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Found 22 results

  1. It occurs to me that the heir should be surrounded with their own protectors. I know tradition is that the kingsguard protects the king and the royal family. But their duty is first to their king. An heir apparent should be an extremely important position. Simply having one man as a bodyguard of sorts isn't enough. Rhaneyra should have men at arms that she supports, who she can rely on for protection and other duties as they come. In fact this is part of what made Stannis so weak in a Game of thrones. Stannis the younger brother of king robert was given dragonstone and the even younger brother Renly was given Storms End. At the time king Robert had no children so Stannis was his heir and the heir always takes Dragonstone as their seat. So naturally Renly received the Baratheon ancestral castle Storms End. The problem was that Storms End and its lands can support far more men and wealth than Dragonstone. So when their was a succession issue, Renly commanded far more respect and power than Stannis who had a far stronger claim based on laws of inheritance at the time. In short, Rhaneyra needs the muscle to strengthen her claim. That is something she lacks right now. She also needs to breed and arrange betrothals, so she can develop allies with some of the great houses and solidify her position even more.
  2. To me its obvious that Rhaneyra should marry Laenor Velaryon. The Velaryon's have Valyrian blood, are the richest family in Westeros and they have dragons. If she were to align herself with another house even if its a great house they won't have dragons. Even if a war didn't break out during her time, eventually it would and not only would her family have to defend itself from traditional military threat but it would have to worry about dragon attacks as well.
  3. Rhaenyra really showed out this episode. Both Daemon and Rhaenyra had their moments but in my opinion Rhaenyra had the best moments. House of The Dragon did a great job showing off the extravagance of the royal hunt. We were introduced to a lot of new faces. The ones that stood out to me were the Lannister twins. I wonder if making them twins was a nod to Jamie/Cersei in Game of thrones? I don't remember if the Lannister Lord at this point in history had a twin in the books. It doesn't hurt the story, but so far it hasn't really added anything to it either. If I'm being completely honest, I would have loved to see the Lord of the Stormlands there again since I remember he will have a significant part later on. Ser Cristion Cole is getting plenty of screen time. I didn't really care for Rhaneyra having a public shouting match with the king. Publicly and privately she is still his named heir. By publicly bickering with your father it shows discord in the family and would only help spread more gossip that Rhaneyra has fallen out of favor with the king and that the king plans to officially name Aegon heir. Another problem that I have is that of Rhaenyra's desire to be queen. In episode 1 she seemed to very clearly not care to be heir to the iron throne. And then by episode 3 we get a private scene between her and Viserys were she openly states that her attitude towards him is largely based on her belief that he had planned to name her brother Aegon as heir. I have no problem with Rhaneyra wanting to buck established tradition and to remain heir. But I feel like the showrunners made a mistake by first making it seems like Rhaneyra didn't care about the crown and then all of a sudden she desires it. There should have been an obvious transition that we get to see on screen. We should've seen a mindset shift. Some big even or idea should have sparked Rhaneyra's desire to actually wear the crown. We know now that she covets the crown. But why? Is it just so she can make history as the first woman ruler? Is it because men view her as incapable and she wants to prove them wrong? This is another reason why Rhaneyra's isolation is a bit of a problem. The show is obviously setting up Ser Criston Cole to be a confidant of Rhaneyra in her early years before the civil war. But he owes her a life debt. Everything he is, he owes to her. Also he's a member of the kingsguard. He doesn't just serve her but the entire family. She's not going to truly confide in him and he'll never give her pure honesty. He admits as much in this episode, when Rhaneyra asks him if he believes if the Lords of westeros would accept her as heir to the iron throne, he simply says "I have no choice but to princess". If Rhaneyra had some other court companions like Alicent in the early years. We could have gotten a lot more scenes where Rhaneyra is speaking her mind to people she trusts. We could get inside her head. But she has no one she can trust. Daenerys didn't have that disadvantage. In game of thrones, once Daenerys got away from her brother Viserys, she had female attendants that she would regularly speak to about matters of the heart. And later on she also had trusted councilors(for the most part) that