rubber, when he stretched Kaido's body out(after he swallowed Luffy whole) and he also punched Kaido in the face stretching out his face in the process. It makes you wonder if Luffy will be able to extend the properties of rubber to inanimate objects and have them retain their new form after doing so. Luffy's awakening seems to emphasize the heart as the most important aspect to keeping his "Joyboy" form going. I suspect in time, with additional training, he will be able to keep it going longer.
  4. The Gum Gum fruit is actually the Zoan-type human-human fruit mythical type, model Nika! Zoan fruits have wills of their own? It makes me wonder if there won't be some type of inner dialogue going on later. By awakening, this fruit brings Luffy greater physical strength and freedom. Also did Luffy's Haki go up another level? Some of Kaido's minions were knocked out and wondered aloud if it was supreme king Haki. I feel like the weak ones would have already been knocked out if that were the case. It seems like Luffy grabbed the ground and gave it the properties of rubber, he may have been able to reflect Kaido's blast using this power. It seems highly likely that Luffy will be able to gift the properties of rubber to anything he touches. It makes me wonder if Luffy will be able to cross the sea without a ship, similar Aokiji. Source
  5. Law and Kid continue to show out. Big Mom started to get back up, tried to scare the kiddies but they weren't budging an inch. They put her right back down. Tag team FTW. Now according to the manga, it looks like this will go down as a win for Law and Kid but its still pretty clear that neither of them is on the same level as Big Mom. Neither one deserves to be an emperor, so I wonder if the world government will make a secondary classification for them. Luffy is obviously going to be next up against Kaido. And I'll be honest it's still hard for me to envision Luffy beating Kaido 1 on 1. Its frustrating to see Law and Kid use their awakened abilities but Luffy is still learning Haki on the fly and hasn't even reached his awakening, yet he's supposed to be the strongest one. Luffy is going to have to awaken sometime during this fight. That's the only way he can win and still somehow manage to fight off the world government that is still trying to snatch Nico Robin and seems poised to takeout whoever is the loser in the fight. Last but not least, you gotta love Momonosuke's mention of Zunesha's crime and Joy Boy at the end. It seems like we'll be getting a One Piece history lesson pretty soon.
  6. Wow, what a double team by Law and Kid. Law seems to have crazy offensive firepower now. He was always strong but man it seems like he's pulling out a new move every 50 chapters. Luffy on the other hand is still stuck using different variations of punches and kicks. Kid meanwhile is using some kind of cobbled together cannon. Im not sure what to make of that but Big Mom definitely felt that one. Ultimately though I still don't feel like these two have enough to take down Big Mom. Maybe enough to knock her out of the battle temporarily giving Luffy enought time to figure out a way to beat Kaido. But Big Mom's stamina is otherwordly and Law and Kid seem frail by comparison. I just don't see how they could go toe to toe with her and win right now.
  7. Big Mom is still causing havoc. I really thought Kidd and Law were gonna be down for the count. I started imagining Big Mom headed up top to join Kaido in finishing off Luffy and then Luffy finally undergoes his awakening. It seems like we'll just continue to get more of the same though. I think Luffy is overdue for another flashy moment. I feel like his awakening is not far off. How else could he possibly defeat Kaido?
  8. First things first. I like many others loved the cover art for this chapter. Zoro looks great. I just need him to do a little more. Many of the other first mates on this cover are absolute beasts and I feel like Zoro is still holding a card or two in his back pocket. Sanji stepped up in this chapter, and made a decision not to use the RAID suit, good for him. I'm not caring much for these these little skirmishes between the big battles but if its got Sanji in them its hard to complain. Law and Kid battling Big Mom actually feels like a more epic battle than Kaido. I know Kaido has the mystique of being unkillable but Big Mom is crazy powerful and influential. In terms of name recognition it still kinda feels like Big Mom and her crew are still a bigger deal although Kaido maybe considered more dangerous due to his Zoan and underworld connections. Two weeks wait for a new chapter is painful but I understand why, these panels are crazy detailed, packed with art and dialogue..
  9. What in the world is going on with Sanji? It doesn't seem to be anything negative if anything its a positive. Just tack on one additional ability for Sanji. Zoro is still my fave non Luffy Straw Hat crew member but I don't want Sanji to fall to far behind power scaling wise. I'm not really impressed by the whole Big Mom Kidd fight. Kidd was kinda cool early on. I know he is a strong Haki user but I really don't have a strong interest in seeing him beat Big Mom. I'm not opposed to it but there has been no real set up for it. But ultimately I want to see the big heavyweight fight between Luffy and Kaido. No more interruptions, commercial breaks, or timeouts. Let's get to it!
  10. It seems like there is some kind of grand secret about the gum-gum fruit that Luffy eat. Perhaps this is set up for Luffy for when he engages Kaido for a 3rd time. We may see Luffy's awakening! Its been a long time coming. The time feels about right too. Also Zoro's current predicament is hilarious. I can't wait to see what else he does in this arc.
  11. I think Zoro looks absolutely ridiculous bandaged up like that. I like that his face is still uncovered though. I can't help but to think that it would be really cool if he got surrounded by a bunch low level henchman opened his eye and knocked them all out with Haoshoku Haki. The other major event of the chapter is that it seems like Nami is about to go head to head with Ulti. It's been awhile since we've seen here cut loose so I'm interested to see how much she's grown.
  12. So now the true battle begins! Luffy finally has the means to fight Kaido 1 on 1. And then...we cut away!😁 One day we'll get an entire uninterrupted fight. One sweet day! Another big development, is Big Mom going after Kaido's crew! Now we have 3 different yonko in the same place, going at it. I expect there to be absolute destruction and mayhem everywhere. At this point of Luffy's development, it seems almost pointless for him to use a weapon. If you can attack somebody without making contact what's the point? With Haki, in 1 on 1 battles, devil fruit abilities and weapons feel almost entirely pointless. I'm hoping that there are still a few more surprises in store for us in this battle.
  13. Finally! It looks like Luffy is about to fight for real. Big Mom is out of the picture, Traffy is down, Zoro is down, Kid and Killer are off screen. Just Luffy and Kaido!😁πŸ”₯ I love that Zoro got a clean hit in on Kaido. It seems like there is some debate as to how. Was it color of supreme king that Zoro accidentally used? Or was it some type of unknown power related to his 9 sword style?
  14. At some point I feel like Zoro/Zolo(he'll always be Zoro to me!πŸ˜…) Is gonna open that left eye and its gonna be the beginning of the end! This was the perfect chapter to do it but he still manages to shine without letting loose. One day though, I know its coming.
  15. It was nice to see Zoro getting a chance to shine a little bit. If Zoro has some hidden power related to his left eye, this is the perfect setting to show it off. Luffy meanwhile, is just doing Luffy thingsπŸ˜…
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