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  1. Okay so now Shigiraki finally starts to falter a little bit. Poor, Lemillion he has the perfect quirk to be completely invulnerable but against people who have OP quirks, he could never truly beat them. He just doesn't pack enough punch. Mirko is somehow still holding on. She is definitely one of the author's favorites. If she somehow manages to survive this I expect her to be promptly healed by Eri or Overhaul. You know its amazing that out of all the users of One for All, it seems like they original holder never sought out a healer type quirk. Watching Shigiraki take so much damage makes you wonder how this was never prioritized. At this point, I think we all understand that Bakugo is going to be saved. I'd prefer if we didn't spend anymore panels on it. Let's move things to the next stage of the fight for Shigiraki and All For One. Deku has been off screen forever and its past time we get some surprise back up support on the hero side.
  2. On reread I'm actually enjoying this chapter a little bit more. I don't like seeing All For One regenerated just like that but I also don't like the fact that he's indicated its only temporary and that eventually he'll vanish. If you're going to restore All For One, then restore him fully. Because by using that bullet, you also technically enable Eri to restore the likes of Overhaul and All Might. Even if there was some kind of reason All might could no longer use One For All, based on what we know about Eri, we know that she should definitely be able to restore All Might's body. I suspect what will ultimately end up happening is that Eri restores All Might's body and he'll be able to use the last embers of One For All to take down All For One. Right now, there is just no way that I can imagine that the heroes currently on scene with All For One can take him down. Also, considering Eri's rewind capability Overhaul should be coming back into the fight at any moment. It makes the most sense for him to come to the aid of those fighting shigiraki since it was Shigiraki that damaged his hands.
  3. Its looking bad for the heroes! Of course this is just setting the stage for Deku to arrive and save the day but I have a big problem with that mainly because I remember Deku looking extremely ineffective in chapter 348 in his brief face off with Toga. If Deku had any chance of beating All For One and Shigiraki, he should be able to defeat Toga in an instant or at least push her to the absolute max within 5 seconds of engaging in combat. Now he is racing to the scene to fight Shigiraki. Sure he should be able to stand in there and take some punches with the rest of them acting as support but lets be real. Deku was struggling with Toga. Someone that does not have super strength, that does not have regeneration, does not have flashy powers like that of Dabi or even some ridiculous human growth power like Shigiraki has now acquired. Now of course Deku arriving on scene and seeing Bakugo just lying there should trigger some kind of quirk awakening. Will he end up puffing up like All Might? Who knows, but right now he has no chance the way he is. Looking carefully on page 3 of this chapter Best Jeanist costume sleeves are cutt off. It seems like he's activated his quirk. Will he try to do some type of heart mending procedure on Bakugo? It certainly looks like it. But I feel like Bakugo would need more than that to continue on fighting. Perhaps, the procedure will just temporarily save his life. Its a bit over the top but...I mean who really wants to see Bakugo die? And if he did die, we definitely wouldn't want to see him go so early. It feels like there is still a lot of fighting left to do. Also how in the world is Dabi still alive. All of this switching around in the middle of the fight makes it a bit hard to keep up with. But if I remember correctly Shoto had performed a new move on Dabi. At this point, it feels like Dabi is just a walking corpse that refuses to die. I guess he has to confront his father one last time. In the last panel of the chapter, it seems like All For One is being regenerated! The bullets were supposed to rewind a person and take away their quirk powers but now it seems All For One has found a way to reverse engineer it to restore himself. That's a bit unfair, but if this is truly the case then we should expect that All Might's return to the battlefield shouldn't be far behind. If All For One can reverse engineer a bullet then Eri should definitely be able to restore All Might to his prime form. Also once Deku engages Shigiraki, can you imagine Overhaul jumping into the fray to get some revenge and possibly reassemble Bakugo? There are a lot of options still on the table.
