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    • Luka finally got some help from some of the other guys that were struggling. If the Mavs start to knock down there open 3 point shots then this series gets really interesting. Reggie Bullock, Maxi Kleber, Dorian Finney-Smith I'm looking at you.

      Mavs took their foot off the gas and let the Warriors comeback at the end but nobody is really worried about that since the starters weren't playing. 

      The Mavs still have a lot of work to do if they won't accomplish what no team has in NBA history by coming back from a 3-0 deficit.

      One game at a time...

    • Mavs need to play hard this game. They can't allow themselves to get swept. Hopefully the coaching staff has developed a good gameplan. Everybody needs to score some points. Not just three guys. But good defense is most important.

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      I'm a big time Dallas Cowboys fan. I think this season will be interesting for several reasons.

      On the offensive side of the ball we lost big time performers in Cedrick Wilson and Amari Cooper. We still have CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup but Gallup is working is way back from injury and he who knows what type of condition he will be in when the season starts. Dak Prescott made a lot of money with his new contract, with the Cowboys obvious loss of talent, this is the perfect opportunity for him to prove why he is worth so much money.

      I think Zeke and Tony Pollard will be solid. It will be hard for them to produce in the open field if our offensive line doesn't dominate up front and I have no idea what to expect from them this year.

      The Micah Parsons selection in the draft last year was perfect. I expect him to be even more dominant this year. But we lost Randy Gregory in free agency! That one stung because from the reports it seems like we originally had a verbal agreement and then he had a change of heart at the last minute.

      Trevon Diggs showed out last season, if he is able to take another step this year our defense will still look pretty dangerous. Not to mention he is going to command a lot of money on his next contract. But he's gonna have to show up! With the loss of Randy Gregory, we may not be able to create as much pressure at the line of scrimmage.

      I'm also really excited to see what Jabril Cox can do for us. His injury last year was unfortunate. We are going to need another difference maker on defense.

      2022 Draft Results
      I know a lot of people aren't to enthusiastic about our draft this year but I will remind everyone in the last few years the Cowboys have hit on every single one of their first round picks. They were all difference makers immediately.

      I'm excited to see what the Cowboys do with Tyler Smith. Jerry Jones was certainly excited and indicated Smith was graded extremely high on the Cowboys draft board. 2nd Round pick Sam Williams is 6'3 with a 6'8 wingspan that clocked a 4.4 40 yard dash. I know that football skills matter but I like the idea of having a lot of speed on the edge. Plus he has a really good wingspan for his height which will help him knockdown passes at the line of scrimmage.

      So much to talk about while getting ready for the season. I can't wait to see how it all shakes out.

    • Luka Doncic was dominant. Spencer Dinwiddie showed up and Jalen Brunson did his thing as well. National media has been disrespecting the Mavericks all season long. At this point it is absolutely undeniable that Luka Doncic is the best player in the playoffs. He is averaging the most points, the most rebounds, the most assists and the 2nd most steals. Its mind boggling.

      If Jalen Brunson and Spencer Dinwiddie find a way to show up next series. Mavs might win in 5 or 6. People are trashing the Suns right now because they looked so bad against the Mavericks in game 7. They keep talking like the Suns had a bad game 7. Like the Suns just came out and didn't realize they were playing a game 7. That's the story or the narrative being pushed right now. But the reality of the situation is that the Mavs are a top 5 defense, PERIOD. The best team in the league that went to the finals the previous year didn't just lose their talent like some would have you believe. They were playing a really good defensive team that had an unstoppable offensive talent. 

      The Mavericks gameplan in game 6 just carried over into game 7. Jason Kidd said we are not going to let Booker get off anymore. Booker for all of his talent and skill does not YET(not that he won't ever get there) have elite playmaking skills. He also does not have elite length. So traps on the pick and roll, affect him much more than a player like Luka. Who is an elite playmaker, I think he's probably the best one but easily top 3. Not to mention he is taller, bigger and longer than Book.

      In game 6 Dallas realized we need to stop hunting for threes and get the ball to touch the paint first. From there everything else just opened up. The suns have nobody that could guard Luka. When he got in pick and roll he was hunting for the best mismatch. Even when Deandre Ayton was guarding him in the paint, he found a way to score. If you decide to double him he almost always finds the open guy or gets the hockey assist he's just such a good playmaker and ball handler its really unfair.

      I know Reggie Bullock did an amazing job of pressuring Chris Paul up the court but let's not forget about Frank Ntilikina, whose defensive stats against CP3 and Devin booker was amazing as well. 

      And let's not forget that Maxi Kleber, Reggie Bullock and Dorian Finney Smith had quiet games offensively. Any one of them are more than capable of dropping 15 points on any given night.

