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  1. Source I honestly think it be a good idea to give Dak another week off. No need to rush back. Cooper Rush seems to have a rhythm, the Cowboys have been winning and this is the first big test. No need to bring Dak back now. Let's really see what Cooper Rush can do against a proven defense with well known and well respected playmakers.
  2. Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes and 15 seconds I'm a big time Dallas Cowboys fan. I think this season will be interesting for several reasons. Offense On the offensive side of the ball we lost big time performers in Cedrick Wilson and Amari Cooper. We still have CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup but Gallup is working is way back from injury and he who knows what type of condition he will be in when the season starts. Dak Prescott made a lot of money with his new contract, with the Cowboys obvious loss of talent, this is the perfect opportunity for him to prove why he is worth so much money. I think Zeke and Tony Pollard will be solid. It will be hard for them to produce in the open field if our offensive line doesn't dominate up front and I have no idea what to expect from them this year. Defense The Micah Parsons selection in the draft last year was perfect. I expect him to be even more dominant this year. But we lost Randy Gregory in free agency! That one stung because from the reports it seems like we originally had a verbal agreement and then he had a change of heart at the last minute. Trevon Diggs showed out last season, if he is able to take another step this year our defense will still look pretty dangerous. Not to mention he is going to command a lot of money on his next contract. But he's gonna have to show up! With the loss of Randy Gregory, we may not be able to create as much pressure at the line of scrimmage. I'm also really excited to see what Jabril Cox can do for us. His injury last year was unfortunate. We are going to need another difference maker on defense. 2022 Draft Results I know a lot of people aren't to enthusiastic about our draft this year but I will remind everyone in the last few years the Cowboys have hit on every single one of their first round picks. They were all difference makers immediately. I'm excited to see what the Cowboys do with Tyler Smith. Jerry Jones was certainly excited and indicated Smith was graded extremely high on the Cowboys draft board. 2nd Round pick Sam Williams is 6'3 with a 6'8 wingspan that clocked a 4.4 40 yard dash. I know that football skills matter but I like the idea of having a lot of speed on the edge. Plus he has a really good wingspan for his height which will help him knockdown passes at the line of scrimmage. Conclusion So much to talk about while getting ready for the season. I can't wait to see how it all shakes out.
  3. I'll take that record any day. There not invincible but the boys have multiple playmakers on both sides of the ball. When you have supreme talent on both sides, you have a chance to win a super bowl. Let's see how they perform on Sunday agains the 49ers!
  4. Wow what a game. Dak looked great in warm ups but was still a scratch for this game. Deep down inside I feel like the Cowboys were just playing coy to force the Vikings to gameplan for Dak(a lot of extra work for nothing for the Vikings) At the end of the day the entire team did what they needed to do to win. Cooper Rush threw for over 300 yards. Amari Cooper showed why he gets paid the big bucks. He made some huge catches. Zeke didn't get 100 yards rushing but he did have a huge play in the 4th that secured the first down in crunch time and ultimately led to Amari Cooper's go ahead touchdown. And the Cowboys defense got stop after stop! The Vikings wer 1 of 13 on 3rd down. That's 7%! Wow. As for the Viking fans I know that had to be a tough loss. With Dak out, this was a great chance for the Vikings to steal one. The Cowboys are just on a roll right now. On to the next one!😎
  5. CeeDee Lamb shares his thoughts on the Cowboys win over New England.
  6. A lot has been said about that big 70 yard touchdown play that Mac Jones threw on Trevon. It's cool to see him take responsibility in this vid even though he had a safety over the top. Naturally winning the game makes everything easier. It seems like everyone is leaving their ego at the door as long as we're winning. Let's hope this continues.
  7. Tyron Smith is a warrior lol It seems like he's not much for talking, just playing. He helped us out big time this game.
  8. This post game is interesting. Randy Gregory is pretty well spoken. I did feel bad for Mac Jones on that play. Randy absolutely nailed him. He's playing extremely well this year, I expect he's gonna get his money.
  9. Agreed, this was an excellent win for the boys. It's a confidence booster to still find a way to win with so many penalties and red zone failures.
  10. Dak was prepared for the press. He knew they were gonna ask him a bunch of questions about the boot on his leg. Since his contract situation is taken care of, he seems a lot more at ease and has extremely positive energy. You can hear the confidence in his voice, Cowboys expect to win every game they play at this point. I know a lot of people are starting to feel this way now about Dak. He's solid. You expect him to get the job done now.