she regularly spoke to about matters of state and strategy. We always knew what she was thinking on a variety of different issues. So it was much easier to empathize with her and her journey. But anyways back to the hunt. I couldn't quite understand what was going on with the king and him killing the stag. He obviously struggled with the job. Eagle eyed fans will have noticed that the king's illness appears to be slowly getting the better of him as they have chopped off two of his fingers by this episode. Rhaenyra on the other hand sees the great stag that the scouts had spotted earlier and instead of trying to kill it, they let it go. I thought that was an interesting decision. I feel like it would have worked better if Rhaneyra would have drug that Stag back to camp. But the unwashed, bloody hair look was great. I loved that scene where she enters camp with the boar. Everyone staring, everyone realizing in that moment that despite whatever plots or schemes they may all have, this one is not going to go quietly. Ser Otto Hightower and Alicent with all of their scheming, wealth and influence have yet to truly get their hands dirty. And finally we come to the war that has been raging in the stepstones. Daemon Targaryen and Corlys Velaryon have somehow been losing this war. I'll be honest. It's one thing to read footnotes about this war in the books but to actually see it on screen made me think...HOW IN THE WORLD IS CORLYS AND DAEMON LOSING???(That feels better I had to get that out!) They have two dragons! I think Aegon the conqueror started his conquest of westeros with three dragons and around 300 men at arms. This whole war seems pretty simple to me. Whenever those archers come out of their hidey holes, turn them into barbecue crab via dragon flame. They will eventually get tired of living like caveman. While the crabfeeder and his men are in the cves, create a blockcade, so no food or freshwater can reach them. It seems like the war should have been over in a month. What soldier is going to continue to serve a man that feeds people to crabs and in between time force you to scrounge for food and clean water, all while making you sleep near your own excrement in dark caves during day and night. The only time you're allowed outside is when he's feeding you to dragon flame. It's just not gonna continue like that for very long. His men would mutiny far faster than any member of the Velaryon forces or Daemon's army. That's the situation in the show. For context, in the books, its much more believable that the crabfeeder could hold off House Velaryon and Prince Daemon. The Triarchy is an alliance between three of the free cities of Essos: Lys, Myr and Tyrosh. The crabfeeder was the commander of the Triarchy's navy and armies. I imagine these armies and navy would have been much more vast than what was shown in the show. Which could explain Daemon and Corlys having some difficulties despite the advantage of having dragons and essentially the royal fleet of westeros at their disposal. The war in the stepstones also shows you just how weak Viserys is. If the Triarchy is on your doorstep and cutting off westerosi shipping lanes, Viserys should have immediately sent envoys to the free cities that make up the Triarchy and said listen get this rabble off my front porch or I'm sending all ten of my dragons to burn down your crops in the open fields. Your cities may be well defended via thousands upon thousands of arrows, so I won't risk my dragon riders safety but we will burn all your crops, destroy all your livestock. How quickly do you think the population would turn on you? I think the showrunners have a soft spot for the actor that plays King Viserys because there are almost no voices openly criticizing him. It's almost as if we are supposed to be sympathetic to the decisions he makes as king(or doesn't make) because of personal affairs. We need some scenes with some of the minor characters critiquing some of the kings decision making. Giving viewers both sides of the conflict. Surely even the grand maester could see the importance of goods and shipments being able to make their way across the seas and around westeros unmolested. Without reliable expectations for tolls on shipping, this would cause the price of goods to skyrocket based off sheer speculation, especially for luxury items from overseas. This would be a problem that immediately affects the nobles and high lords. Viserys is so weak to allow all of this to go on in his kingdom. It's sad, Jaehaerys "the old king" should have named Rhaneys "the queen who never was" his heir. Corlys would have never let this happen. Rhaneys seems pretty wise to the ways of the realm and would have made a sensible ruler. Corlys is a proven adventurer, and wealth creator. What an incredible waste of talent and ability. What has Viserys ever achieved? Furthermore, the king could have still patched up his horrible decision making by convincing Rhaneyra to marry Laenor Velaryon. I can't imagine a more perfect match. So back to the war in the stepstones😅. Dameon gets so mad