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Found 6 results

  1. Well that's one way to wrap things up! Obi-Wan is officially a rock wizard! 😂 We all knew that Vader and Ob-Wan had to have a decent clash but I wasn't expecting it to end with a decisive victor. Obi-Wan clearly proved his superiority over Darth Vader which is a problem because he could have dealt the empire a serious blow by finishing him off. Instead he leaves him there to linger and grow in power. Its kind of inexplicable if you ask me. As much as I enjoyed seeing Joel Edgerton as Owen I have to admit that I'm disappointed. Seeing him cast in this role made me think that he was gonna have a much larger part in the series. Perhaps his agent was setting him up just in case Disney decides to expand the role later on down the line. Or perhaps he's just a huge Star Wars fan. Reva's storyline was a bit twisted. She experienced childhood trauma because Vader hunted down and killed her fellow young jedi in training. So she decides to get revenge by growing stronger and attempting to kill Vader but after all those years he is still far more powerful than her. So she then discovers that he has children and goes to kill the boy? I mean how twisted is that? I didn't like where they went with this character. They spent a lot of time on her relentless quest to track down obi-wan as she obviously had some sort of huge grudge and then at the end she switches things up and goes to hunt down young Luke? Didn't like that but I'm ultimately glad she's still alive. We may get to see her in the future. I don't like that she threw down her lightsaber though. When saying his goodbyes. I loved it when Obi-Wan admits to Leia that he knew her mother and father. I loved how he describes the characteristics she received from each of them, particularly Anakin. "But you are also passionate and fearless, forthright. And these are gifts from your father." Something about those lines felt true. And shows how deeply Obi-Wan really respected Anakin. I also feel like this perfectly describes the adult that Leia will grow up to be. The writers did some good work here. The last cool scene was a total surprise but one I'm sure that hardcore fans were looking for the entire series. Finally Obi-Wan finds a way to commune with Master Qui-Gon Jinn! Seeing Liam Neeson show up, if only for a few fleeting seconds was awesome!
  2. I'm torn on this one. Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 5 was both cool and silly. The flashback showing Hayden Christensen as Anakin was nostalgic. I understand what they were going for. Showing how Obi-Wan is the one person that truly understands who Vader is under all that rage. The highlight for me was seeing Vader walk into the hangar and immediately force grab the starship that is blasting off into space. It felt a little absurd but was extremely cool. Seeing him demonstrate abilities like that makes you wonder how anyone could ever have any hope of defeating him one on one. Third sister tried but we all knew it was futile. Vader just dodges her lightsaber blows with ease. This was all extremely comical and a bit sad. Ever since Star Wars episode 1 the double sided lightsaber was like the pinnacle of bad intentions. Darth Maul never showed incredible force wielding capabilities but he seemed extremally lethal with his combat maneuvers and double sided saber. For Vader to be able to just stand there and simply move his hips to avoid blows removed all of that build up for me. But I still found it extremely cool! Vader stabbing third sister in the gut and leaving her to die is oddly reminiscent of Obi-wan leaving Vader to burn. It almost feels guaranteed that she comes back somehow. Onwards to the 6th and final episode of Obi-Wan season 1!
  3. For me episode 4 was much better than episode 3. I still don't like Obi-Wan sneaking around so much. At one point I actually said that they've managed to turn Obi-Wan into solid snake. The only thing that's missing now is a cardboard box. It just takes Obi-Wan way too long to dispatch low level soldiers. It should not take 3 slashes from a lightsaber to down one storm trooper. I love that Darth Vader is starting to feel a little more like Darth Vader of old. Having him walk down a street and just force lift everyone while snapping their necks was a little over the top. Darth Vader was always powerful and menacing. But not so flashy. The grunts feared his displeasure because of his overwhelming control of the force. I'm glad that dialed it back a bit. So the whole sneak into an imperial base and save the "good guy" inside against insurmountable odds bit is extremely over played but it worked well in this episode. It allowed all the characters to have a clear focus and plot wise is easy to divide the episode up into several different stages. The plot was much more superior then the meandering one engineered for episode 3.
  4. Episode 3 is where things went completely off the rails for me. And its so frustrating because there are some cool moments, mixed with nostalgia but the plotting in this series has gone from "okay", to "shockingly horrific". Darth Vader shows up on the planet, Obi Wan and Leia go into hiding, they have a way off the planet but Obi wan decides to stay??? Because??? So Leia and Tala are using a secret tunnel to get to the ship but Tala inexplicably leaves Leia to somehow save a weakened Obi wan from DARTH VADER? And of course instead of killing him right away Darth Vader decides to play with his food first. Nevermind the fact that Obi Wan is running away and Darth Vader is speed walking but by means unknown to all mankind Dark Vader manages to catch up to Obi Wan not once but twice! LOL. By jumping out of the shadows. This was ridiculous. But getting back to Tala she leaves Leia and tells her to keep following the tunnel to get to the ship and Tala heads back the way they came but somehow avoids running into the Inqusitor Reva??? How is this possible? But wait there's more! Somehow Reva gets ahead of Leia and kills the pilot that would have taken her home and is just standing their waiting for Leia. Did she force teleport ahead? The plotting on this episode was horrendously bad. It pains me to say that because Im a big fan that has seen all the movies, played the games, read some books etc. How could the plotting be this bad? I was so disappointed.
  5. I must admit I don't like all this sneaking around by Kenobi. I know he did a lot of stealth/undercover stuff in the earlier movies but it just feels like he's doing this out of weakness. Even a weak Jedi should be able to handle some of these low level dudes that are chasing him. I was glad to finally see him use the force but it took forever! And it was almost like he wasn't sure if it was going to work. Now answer me this. Luke on one hand goes into isolation and seemingly becomes an even more powerful Jedi then before with the ability to project himself onto another planet across the galaxy(The Last Jedi). But Obi Wan struggles to simply levitate a little girl? I didn't like that at all.
  6. This season has surprised me. Some of it good some of it bad. The first thing that jumps out to me is that Obi wan has really regressed. They portray him as scared and weak. I don't like that at all. And although they show Luke its very clear that Leia is going to be the star of the show. She is absolutely adorable. "Jedi cannot help what they are, their compassion leaves a trail...the Jedi code is like an itch!" I love that quote.
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