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Found 4 results

  1. Amazon announces that they will have a New World open beta test September 9th - September 12th. This game has received so much publicity over the years that its hard for me to imagine it not doing well once it finally releases.
  2. I know this is a bit of a loaded question since the gaming world has almost fully embraced F2P(Free to play games). There are going to be some games that surpass world of warcraft simply because its free to play. Its important to remember that at its peak World of Warcraft had around 12 million paying subscribers(Some were using pre paid cards or were on their first month for free). So if we are talking about a true successor, we would expect to see these type of numbers from people that are actually paying for a service. I think Ashes of creation has the best chance out of the recent MMOs in development. It looks solid for a MMO. Has tons of flashy skills and abilities Has some built in features that encourages player collaboration and go through the important developmental stages needed to get the game in good working order. Unfortunately a lot of the old MMOs got rushed out the door and the devs had to spend the first 3-6 months working out the bugs to get the game in a decent playable condition. By then interest in the game had died down and it was almost always an uphill battle from there. Every year I look for a new announcement regarding an MMO. And every year it seems like there are fewer and fewer. Star Citizen looks good but its not an MMO in the traditional sense. That being said Im still very excited to see how that one plays out.
  3. Caves look good. I can't wait for release. https://twinfinite.net/2021/03/star-citizen-video-caves-2/
  4. I think Ashes of Creation will be a pretty successful MMO. I personally can't wait to play.
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