  4. I think you could make a strong argument either way. But I can say 100% that in the current state of the manga considering All for One, Shigiraki and the high end nomus, a quirkless Deku that just relied on tech would be obliterated. There are a ton of heroes with very good quirks who are almost utterly useless when facing these guys because they just don't pack enough punch to make a dent. You really would have to completely change the story to give a quirkless Deku a chance. He would have to be some type of genius that was capable of producing support items to make up for his deficiencies on the battlefield. It would be a different manga completely. But it would still be really fun to read.
  5. Shigiraki just seems way too OP he's holding back all these great heroes without his decay quirk. Plus his body just continues to adapt. It's like he has no weaknesses. Watching Lemillion fight, really emphasizes just how powerful he would be if he was given One for all. It's impossible to hit him. The only reason Overhaul was able to beat him was because he was protecting Eri. With One For All's pure power and speed, combined with the danger sense quirk and Lemillion's own permeation quirk. I'm not sure any of the villains would stand a chance. There is a sort of logic to passing One for All to powerful quirk holders temporarily to add their quirk to the mix and then passing it back to Deku. I really wish we would get an explanation on why the heroes haven't tried that. I am a bit surprised that the heroes didn't consider using Shinso's brainwash quirk in the fights against All for One and Shigiraki. In fact the argument could be made that the heroes should have had Monoma copy Shinsos quirk instead of erasure head's quirk so they could have the brain wash quirk in two places. Both All for One and Shigiraki love to talk. By using their quirk, theoretically they could have already ended both of these battles. Last but not least I love Jeanist observing Bakugo going full Deku at the end, muttering to himself to create a plan to stop Shigiraki. Next chapter should be fun!
  6. This chapter is a bit of a disappointment because of the cliffhanger last week. I feel like we should have picked things up where they left off with Endeavor and All For One. So now we have switched to the Shigiraki fight and something about this fight just doesn't sit right with me. Shigiraki can't use all the quirk factors of All For One due to the combined efforts of Erasure head and Monoma but for some reason Shigiraki is still wiping the floor with some really powerful heroes. I don't like it! ๐Ÿ˜… But I do like the fact that Bakugo is about to show off his new equipment. We should be in for a show! Deku needs to get there fast!
  7. Well! That was interesting! Endeavor is showing out big time. I would have loved to see Endeavor cleanly get the best of All For One. Just grab him tight and just unleash all the heat his body can withstand, causing All For One to just disintegrate into nothingness. Unfortunately, it seems like All For One is playing one last trap card and it's got something to do with Eri's quirk and those special bullets made by Overhaul. Some people have speculated that All For One is gonna somehow rewind himself. I don't see that happening. Instead, I fully expect some kind of area effect blast that perhaps neutralizes the quirk factor in anyone caught up in the blast zone. The art in this chapter is absolutely amazing. Also I love how All For One is talking like he's already given up on this body. But as a reader, I'm looking at Endeavor and I'm thinking he's obviously on his last leg as well. Surely Hawks doesn't have better insight into what All For One is planning then Endeavor. Whatever happens next, I know the upcoming chapter is going to be huge!
  8. I love seeing an angry, desperate Endeavor. Also I can tell that the mangaka Kohei Horikoshi really is going "all in" on All for One's 'rebellion' problem. Whenever he draws the panel showing rebellion, the art looks amazing, and sort of sad and desperate all at once. I think this is going to be a major problem for All for One going forward. At this point its obvious that All for One will not be defeated by Deku or any one hero, it's going to be a collection of people that come together to defeat him. I'm still very curious to see how they deal with All For One's obvious duality at this point. Assuming he is defeated at great cost by Endeavor, Hawks, Jiro and Tsukyomi. He will probably instantly attempt taking over Shigaraki. Will Deku try to save Shigiraki? I think so. But it could really cost him. How can Deku be sure that by saving Shigiraki he is not also keeping All for One alive as well? It seems almost obvious to me that this version of All for One, is not long for this world.
