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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. I'm loving that panel on pages 14- 15. Its good to see the bulls altogether again fighting to get back captain Yami. I'm disappointed to see that Vanessa is unable to use Rogue but I definitely understand it. Rogue is an absolute cheat code. It's hard to fathom Vanessa not being the most powerful mage in the black bulls. But then again the Black bulls have a lot of cheat codes. Asta is of course chief among them. Also seeing Henry get cured of his curse is awesome! I hope it is a permanent cure and he's able to actually go outside from now on.
  2. Yuno is now dual wielding grimoires 🤣 using star magic and a new saint stage! Talk about OP! But at the end of the day does anyone think he could ever hope to beat Asta in a one on one fight? Anti magic is too strong I think. This arc appears to focus mostly on Yuno's backstory. So I expect the ending to point towards Asta's origin which will lead us to the next arc.
  3. Magna's spell is pretty boss. A very creative, I love it. It seems like they are gonna have an old fashioned slugfest which was totally unexpected. You have to imagine there is some type of negative repercussions to using this technique but still in all its pretty cool. Even more interesting though, is the thought that magna could use this technique to share their mana with Asta, thereby giving him magic. It also makes you wonder about Zora. What has Zora cooked up while researching this stuff along with Magna. Probably something even more spectacular.
  4. It was a nice touch for Liebe to acknowledge there is no way he could be doing this on his own. Which makes you wonder about Asta's origins. I'm starting to get some strong Ichigo vibes from this. It would be kinda cool if Asta was just some random dude from the country and was able to train himself to be just as strong as the top guys, but I imagine there is a lot more to his background. The other mages should get a chance to shine while Asta recharges. I wonder if Yuno has any surprises for us.
  5. Yea, Asta with the mega sword is cool but I just know that he's about to run out of time and will revert back to regular form. It feels like Magna and Zora along with some of the other minor characters will get a chance to shine for a little bit. I also have a feeling that Zora has set like a thousand magic traps while this battle has been raging.
  6. Asta's third sword looks pretty boss. I'll be interested to see how they explain its effects. It seemed to somehow cause the Devils to go back into a physical form so he could slice them. But I'm sure its a bit more complicated then that.
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