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Found 2 results

  1. I like that they are making Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth next gen only. By the time this game drops next gen consoles would have been released for well over 2 years. People who really wanted a PS5 should have had a chance to buy one once it releases. I'm a bit concerned that the devs have yet to confirm that FF7 will indeed have an open world like the classic ff7 but hopefully they have some good news for us. For me, part of the magic of classic Final Fantasy 7 was the open world. Training, exploring, sidequests/side distractions really enhanced the entire game. Let's hope that stuff is still present in Rebirth.
  2. From Final Fantasy 7 Remake to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. I'm not sure if I'm 100% on board with the name change. Since they originally choose Final Fantasy 7 Remake as the name I would have preferred if they simply called the second one FF7 Remake part 2. By adding in Rebirth to the title it makes it seem like a spinoff of FF7 Remake. Plus there are so many other final fantasy 7 games out there, it isn't immediately clear(by the title) that Rebirth is a sequel to the original FF7 Remake. Square would have been better served calling the first game Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. In the music industry this "Remake" project, would actually be considered a remix. In my opinion it no longer qualifies as what most of us would expect from a "Remake". Either way though, the true fans will know. Newcomers might be confused at first but they'll find their way, if they do a little research. As for the trailer itself it is a reveal trailer, so I wouldn't even classify it is a teaser at this point. Its more of a "hey this game is coming out next year and here's its official name". The graphics look on point. I think I actually prefer the graphics in this game compared to the graphics in the upcoming Final Fantasy 16. In the trailer they tell us to not focus on the past and instead focus on the future. I think this is the perfect mindset going forward. The way things are being set up, this entire project is actually a sequel to the original FF7 that released back in 1997. It's like we are playing an alternate timeline where some characters from the old game may have somehow time traveled or multiverse traveled to wherever this game is taking place. So we have totally new rules here. Anything can happen. And the way that Cloud is talking, its almost as if Clouds memories are merging with old cloud's memories of Aerith or perhaps old cloud is somehow able to speak to Aerith in the present timeline. I have a feeling that this is going to become a lovely convoluted mess, hopefully Square-enix can pull it off. I know I'm gonna enjoy the journey either way. The greatest works of fiction in my humble opinion, have always been convoluted or at least multi layered. I also suspect its going to get really meta towards the end. It looks like we have only 18-20 more months to go before we get out hands on part 2. I can't wait!
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