  9. The action panels showing flashfire fist looks great this chapter. I'm still not sure exactly how Shoto has altered flashfire fist. He seems to call it flashfire fist phosphor. Dabi is seriously messed up, he is a true villain. I think he is more of a villain than even Shigiraki. I don't think there is any chance of saving Dabi, Shigiraki or All for One but out of all of them its clear to me that the true villains are Dabi and All for One. Shigiraki lacks the pure malice and bad intentions of both of them. In the word of Alfred the great(The Dark Knight), "Some men just want to watch the world burn".
  10. So now we learn that Dabi was originally considered a back up for Shigiraki in case things didn't work out. I'm glad to see Dabi get a little bit more screen time but at this point I think we know all we need to about Dabi. He hates his father and his flames are extremely powerful. For me the latest chapter doesn't do anything extra with Dabis character, he doesn't present any new plot points, and he doesn't make any new ground breaking decisions. The art is great though! It's also interesting to see Dr. Garaki still around he must still have a part to play in these events.
  11. My quick thoughts I don't like the idea that Deku can't beat Toga in an instant At this point, it feels like Deku has no chance against All for One or Shigiraki
  12. It looks like My Hero Academia is about to pick up the pace finally! Is it just me or does it seem like All For One is pulling out a new quirk every time we see him now. His search quirk is fantastic and actually feels a little too powerful and permanent. And then All For One has a lie detector quirk? Too much to deal with. How will Midoriya ever beat him. Dude just has so many options. Plus now there's two of him. Totally unfair to give him super strength and flight. The manga really feels like its been moving fast. Not in the sense of pace or on screen action but going from story segment to segment. It feels like we've covered a lot of ground without much action happening or character developmet. For example that training arc where Shinso joined the group with his voicebox, that lasted a while. It took a lot of chapters to get through that. But Ever since Midoriya's big battle with Shigiraki it feels like we've been moving at a much slower pace. Even though we've covered a lot of ground recently it feels like we don't have time for the character development. I don't know the manga just feels different. Either way though Im glad we'll finally get to see the big battle. No doubt All for One will have a ton of surprises for us.
  13. Uhhh ohhh. The heroes have all said their good byes. Let the battle begin! The pacing with My Hero Academia has been so different lately. I thought Deku and Ochaco were gonna have a little more in-depth talk after everything that's happened but I guess we'll have to wait on that. I'm still very interested to see what will happen with Shigiraki and New Order. It's curious to me that the heroes still seem to think they can save the villains even after all that they've done. I wonder why the heroes didn't create a separate fortress initially to act as a forward operating base. It concerns me that the name of the fortress is named troy. Many of us are familiar with the story about the greeks gifting the trojan horse to Troy to launch a sneak attack inside the walls and bring down the city. It makes me wonder if One For All is planning a similar scheme.
  14. So it looks like Toga is gonna go on a rampage at some point using Twice's blood. There has to be some kind of time limit though. I also don't like the idea that she can use people's quirks in a more mature form without the training required to master it. That's a cheat code. Especially after seeing the way Deku has struggled to master his quirks. I'm interested to see what spinner does next. Out of all of them he is the most reluctant villain. Also what is Doomsday Theory Shigiraki keeps getting more and more powerful. The quirk sounds extremely ominous. It feels like we just kind of skipped over the ramifications of All for One taking Star and Stripes quirk New Order.
  15. So it finally happened! We all knew or at least suspected that Star was gonna lose this fight. Her quirk was just too powerful. And her character came out of nowhere without any hints or mentions before this. Part of me feels like the author realized that he had made All 4 One way too OP. And so he needed to figure out a way to weaken him. One thing that I didn't really care for is how we see Deku's journey of learning how to use his quirks. But All 4 One just steals them and seems like he's instantly able to use them no problem. He's just way too powerful. Although Star is dead or dying. I'm loving the last rule she put on her quirk at the end.