that his brother decided to do the smart thing and send him aid to help him defeat the crabfeeder that he beats the messenger! That came across as incredibly weak and makes Viserys look almost wise in naming Rhaneyra heir to make sure that the crown doesn't pass to his brother Daemon. But Daemon then decides to become the bait in the very plan they were discussing 5 minutes ago. Of course it works, the crabfeeder's army comes running out of the cave in their hundreds. They become barbecue crab within minutes courtesy of chef Seasmoke. And Daemon runs into the cave and comes back out carrying the crabfeeders dismembered body. Am I the only one who thought it was a bit of a cheat to just have Daemon win the fight off screen. I think he had been shot by arrows two or three times. Let us see them fight! Daemon wields the Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister! Why is he fighting the main bad guy in a dark cave where nobody can see? Every great warrior knows to fight the other guy with name recognition out in the open! This was a missed opportunity by the showrunners. They could have had some great dialogue from the crabfeeder. I remember in the movie Troy there is a scene where Achilles has just stormed the beach of Troy by himself with his Myrmidons far ahead of the rest of the greek army which are still on ships approaching the beach. Prince Hector attacks him but they destroy Hector's calvary and Hector is alone surrounded by Achilles and his men. Achilles lets him go and when his men ask him why, he says "its too early in the day to be killing princes". That's an absolutely epic line, Achilles understood the moment! It's especially tragic knowing what happens later to Patricles but its sets up an even more epic showdown between him and Achilles later. The point is, the crabfeeder and Daemon should have battled one on one. Daemon wields Dark Sister but was tired and injured. It would have been a fun duel to watch. The showrunners could have found a way to make it epic. Maybe emphasize the threat of the greyscale that the crabfeeder is suffering from. Maybe have the crabfeeder fight him over a large pit of big hungry crabs. But we needed something more than hide and go seek. I enjoyed episode 3. All the bones are there for this show to really be a masterpiece but so far its falling just short. Right now, the show is really good but not quite great. These are still the early years, where we are still developing the characters and the relationships. It's gonna be fun watching it all fall apart. It's almost time for the tragedy to commence. I imagine we have 2 more episodes of the "good days". What's the old expression? You don't know the good days until they're gone?
  4. I'm sure its very obvious to fans that Otto Hightower has been plotting to get the king to decide to marry his daughter. Otto even tells Alicent at one point to go to the kings bedchamber to comfort the king, and to wear her mother's dress. The king cannot consider it a coincidence that Alicent just pops up into his bedchamber at his weakest moment. Not to mention, her taking the time to have his broken valyrian set piece repaired. And on top of all this keeping all this a secret from Rhaneyra. Alicent and Otto have been very intentional. In the king sees nothing at all. So sad.
  5. This was easily the highlight of episode 2. Seeing the dragons face off was pretty cool even though there was no combat. Rhaneyra showed that she's not afraid to make decisions. Even if it causes her to catch the king's ire. I'm starting to notice a pattern here which was first started by Daemon when he took the gold cloaks and started doing summary judgements in kings landing right before the big tournament. The king may not be pleased with everything you do but he's not gonna step up and make an actual decision where you have to face consequences for your actions. Perhaps the real Viserys died when he decided to allow the maesters to perform a medical proceedure on his wife that ended up killing her and didn't even save the baby.
  6. In terms of a royal match its not bad at all. The Hightowers are a very wealthy and influential house. Plus, Alicent is the daughter of the Hand of the king. However, when considering the interpersonal relationship between the king's court and the political landscape its a bad decision. This decision immediately alienates his daughter Rhaneyra and Corlys Velaryon. Had the King decided to accept Corlys' marriage proposal, waited until Corlys daughter was old enough to marry and united the houses of Velaryon and Targaryen, the king could have mended old wounds that Rhaneys(she was passed over by the great council) still harbors. Also had the king decided to marry someone from another great house that did not have much influence at court, he could have more easily secured a smooth succession upon his passing.
  7. My favorite character is Corlys Velaryon, followed closely by Rhaenyra and Daemon. Viserys is portrayed as a good man but he's seems to not be very good at king-ing. 😅 Mistake after mistake from him.
