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Found 5 results

  1. Make sure you are caught up on the manga before reading. For a long while now, my hero academia fans have wondered if Deku has a hidden quirk. Some people think its possible that Deku had a quirk at birth but it was stolen by the not so good Dr. Kyudai Garaki. I must admit there is some hints in the manga that make that one possibility. But its also possible that Dr. Kyudai Garaki was in position to steal Deku's quirk but didn't since he couldn't detect one. My highly implausible theory(more like wishful thinking) is that perhaps Deku has a quirk type that hasn't manifested because he's never been in a scenario where it would manifest itself. Quirks like Lida's, Todoroki's or Bakugo's would manifest fairly quickly because its something that's observable to the human eye. You could easily imagine them stumbling upon it just going about their daily lives, maybe they get mad, or are exerting a lot of effort and then puff there it is. But what about someone like Star and Stripe. Her quirk new order is absolutely ridiculous. How could you ever discover that you have that kind of power. It would be a total accident to discover that you could create rules on people and things and it just becomes so. Still though its not hard to imagine that you would eventually discover this quirk. But the point still stands quirks like hers, which don't specifically produce and tangible observable effect might be hard to discover. This brings me to my wild theory based on the current state of the manga as of chapter 349. I honestly feel that right now there is no way that Deku can be Shigiraki or All for One. I mean Deku seemed to have a bit of trouble with Himiko Toga. Do any of us feel like Shigiraki or All for One wouldn't have been able to one shot Toga in an instant if they wanted to? His mastery of the other quirks in One for All's repertoire is still not complete. Translation, he's just not ready to defeat the bad guys at this point. I just don't see it happening, even with help from his friends, nakama power shouldn't work here. So how is he going to do it? Because right now this does not seem like the story of how he became the greatest hero(which was teased in the beginning). It seems like the story about how I became strong but ultimately fell a little short. So what if Deku actually challenged the bad guys and loses the fight! All for One gets his revenge against All might by killing Deku. That would be a wild ending! But then...Deku's original quirk gets activated! For the first time in his life, Deku's quirk is in a situation where it can manifest itself. His body, mind and spirt are revived. And due to the effects of One For All its supercharged! Not only can he revive himself but he can revive fallen comrades as well, perhaps even inanimate objects such as destroyed buildings. With that kind of quirk he could truly become the greatest hero of all. Plus when you consider One For All's greatest weakness, a revive quirk could fix that. Assuming Deku's quirk is added to the mix he could still go on passing his quirk to others to continue the line of successors. They wouldn't have to worry about dying young because of the revive quirk. Or depending how the author decides to write it, he could presumably live forever. I know this is all kind of wishful thinking but for awhile now I've thought it would be cool to discover that Deku actually had a quirk all this time, and the only reason we don't know about it yet is because it only activates upon his death because its a revive quirk.
  2. First let me say, I think there is a decent chance that The Winds of Winter could release in late 2022. It would be the perfect time to capitalize on the buzz that I'm sure will be generated when HBO's House of the Dragon show releases later in august of this year. Assuming an 8-10 episode season of House of the Dragon, the show would finish around early October. Can you imagine a better surprise after the season finale than announcing The Winds of Winter will release during the 2022 holiday season? It would be an incredible marketing opportunity for George. And would give his hardcore fan base something to look forward to. The above was my optimistic take on where we stand on a release date. My more pessimistic stance says that we won't get the Winds of Winter until 2023 likely holiday 2023. George has already announced that Rise of the Dragon, an illustrated deluxe reference book based on the same time period of his novel fire and blood, will release in October 2022. The release of Rise of the Dragon would indicate that we probably shouldn't expect anything else book wise from George this year. It's probably for the best. At the end of the day, I want a high quality book from George. We've waited over a decade. What's 1-2 more additional years if it allows him to truly flesh out his vision and give us the type of story that we've all come to enjoy so much.
  3. This is an interesting question, because due to what both games are trying to accomplish, I think it gives them some unique advantages over the other. As most of us know, Elden Ring is off to a hot start. The game has already sold 12 million worldwide! That's an incredible number! Also, due to the huge amount of positive reviews and publicity I expect that number to keep going up. Even though the developer FromSoftware traditionally produces games that have been a more niche experience, it's hard to argue that this game isn't getting some major plays from a more mainstream audience. If someone had asked me this question before release, I would have said no way. But now, I must admit, with the incredible review scores, great publicity and shocking early sales numbers, I think it's no longer outside the realm of possibility that Elden Ring could outperform Starfield. Elden Ring has an obvious advantage in terms of potential sales. It released on last gen consoles and next gen consoles and on PC. That's a huge install base that could purchase the game. Starfield on the other hand is an Xbox exclusive, and will be available on Xbox gamepass day one. Xbox gamepass has over 20 million subscribers right now. That means over 20 million people will have access to the game for free. Meaning they won't have to purchase the game as long as they are an xbox subscriber. That could put a serious dent in potential sales but it is also a huge advantage in terms of getting players to new players to actually junp in and play the game. People like me, who have gamepass, will still buy Starfield because its Bethesda's passion project and I'm sure they're gonna release an awesome collector's edition. But the Im sure the mainstream audience will simply use gamepass to access the game. Another advantage that Starfield has in terms of concurrent players will be its design. Both Elden Ring and Starfield have a open world game design but Starfield is not only open world but it's open space! I truly believe that Bethesda is just going to keep releasing never ending content for Starfield. The original game is only the springboard, they are going to have a ton of hooks to keep us playing and will just add additional content over time. In conclusion, to answer the question, I fully expect Starfield to absolutely crush it in terms of an active player base. As long as their is not some total catastrophe with its gameplay design, I think Starfield is going to be played by millions of players for years. On the flip side, its very very possible that Elden Ring actually manages to outsell Starfield its on every single console including PC. But based on the game design I just don't see millions of players playing it 3 years from now.
  4. We all knew this was coming one day. News has been trickling in lately that Crunchyroll is starting to stream some Funimation anime in addition to its own. Crunchyroll is definitely going to be the dominant anime powerhouse for the foreseeable future. With manga producers having fewer options to set up lucrative licensing deals with anime specific streaming providers, it makes me wonder if at some point they will just get together and make their own streaming provider. I'm also curious to see if PlayStation doesn't announce some kind of Xbox gamepass alternative that includes access to PlayStation games, Sony movies and Crunchyroll anime. It feels like a natural progression
  5. This actually looks really really cool. Watch Video It makes you wonder though what kind of technology you would need in your home to duplicate this effect and of course how much would it cost? Are we going to see the return of the quote unquote phone booth, in mass? Because if its expensive to set this up, that's the only way I can envision this working while still being available to the public at large. Extremely cool tech though. I can imagine google licensing the technology out to small business owners who would then set up Starline booths around the country in different cities and rural communities charging around $5-$10 per 30 minutes. That could really work and would encourage widespread adoption very quick. This would be good for google as well as it would limit their liability footprint. With any new technology people will always find clever ways to abuse it. I can think of a few already.
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