    • A lot of people were predicting a sweep or Suns in 5. Now many people are saying Suns in 6. It just goes to show you no matter how good Luka shows himself to be, the national media just does not respect him like they do many other of the games stars. And no matter how much lip service talking heads give to the job jason kidd has done, they don't respect the mavs team defense and overall gameplan. The Mavs could have folded but they made adjustments and tied the series now it's phoenx's turn to make adjustments. This series has all the makings of the 7 game series. Phoenix has the overall better team in terms of national name recognition and individual play(deandre ayton, chris paul, devin booker). But the Mavs have the best player on the court(its not even close) and a group of guys surrounding him that are really good at what they do. 

    • I've watched the video and its tough to see Draymond ejected on that play. That was my initial reaction but after reviewing the officials explanation "excessive and unnecessary" I understand it. Still watching it in real time, it's hard for me to view that as a flagrant 2. I feel like if you're gonna call that a flagrant 2  and hits to the head should be at least a flagrant 1 and I've seen hits to the head not even called a foul. As a fan, I can make an argument that any hit to the head falls under the "excessive and unnecessary" description. So from my point of view they must have thought that Green pulled him down on purpose.

      Draymond says that his fingers got caught in his jersey. That may well be the case. But if you have the reputation as an irritant and agitator and a history of questionable fouls you have to expect that you are going to get calls like this to not go your way. I really did not understand all the running around by Draymond after the fact. Dennis Rodman is want of my all time favorite players to watch play. But Rodman knew what he was. He did a lot of crazy things on the court but I don't recall him ever speaking out so much or an attempt to portray himself as innocent or the victim of bad calls by the referees. We all knew he was committing fouls and was being a nuisance but we accepted it and enjoyed him anyways.

    • I'm taking the Celtics in 6. I think it might actually go seven. But I like the Celtics profile. They all seemed to be locked in on defense. Jayson Tatum is play like a superstar and when I watch them play they pass the eyeball test in terms of looking like a championship caliber team.

      Now on the other end, the Bucks are without Kris Middleton and so I feel a lot more comfortable making this pick. Boston doesn't have anyone that can stop Giannis but traditionally Middleton has been the closer for this team and in the playoffs you have to be able to close out games. I just don't see the Bucks having enough to close out the Celtics. That being said I love Jrue Holiday, I love what Lopez brings and of course Giannis is gonna have some monster games. So they can still get it done. But my pick is the Boston Celtics for now.

    • I'm taking the Heat over the 76ers in 6. I want to say 5 but I'll say 6 out of respect. Miami seems to be on a mission. And while Miami does have two starters that are banged up, the 76ers main man Joel Embiid has torn ligament in his thumb, an orbital fracture and a concussion(mild). So its not looking good for the 76ers right now and I don't see anybody stepping up on that team to replace Embiid's production.

    • As much as I enjoy the Mavs, I have to admit that Utah can only blame themselves for this one. The Jazz didn't execute down the stretch. Mike Conley travels and then Bojan Bogdanović  misses the three. Bogdanović had a great look wide open. Spencer Dinwiddie definitely disrupted his rhythm but after the shot fake Dinwiddie goes into the stands. Bogdanović has to hit that shot. Mavericks were definitely the better team with the biggest star but as a team, the Mavs are breathing a sigh of relief. Its not like they shut Utah down. Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic and the rest of the squad still have a lot to prove. They need to prove that they can convincingly close out a series like a championship team. But they're in luck, as they have to face the best team in the NBA next round.

      This Phoenix series gives the Mavs the perfect chance to come together  as a team and finally make their mark. The national media just doesn't respect them yet. I hope they rise to the challenge.

    • Considering the latest news I have to go with the Dallas Mavericks knocking out the Jazz on the road in Utah. Based on recent news the stars just seemed to be aligned in Mavericks in favor.

      • Donovan Mitchell's MRI came back negative meaning they didn't see a tear or any type of serious injury but he definitely was gimpy at the end of game 5 that can't make you feel great as a Utah fan to see your star player limp off the floor at the end of the game.
      • Rudy Gobert stung by a bee on an off day. The left side of his face is swollen(he posted on social media to show everyone). Now I admit this does sound like some really minor news but as a fan of a team I think its not ideal to have your defensive anchor and perennial defensive player of the year candidate to be encumbered in any way when playing in the playoffs. Let alone an elimination game.
      • The rampant speculation about Quinn Snyder. Now I know its just been talk but as they say, where there's smoke, there's fire. This team just hasn't looked sharp in the playoffs this year. I'm not saying its Snyder's fault but it does seem like there is an awful lot of smoke hovering around the Jazz organization this year. Also as an organization, it doesn't look good when your current coach is constantly involved in rumors about a potential move to LA after the season.
      • And last but not least they are playing a Mavericks team that has something to prove. Jalen Brunson is playing for a new contract, he wants to prove that he is worthy of a 20 million plus contract. And Luka knows he needs to finally get out of the first round. Trae Young got to the Eastern Conference finals last year. This year Trae led the league in total points and total assists. Also this year, there is no Lebron, no Kawhi, no Kevin Durant, the road to the NBA finals is wide open and you can make a legitimate argument that the Mavs can beat any team in the west in a 7 game series. The time is now to make his mark. He knows this and I expect him to play accordingly.