  8. I do find this news a bit shocking especially considering that the show is just now getting off the ground. I hope there was no internal friction with the team and he's really leaving because he's spent 3 years developing the show and just needs a break. Source
  9. Wow, season 1's production value is sky high. This is only the first episode but the world of Westeros is so much better adapted than in the original game of thrones series. Every single scene is just oozing set up. Not a single scene was wasted in episode 1. I can feel George RR Martin's influence throughout this new season. The iron throne looks much closer to Martin's original idea, Kings Landing looks gorgeous, and did you see the dragon pit? The world just feels much more epic and alive. Also the heraldry seems to have received a much stronger focus. During the tourney we saw many different coats of arms and Daemon Targaryen's armor looked incredibly menacing. The attention to detail here is fantastic. Corlys Velaryon and Otto Hightower are obviously the two juggernauts on the small council. Everyone else seems to be little more than window dressing. I love how the show is developing Rhaneyra and Alicent's relationship. Showing them as close companions as young girls is going to work beautifully. The dragons all look great. Even though they have saddles on their back they still look incredibly wild and unpredictable. I wonder just how much screen time they'll receive this season. I would have loved to have CGI direwolves in Game of Thrones, so we could have seen them in their true glory. I hope the showrunners find a way to put the dragons in every single episode this season. That birthing scene was heavy. It was an extremely controversial decision by Viserys because he didn't speak to his wife about it at all. The way the scene was filmed made it a tough watch. I'm a bit surprised that their wasn't more fallout from that decision. One thing that I felt was captured very well in the original Game of Thrones were the secrets. Someone was always watching and sharing secrets to someone else. Viserys decision felt like the perfect way to start some intrigue in the royal court and create a breach between him and Rhaneyra. Overall this was a great first episode for the season. I give it a 9 out of 10.
  10. How bout that Rhaneyra/Daemon confrontation scene! The dragons were looking fierce. I knew Rhaneyra just had to show up, it was just too perfect of a scene, with the clouds scattered all around to waste. Otto was a complete idiot to consider going to Dragonstone himself. That felt a little out of character for him. He should have known better. Was he planning to get himself killed? Daemon could have made barbecue chicken out of everyone on that narrow bridge! They were like little ducks perfectly lined up. And then he tries to talk smart to Rhaenyra! 😂. This man has a death wish. Also, I just want to give a big shout out to the showrunners. I absolutely love seeing Rhaneyra and Daemon just start speaking High Valyrian whenever they meet. It makes it seem like they come from another world and truly gives them an aura of power and otherworldliness that the other highborn nobles don't have. Episode 2 was admittedly dragging in the beginning. It needed some life and of course Daemon was all to happy to oblige. I found it kind of weird that Daemon just haphazardly throws the egg back to Rhaneyra and then the soldiers throw it into a boiling goblet or whatever that was. I also thought Rhaneyra asking about which egg was stolen during the small council meeting was a little clumsy. Yes, I understand that it serves like another insult to king Viserys. First Daemon talks about "heir for a day" when Viserys son dies and then he steals the egg that was to be placed in his crib. But if the writers needed to add that plot device to build tension between Daemon and Viserys they should have mentioned the egg a number of times in episode 1 and emphasized the Targaryen custom. Just randomly throwing it in during the small council meeting made the reveal lack weight to me. Corlys Velaryon tried his best, he shot his shot with the betrothal suggestion and got turned down in an embarrassing fashion at the small council meeting. King Viserys is not a shrewd politician. He seems to lack the necessary skills to be an effective king and retain the loyalty of those closest to him. Rhaneyra discovering that Alicent had been giving attention to her dad had to feel like a betrayal by both her father and her friend. Why would anyone want to alienate the heir to the throne? It makes absolutely no sense. Also is the King blind? Surely a wise king could see that Otto Hightower has been scheming for this very outcome the entire time. At the very end Corlys Velaryon making common cause with Daemon make a ton of sense. My only problem is they made the scene too dark and conspiratorial. The Sea Snake is not "Littlefinger" or "The Spider" he is a powerful, self-made and proud man. As dangerous as prince Daemon is, it didn't feel right that he would tell the Sea Snake to watch how he talks about his brother the king. I would have preferred the two make common cause out of mutual respect, rather than the scene being built as if Prince Daemon is giving him an audience. Corlys Velaryon is the blood of old Valyria, his wife "the queen that never was" is a targaryen and they have two children together. He's the richest man in the seven kingdoms at this time. It's been a while since I've read the books but I'm pretty sure they have dragons now too. By all intents and purposes he is vastly more influential than Daemon. Either way though, Daemon and Corlys making common cause actually helps the king. He won't like them taking action into their own hands but I predict he won't do anything substantial about it. The king knows that he's alienated Corlys and Daemon by choosing to marry Alicent Hightower. If they decide to occupy their time fighting in the stepstones instead of plotting some coup, that's all for the better.