  16. You know this moment kinds of feels inevitable. Star absolutely has to lose this fight or the fight gets interrupted somehow. But its hard for me to imagine that Star just walks away from this fight unscathed she's just way too powerful. That smile at the end though...I feel like maybe she applied another rule or she has a secret third rule, maybe that anyone that touches her loses their quirk or something along those lines. Presumably she would know about Shigaraki's Decay quirk so she would hopefully have some type of plan prepared. Of course based on the way these last panels were written we could also assume that its possible she wasn't willing to kill her men to kill Shigaraki so she is sacrificing herself so that they can live. That thought doesn't entirely jive with me though. Star should know that allowing him to kill her is a huge loss to the super hero community and from what I've seen so far, the entire my hero academia world. You would think she would only intentionally sacrifice her life unless she was able to deal a critical blow of some type as well. I can't wait to get more answers! It would be a shame if Star and Midoriya never meet. She seems to be operating on old information. Presumably Stars and Stripes and her men are unaware of Midorya's capabilities.
  17. Star and Stripe's power is pretty cool to watch. I can tell that the creator had a lot of excitement for the character. He has made her crazy strong! But she is owning Shigaraki/All for one so thoroughly right now that Im sure everybody knows that he's about to get the upper hand any minute now. If All for One was able to steal her power it would have to be considered an insurmountable advantage. She must have some kind of secret rule in place so her quirk can never be stolen because I know any moment now All for One is about to reach in to his bag of tricks. Also how in the world does she get authorization to launch a missile strike into Japan and her handler just kind of okays it! Like its no big deal! This fight also has me concerned a bit about the power levels. At this point who else could possibly even dream of competing with All For One?
  18. I'm a little disappointed with this chapter. I was expecting more. It seems like this will be wrapped up rather quickly. I was expecting and even looking forward to a big battle with Bakugo. That being said it was cool to see 1A working together to catch up with Deku. One thing I didn't like though was Endeavor's conversation with Hawks about getting Best Jeanist to come and just subdue Deku. As if he all he has to do is flip a switch. I know I've said this before but Deku at this point should be unbeatable. If he has any hope of winning against the villains. It should take the combined efforts of HAwks, Jeanist and Endeavor to have any chance of capturing him. Endeavor struggled with the high end Nomu. All For One blew Jeanist away with a single move. Hawks took down twice....Deku should be unmatched at this point. One last thing. In the very last panel it almost seems to indicate that Deku's danger sense is activating. Up until now it has been quiet as Deku has previously pointed out there is no real intent behind the moves. So it makes you wonder if a surprise attack by the villains is underway in the next chapter.
  19. Let The Hype Begin! So this is a pretty hype chapter. It's a bit anti-climatic since we know that Deku isn't going all out in this fight. He can't because he's fighting his friends. Although, he might get a little more serious when Bakugo joins in. Why Does Everyone Need to Know All The Details About One For All? One thing about this fight though is that it seems that everyone is aware of his current power level. Bakugo even says that he heard how Deku unlocked the fourth and the sixth abilities. And that just feels like too much information for him to know. It's one thing for the others to know that Deku has One for All but for them to know that he is currently on a path to unlocking other quirks that are stored within it is a bit troubling. Theoretically anyone of them could be captured or even spied on by a villan and then All for One would know about his new abilities as well. Ochaco even knows that smokescreen is the sixth's ability! The argument can be made for Bakugo to know about Deku's abilities since he was the first one to be let in on the secret but he just brazenly blasts the information out loud amongst