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Found 9 results

  1. Much of the information in this video comes from the world book. And I honestly feel like this material is just begging for some type of adaption. The problem is that their is no current story that takes place in the lands across the narrow sea. One of the most interesting places to the far east is Asshai. Nothing grows there, its dark and mysterious. It's where Melissandre is from and its big enough to contain Volantis, Quarth, Kings Landing and Oldtown combine. But for some reason its super small. The city just oozes mystery. Hopefully in future books, we get some additional information related to Asshai.
  2. I for one am extremely glad that George added dragons. George does seem to have a very rational low level magic world in the early books. But as the story continues, it feels as though the more fantastical magic is slowly creeping into the world.
  3. How does a song of ice and fire and kingkiller chronicles differ? For me A song of ice and fire's world building is massive. George has so much more content to his series right now. George adds so many details that for most authors are completely insignificant like so many paragraphs describing food in detail. Also, George has a ton of characters, most of them come from noble houses, great and small and those houses have long detailed histories with many members that don't even show up in the mainline series. And George tells his stories using multiple viewpoint characters. Patrick on the other hand tells the story from just Kvothe's viewpoint but he is telling a story mostly about past events, even though there are a few things that are happening the present. Since Kvothe is the only one telling the story, it opens up the possibility of an unreliable narrator. Everything that we see and experience is from his perspective. What makes it even more interesting is that Kvothe comes from an ethnic group that is known across the world as excellent storytellers, and gifted in the arts. So there is even more reason to have doubts about how events unfolded. These ideas of unreliable storytelling and untrustworthy narrators run through out the entire series. Piece by piece we are given information from certain characters in Kvothe's story about the history of the world, like little breadcrumbs leading to a greater truth but some of the clues conflict. Kvothe makes some characters seem unreliable and others completely trustworthy with good intentions. Its incredibly fun trying to put the grand mystery together without all the pieces fitting neatly. The Kingkiller Chronicles really gives me a sense of mystery. The tone is creepy and sad and mysterious. I love both of these series just in different ways. I think its really sad that neither author really comments all that much on the other's work.
  4. The Rise of The Dragon is basically an illustrated, condensed version of FIRE & BLOOD Lavish visual history of house of Targaryen Featuring over 180 all-new illustrations This book will be similar to The World of Ice and Fire I personally can't wait for this book. I love artwork. And The World of Ice and Fire was perfect for me. Source
  5. Since I've read a number of Martin's posts on his Not a Blog on his personal website I know that he writes and rewrites chapters all the time. So this does not surprise. What does surprise me is that somehow two draft chapters from A Feast For Crows about Brienne were supposedly published in Russia. That sounds a bit fishy to me but I suppose its not outside the realm of possibility. Martin has always stated he knows the end game in broad strokes and he is more or less letting the garden grow and tell the journey itself. I suspect that he has always known what Brienne's fate so I doubt that he would have changed it from death to life or vice versa in a couple of sample chapters. Brienne is a POV character so I imagine her death will be quite dramatic. That being said I feel she is more of a minor POV, which has mainly served to show us what's been going on in the crownlands and surrounding areas so if there was a POV character that had their fate changed or if he was still wrestling over it would not surprise me for it to be Brienne's. Either way I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Source
  6. George posts a mysterious picture of a hand with eight fingers! I'm sure most fans are like me and took this as a hint that there will now be eight books not seven. But who knows if this is true! This post could be completely unrelated to a song of ice and fire. Only time will tell. I would absolutely love it if their were eight books though. It still feels like there is a ton of story left to tell.
  7. There is a lot of stuff in the world of ice and fire that is easy to miss it makes the novels even more interesting to read. I disagree on some bits though. I think George has given sooo much attention to the iron islands that its nearly impossible for us not to see some form of the deep ones or some strange race from the sea. In the novels we've had 3 POVs from the ironborne perspective, Damphair, Victarion and Theon . The Iron islands also get more pages in the world of ice and fire than any other region. That can't be a coincidence. And when you consider other things like Davos' encounter with Lord Borrell on sweetsister. And the mention of the the mark in regards to the webbing on the hands. In the grand scheme of things how important was it to show Davos landing at Sweetsister? Why not just have him end up at white harbor? When winter gets truly underway we are going to see a lot of strange stuff. I'd like to think that there is a reason why they have "The Others" and the "White Walkers". I think it's possible that these phrases don't always mean the same thing.
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