  11. As a fan of both fantasy worlds, my money is on House of The Dragon. But who knows maybe The Rings of Power will surprise me. I definitely think it has more potential than most people are giving it credit for.
  12. House of the Dragon is a prequel to Game of Thrones. You do not need to be familiar with the story or characters in Game of Thrones to enjoy House of the Dragon. In fact, you may have a greater appreciation for those characters if you watch House of The Dragon first.
  13. The very first king we see during the opening in episode 1 is king Jaehaerys Targaryen, he is known as the old king(since the realm had a long period of peace and he had a long reign). Since he had no heirs he hela great council which determined that Viserys would be the next king. Viserys is the king we see in the current timeline. He is the father of princess Rhaenyra and the brother of Daemon Targaryen.
  14. Otto Hightower is Hand of the King in House of the Dragon. His daughter is Alicent Hightower who is a close companion of princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. House Hightower wasn't featured prominently in Game of Thrones but they are an extremely wealthy, influential and powerful house in the seven kingdoms. Oldtown (the second largest city in the realm) and the Citadel(the place where maesters go for training) lie within their realm.
  15. Polygon had an interview with one of the showrunners Ryan J. Condal. And according to him, George RR Martin is the one that revealed to them that Aegon wasn't just a conqueror and actually had a dream about the end of the world and that's what motivated him to conquer and unite Westeros. In preparation for that cataclysmic event. That sounds pretty canon to me, I'm guessing something about this will be revealed in the next book The Winds of Winter.
  16. There is a book called Fire And Blood which tells the history of House Targaryen from the time of Aegon the Conqueror through the time which is known as the dance of dragons and pieces of the aftermath. If you are already a fan of the show and can't stand waiting each week for a new episode, go buy the book!
  17. Woah! I was not expecting this show to be this hot so early on. With all of the polarizing reactions to the end of the original Game of Thrones show I was expecting that HBO was going to have to earn back its audience piece by piece. However, it seems that my concerns were unfounded. This is a record setting audience for an HBO premiere. This is fantastic news for HBO, the game of thrones franchise and for George RR Martin. It proves that there is still a ton of interest in this universe.
  18. I've seen a lot of people ask this question online and the answer is no. Fear not. If you somehow never watched game of thrones or didn't finish watching game of thrones don't worry. The events of House of The Dragon occurs almost 200 years before Game of Thrones. In fact, if you watched House of The Dragon first you might actually develop a stronger appreciation for all of the things that the characters in Game of Thrones are fighting over. There is only one reference to the original series and it acts as a sort of warning for the events that will happen in Game of Thrones. So my opinion is if you are just jumping into the Game of Thrones(aka the "a song of ice and fire" universe) feel free to watch both series at the same time. Since House of the Dragon is releasing one episode a week, you can watch it whenever they release a new ep and then go back to binging Game of thrones. Neither series will affect your ability to enjoy or understand the other.
  19. This new promo image looks amazing. It gives you a very strong fire and blood feel. I can't wait for this new show to drop. Some people have been saying that they are down on "Game of Thrones"(A Song of Ice And Fire) content because of the very last season. But I have a strong suspicion that when this series drops, a lot of fans will come running back. I know at the very least fantasy fans won't be able to resist.
  20. I like this new trailer. I can't wait to see Daemon Targaryen in action!
  21. House of The Dragon releases august 21, 2022! I can't wait to see it! If you're a former game of thrones fan fear not the complete story has already been written from beginning to end. They won't need to make things up in the last seasons like they did with game of thrones. House of the Dragon is gonna be incredible. I don't think previous game of thrones show watchers, realize just how epic this period of time will be. There is going to be a huge civil war between the Targaryens with the major houses taking different sides. Plus we are going to see all of their epic swords and legendary dragons. If HBO really goes all out, this will be a feast for the eyes! Much more than the war of the five kings in the original game of thrones series. No matter how you felt about Game of Thrones in its last few seasons, if you were ever a fan, trust me you will want to watch this. This will be appointment television, full of tragedy, treachery, heroism and epic battles! 🤩
  22. Well the teaser trailer is finally here and I must say its got my attention. Historically speaking I think I would have preferred a story about Aegon's Conquest more. But there are more juicy details to work with in the time period they've chosen.
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