  11. As a Cowboy fan this was a painful game to watch. The rushing game wasn't as dominant as it has been the last few games but we were eating up yards through the air. Penalties The referees made life hard. We had a ton of penalties. I mean a ridiculously large amount. I'm shocked that we were somehow able to still score 35. Technically the defense gave us 6. But as a team we still put up a lot of points. I think that says a lot about how different the team is this year. In the past this is a game that we would have lost. Turnovers The turnovers killed us. No game is perfect but the turnover on downs, the interception and the turnover in the endzone(the previous play should have been a touchdown!) were demoralizing. But somehow we were able to overcome it all. The Play of the Game For many I suspect that the play of the game was either the field goal at the end of regulation to send it to overtime or the touchdown pass to CeeDee Lamb to win it in overtime. But for me it has to be Trevon Diggs' pick 6. Right when we needed it the most, when moral was down and it wasn't looking good, not only did we get the interception but he runs it in for a touchdown! I think it's fair to say that based on the way Mac Jones had been throwing the ball up until that point(with extreme accuracy) nobody expected us to get a pick that late in the game. I feel like that interception rejuvenated the whole team and propelled us forward to victory. Now Mac Jones did comeback and throw a huge touchdown pass on the very next play but that seemed more like a blown coverage. Still though kudos to him for throwing a catchable deep ball and kudos to the receiver for not dropping it. Defense All things considered I feel like our defense actually played pretty good. The Cowboys dominated time of possession so New England didn't get a lot of opportunity on offense. But due to some offensive mishaps they did receive favorable field position a couple times which lead to some easy points. But for the longest time they were not getting many yards. Randy Gregory came up big with 2 sacks. Mac Jones was extremely accurate for most of the game yet I feel like we played the offense pretty good. Moving Forward The main concern now is the health status of Dak Prescott. Hopefully his calf has enough time to heal and its not a major injury that keeps him out. It be a shame to lose momentum now. I'm glad that this week is our bye week. So he gets some extra time to rest.
  12. This is one of my favorite part of the highlights. I love the quote by Basham "Party in the backfield, I'm sending the invites out, hope to see y'all there"😅 I don't know if this is said every Sunday or not by every NFL defense but I love hearing it. Side note Randy Gregory definitely showed up to the party!
  13. The way Dak has played down the injury gives me hope that he'll be ready to go after the bye week. Although it's still concerning because that means he's going to likely miss some reps once practice resumes next week. Personally for him I imagine that it's doubly disappointing because it means he won't be able to enjoy the time off as much as the other guys(Mike McCarthy gave the Cowboys the whole week off for the bye week) since his leg is in a boot.
  14. I think this is very unfortunate for a number of reasons. First I hate to see any Cowboys player get in trouble Secondly this is especially unfortunate because the Cowboys are on such a good roll and as a fan you don't want the team to have any distractions Thirdly, when you think about the big TD play that the Patriots' Mac Jones made immediately after the pick 6 by Trevon Diggs. Kazee was the safety covering deep and he seemed to be completely out of position. Either way though its an unfortunate situation for him and the organization and I wish him the best, I'm glad nobody was hurt
  15. I think this is a well deserved honor for Dak but as we all know, the offense is loaded! So in a sense this speaks volumes in terms of how the league as a whole views the Cowboys offense this year. Source
  16. My Thoughts Dak is killing me with this suit 😅. Its really nice to see him talk positively about his former head coach Jason Garrett. Dak's comments about Zeke are interesting. When I first saw Zeke go down in pain I was worried it was something serious. But based on his comments it seems like it was just pain and nothing to worry about week to week. Dak mentioning Trevon Diggs, asking for receiver reps in practice is hilarious. He also makes a great point about the interception. The way Diggs is following the ball while its in the air, he really looks like the intended receiver.
  17. This is Diggs 6th interception of the season. He goes up and grabs this one out of the air like he's the receiver. I love to see that slight bump to the giants receiver. He really does make it look like the ball is in the air for him and him alone.
  18. It is interesting to see him get 4TD without even breaking 200 yards passing. That tells me that the defense was really putting the Cowboys in some good spots and its proof that the run game was dominant.
  19. Zeke had a great game against Carolina. It felt as though every time he got the ball and was tackled he was falling forward to get an additional 3 yards. The only play I was disappointed on was that long 40 yarder, I felt he had enough space to take it to the house but somehow he got caught from behind. Great game though, I look forward to the next!
  20. I think so! As impressive as the Dallas Cowboys offense has looked through the first 4 games. One has to wonder how the scores might look different if Diggs hadn't been racking up interceptions. Even though he didn't get a pick 6 in the Carolina game, it can be argued that he had an even bigger impact in this most recent game against the Panthers, because he grabbed two interceptions! In the same quarter! It's amazing to see one player have more interceptions, than almost all the other teams in the NFL.
  21. The guys are really talking up Nahshon Wright. I'm defintely keeping my eye own him. Like I said before it seems like he has all the tools to be successful. Its not what round you're drafted in thats important. As long as you get drafted to the right situation and compete. You'll have a chance to shine.
  22. Mike McCarthy speaking at Rookie Mini camp. Sounds like Mike is liking what he sees so far from the rookies.
  23. This dude is wearing that smile like a brand new shirt at the beginning. I can't wait to see what he can do.
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