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Found 2 results

  1. I knew people would be dissecting the Starfield trailer but I never imagined that they would somehow connect the dots to Elder Scrolls 6. I must admit it would be a nice little easter egg if true. But Personally it doesn't seem to really match. It would be better if it was a one to one recreation of the hammerfell and highrock map location.
  2. In Todd Howard's interview with The Telegraph he says that the Elder Scrolls 6 is still in the design phase. While this is disappointing its not at all unexpected. Bethesda has had its hands full with developing Starfield. It only make sense that development of the Elder Scrolls 6 would take a back seat to the new IP. Source It feels like a few of the major studios were waiting for console tech to catch up to their new ideas. Rockstar has seemingly done the same thing with the GTA franchise. Its been almost 8 years since the release of the last GTA. And we've heard nothing other than rumors about the next game.
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