the rest of class 1A and possibly civilians that could over hear. New Abilities and Upgraded Quirks! As we go through this chapter it seems like each class member is given a chance to shine and show off some new abilities. Momo's was a bit over the top but I liked it, because it shows how detailed she's become in creating stuff. It appears she created a machine to put Deku to sleep๐Ÿ˜…. Of course he breaks out of it but still, it just goes to show how versatile and potentially powerful her creation quirk can be. The new move that really caught my eye was Tokoyami's Ragnarok: Womb. Just the name alone sounds epic! He's uses this move to imprison Deku momentarily but Deku shoots out of it. I suspect he uses FA Jin to escape but who knows. I feel like his enhanced strength via One For All should be enough by itself. Either way though, Tokoyami is very surprised so I suspect this must be a really strong new move for him. Todoroki's heaven piercing ice wall sounds cool but I don't know how useful it will actually be for practical purposes. Those are the main ones that stood out to me. But the big ones I'm sure are yet to come. Bakugo, Ochaco and Lida. Between those three I'm sure we'll get a few surprises. My Impressions of The Battle So Far The more I think about the way this battle is going, the more I miss the old Deku. I like the Deku that thinks things through, strategizes and finds a way to win or lose in a spectacular way. By the end of all this I'm hoping Deku is able to crush them all but they somehow convince him to stay. There is no way that he can beat All for One and Shigiraki without displaying a lot more power. I still think Deku would have a lot of trouble with Gigantomachia if he fought him 1 v 1. As a matter of fact its really hard for me to think of any hero that could take him on and supposedly he's only the third most powerful villian that we currently know about. So in my mind there is still a lot more leveling up that Deku has to do.
  20. It seems like Deku is about to battle with all of class 1A! I can't wait to see this. I guess this was nice to see his class wanting to go out and bring Deku back into the fold. It will be interesting to see Deku and Bakugo clash again. Though admittedly if Deku loses this fight how could he ever hope to beat Shigiraki or All for one. He doesn't just need to win but he needs an overwhelming victory! I suspect by the end though, Bakugo or Uraraka will step in and say something to get him to calm down and come back to UA.
  21. After a brief discussion amongst the top heroes in regards to All For One's true plans. We see All Might calling the heroes to inform them that Deku has already subdued another villain that was trying to capture him. The panel shows Deku using Black Whip to suspend the villain in the air. It's pretty cool because it suggests that perhaps Deku has taken his mastery of Black Whip to another level. Deku even goes further and tell All Might that what he's currently capable of his on par with All Might at 100%. Which is pretty awesome, but it still makes you wonder how Deku would fare in a fight against Shigiraki who is super strong and can send his decay through the ground which seemingly levels entire towns in an instant. I feel like the author is going to have to scale the back with some plot device because that's just way too powerful, there is nothing stopping him from destroying the entire world. And again it seems that perhaps there's been a mini timeskip. Everytime we see Deku now he is looking darker and darker. I fully expect Bakugo and Ochako to come along and snap him out of his current: "I must do everything by myself" mode. But I expect things to continue like this for awhile.
  22. It's interesting it seems like the manga has really picked up the pace. After the fight with Lady Nagant the heroes instantly jump to investigating the the supposed rendezvous point with All For One, naturally being the evil mastermind that he is, All For One wasn't there and instead set a trap to blow them up and kill the heroes. This is extra interesting to me because it makes no sense. If Deku's dead, you can't steal his quirk. But I guess that's a minor plot hole. Also we don't get any information on Overhaul. Deku told him if he apologized to Eri, that he would take him to see his former master. I would have enjoyed a reference in regards to the outcome of those comments. I guess in time. We'll see.
