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Found 10 results

  1. This new she hulk trailer actually looks like it could be some fun. I'm never gonna say no to more Hulk. But we've definitely entered unchartered territory with the MCU. Disney has to be extremely careful not to overdo things.
  2. https://screenrant.com/marvel-studios-disney-plus-project-decision-how-explained/
  3. https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2572437/why-doctor-stranges-big-moment-spider-man-no-way-home-trailer-suspicious-benedict-cumberbatch
  4. https://collider.com/simu-liu-shang-chi-star-wars-visions-interview/
  5. Upcoming Marvel Movies: Here’s What’s Next in Phase Four and Beyond https://collider.com/upcoming-marvel-movies/
  6. Intro First thing that I want to get off my chest is that I loved every single episode of Loki. Disney did an excellent job of creating something highly entertaining and also injecting a fair amount of mystery. My only real complaint is that once again just like the promotion of WandaVision. The marketing of Loki season 1 did a terrible job of representing the show. It just comes across as overly silly and bafoonish. But when you actually watch the show there is actually a fair amount of drama, emotional moments and action. My Thoughts Loki goes through a nice little journey in this one. It feels like he's becoming the Loki that fans have always wanted. A sort of lovable anti-hero. Disney seems to really be embracing the idea that Loki is not so much a villain but instead he really embodies the god of mischief he's always in the mix of things and causes chaos he's not necessarily evil although he's done some bad things. And let's face it Tom Hiddleston just nails this role. Everyone loves seeing him play Loki. I really wish that they emphasized that Loki is not just plain weak without his magic. Introducing the TVA and the multiverse is a game changer. Time travel is always going to introduce plotholes that are unexplainable. But this particular one works to Disney's advantage because it means that they can do anything they want, to any character they want and they can just replace them with a variant. Or conceivably go back in time and retrieve them in the same multiverse. It's going to be complicated and its going to feel like cheating, so I'm very interested to see if Kevin Feige can hold this huge thing together. Tom Hiddleston does get sidelined a little bit in this one but there are so many moving parts I don't really mind. I watched it from the perspective of an MCU fan not a Loki fan(even though I'm a huge Loki fan 😅). It feels like the Loki and the Avengers are gonna have to take over the TVA, if they are gonna have any hope of getting things under control. That means a lot of warping and zapping and a whole host of interesting encounters await. For example, what's to stop Loki from popping up in the Eternals with one of the TemPads to request assistance? Or what's to stop him from going to pre Ragnorark Asgard and getting Odin and Hela's assistance this just opens up a can of worms. So many knots, so many what ifs. Kevin Feige is going to have to be a wizard. Summary Loki is by far the best Marvel related show as it really changes the game in terms of the marvel universe. Its fun, it's mysterious, it introduces a host of new characters to the MCU and it really sets the board for the next big threat that needs to be overcome. Technically speaking you could skip WandaVision and not really miss any big developments in the universe. Just developments with Wanda's character and background. But Loki is must see TV. If you skip Loki and go right to the new movies you are going to be a step behind, the changes it introduces are huge! And last but not least, Loki season 2 is already being planned! What did you think of Loki season 1?
  7. Below you will find my impressions of the entire season of WandaVision. Some spoilers will be discussed below. Intro First let me answer the question that I had at the beginning before watching. Is WandaVision actually worth watching? The answer is a resounding yes but in my opinion Disney marketed this series completely wrong. The whole reason that people got into the comics in the first place was to see superheroes do superhero things. But Disney began promoting this as some kind of Dick Van dyke 60s era sitcom that's shot in black and white. This completely turned me off. In my mind I knew that there had to be a lot more to the show but nothing about the promotion convinced me to stick around to find out. My Thoguhts Fast forward to now I finally decided to dive in and check it out and WandaVision starts off exactly how it was advertised. And basically stays like that until the end of episode 3/ start of episode 4 and then it finally starts moving like a show based on superheroes. By the last two episodes I was very very interested to see what was going to happen next. They do a really great job of leveling up Wanda this season and the background work they did on her character was very well done. If there weren't a lot of Wanda fans before, I guarantee you she is gonna have a big fan base very soon. Especially when the new movies get underway. It also seems as if Disney may have created a potential new female hero based on the events of WandaVision. If her powers somehow stay with her it will be interesting to see how they develop. Having Wanda turn into the Scarlet Witch so soon really messes with the power structure. At this point you can make a good argument that her and captain marvel are the most powerful heroes we know about. Once again Vision gets the short end of the stick but I suspect that we will have some more surprises related to the mind stone since Loki season 1 has basically opened up Pandora's box and basically allowed Marvel free range to do whatever they want with all the characters. Summary WandaVision is good. I wished I watched it a lot earlier. My only complaint is that the first 3 episodes are extremely boring. They should have found a way to make these episodes more in line with what fans would expect from superhero related content. If you're a Marvel fan you don't wan to miss this show. And don't worry you don't need to watch The Falcon and Winter Soldier or Loki first to see it. What did you think of Wandavision season 1?
  8. I think this latest trailer is the best Eternals trailer that they've released. It really gives a nice overview of the movie and lets the fans know what direction the MCU is heading in. Also I think it was a smart move to let Selma Hayek kind of narrate at the beginning. She has the voice for it.
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