  23. Lady Nagant Woahhh. Now that was an unexpected ending! While I always expected Deku to win in some flashy way. I did not expect the ending to be so dark and tragic! Lady Nagant's body seemingly just self destructed! However, the last panel does hint that Lady Nagant may still survive. Instead of dying she may be severely injured. Hawks arrives just in time to catch Lady Nagant before she falls to the ground. If she's still breathing can Erie rewind her back to her former state? That would be awesome. Hopefully this time we would actually be able to see it instead of it happening off screen like it did with Mirio. All For One This brings up a larger question though, just how powerful is All For One and how much can he see? It seems like he can spontaneously make someone self-destruct? That makes no sense at all. Could that be another quirk that he's added to his inventory? And how does he know exactly when to make it happen? I'm sure we'll get an explanation at some point but how on earth will Deku ever be able to go toe to toe with All For One and Shigiraki? For that matter how was All Might able to fight him one on one? In hindsight it seems like All For One was holding back when he fought All Might. New Theory On All For One's Quirk On first read, I figured that All For One's words in this chapter were just basic evil villain talk but after reading the chapter again, I thought to myself, what if All For One's quirk is actually something much more complicated than simply stealing and transferring quirks. What if All For One's true power was creating some kind of quirk contract with and individual? Is it possible that when he steals a quirk he has to give something in return? Maybe he has to transfer part of his health or vitality in exchange when he takes someone else's quirk. And in the same way, when he gives a quirk to someone, perhaps he can set choose to set a condition on the transfer i.e. requiring that the receiver grants him a portion of their lifeforce or vitality in return but only at a time of his choosing. That's the only way I can explain what happened to Lady Nagant. I also like the idea that his quirk is more about forming contracts with other people. This would help to explain why All For One is always in a suit, has good communication skills and is so charismatic. He's a businessman! ๐Ÿ˜… I'm probably way off but its still cool to think about. I guess we'll find out the full details sooner or later! The Vestiges The Lady Nagant surprise ending brings up even more questions. What in the world are the vestiges thinking? Why didn't they warn Deku about everything that All For One is capable of? Why not tell him that he can make people randomly combust from miles away. Surely they would have encountered this and a lot of other things. It's clear to me now, that the vestiges of One For All are holding back a lot of information from Deku. It almost makes you wonder if they won't try to take over Deku's body at some point just to fight One For All. Some of them have clearly already made it known that they have reservations about Deku's competency.
  24. FA Jin! I think this quirk is going to be pretty interesting because at first glance, it almost seems like another base One for All. When you think of basic One for All we know that its an enhancement quirk. What I don't understand is why does Deku need to use FA Jin at all? We've already seen All might "leap tall buildings in a single bound" basically fly through the air and propel himself using the pure strength of One for all. So I suspect that this quirk actually does something. From some speculation I've seen online FA Jin seems to be something akin to storing up and releasing explosive energy. Perhaps this will give Deku the overwhelming strength advantage in a fight against One for All/Shigaraki. Although personally I was hoping for a defensive quirk. Deep in my heart I'm still hoping he has some type of revival quirk where Deku can't be hurt but if he dies he is revived after a short time.(One can dream!) Either way, I'm looking forward to the next chapter, so we can get a more detailed explanation of his new quirk Fa Jin. I suspect its not going to be quite what we expect since it would make it incredibly similar to One for All's normal strength enhancement.
  25. So this new villan's name is Lady Nagant! I'll be honest, after hawks description of her and her abilities I'm just not impressed. If Lady Nagant was battling somebody other than the top 3 in class A(Todoroki,Bakugo, Deku) then we could talk. But there is just no way I could ever consider her a threat. If Deku is able to use all for one at 100% she should stand no chance at all. Even 60% should be more than enough. But when you combine that with the fact that Deku has access to all of these other quirks and can seemingly consult with the other holders of one for all at will. In terms of strategy and ability, she stands no chance. If Lady Nagant were able to somehow beat Deku I would be extremely disappointed. All for One gave Lady Nagant Airwalk which seems like a cheat because as we've seen with Deku you can't simply give someone a quirk and expect for them to be able to just use it right away. It takes a while for them to adjust to it, let alone be able to use it in a battle. I still feel like there is going to be a bit of talk no jutsu going on at the end of this battle. Overhaul's presence nearly guarantees that at some point. I've also seen some suggestions that the Hero Lady Nagant took out in the past was a corrupt hero. And some people are suggesting her character may be a bit like Stain's and she's not a true villan. Only time will tell! But I want Deku to continue to show out. This level of quirk should not be able to dominate him with his current abilities.
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