      So all of these factors combined, just make it feel right to me. Mavs are just playing for more, the Jazz seemed to be in a state of flux. Anything short of a championship this year and I think the Jazz are blowing it up. And nobody is predicting a Jazz championship this year. But they are playing at home so they definitely have a chance to win tonight. It's going to be fun!

    • Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry didn't play and the Miami Heat still took Trey Young out of the game and manage to beat the Hawks.  While watching this game an Atlanta Hawks fans could only think one thing...this offseason...we need to find De'Andre Hunter some help! He had a really strong game. Albeit in a losing effort but he kept fighting. I don't think anyone expected the Hawks to get out of the first round this year. But I think its fair to say that a lot of people would have thought the Hawks would find a way to beat a Miami Heat team that was without two of its veteran leaders. Its clear that the Hawks need another playmaker for team. Trey Young was out their playing but he was incredibly inefficient over too many games. It makes me wonder if he wasn't nursing some type of energy. As a fan I think we would have preferred to see him to go out like Kevin Durant. If you go out, you go out shooting. Forget your field goal percentage, your team needs you to do what you've done all year. Shoot the ball and make plays for everyone else. He had 6 assists but he also had 7 turnovers.

      On the Other hand the Miami Heat are just so deep. Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo, Victor Oladipo just those three alone can get you to the 2nd round of the playoffs but when you throw in Butler and Lowry you have a chance to do something special if everyone stays healthy. After this series I think everyone expects Miami to get to the eastern conference finals if they stay healthy.

    • If I were to Minnesota Timberwolves I couldn't stand to look myself in the mirror this morning. The Timberwolves had this game won and allowed the Grizzlies to comeback in the final few minutes to take the lead and eventually beat them on a buzzer beater.

      I just don't understand the Timberwolves, they have a nuclear option in Karl Anthony Towns. He's getting double teamed as soon as he touches the ball in the high post and somehow their spacing is so bad that they almost never take advantage. Its the must frustrating thing in the world to watch. I know Edwards is shooting the three at an elite clip but maybe put him close to the ball and have him dive to the hoop on a double team. That loss last night was inexcusable. They just have to play better, and value the ball more. Someone needs to tell Towns to stop falling down and letting those other guys grab the ball out of your hands. Forget about the refs and just play good tough ball. Punish them every time down the court.

      Ja Morant at the end  did Ja Morant things. He didn't have a great game but caught fire in the 4th quarter. Edwards went for the steal on that last play which was unfortunate. If he makes that steal, today all we're talking about is how clutch Edwards is by making a clutch 3 on offense and making a clutch steal on defense. However, since the gamble doesn't work the prevailing thought is use your length and athleticism to keep Morant in front of you and use your 7 foot wingspan to force him into a tough contested shot. The referees are not gonna give him a body contact foul on the last play of the game.

    • Say what you will about the Nets season this year but even after everything that they've been through I can't imagine any NBA fan expected the Celtics to sweep the Brooklyn Nets. Those old Kyrie comments about not really needing a coach look pretty bad in retrospect. I think Brooklyn would have benefited with a little more motion on offense. It seems like Kevin Durant was having to work way too hard for his points this series. Nothing came easy.

      A ton of people have been talking about Ben Simmons this season. But I have to say if he had been fully healthy I think his presence would have made a tremendous difference. The Nets obviously could have used his ball handling and defensive skills. Having a 6'10 point guard that can handle the ball with either hand(he's ambidextrous)  has great length, has great reach, has tremendous foot speed and lateral quickness. These are the very things that Brooklyn needed in this series. As good as KD and Kyrie are I think this was a great example of why they had James Harden act as the primary ball handler. I don't think that Steve Nash's job is in any jeopardy as Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless suggested. In fact I think with a health Ben Simmons in training camp the Brooklyn Nets  will be looking to make a lot of noise next season.

      The biggest question though is how will the next handle Kyrie Irving's contract situation going into the offseason? Do they keep him on 1 year deals or sign him to a fully guaranteed contract over a number of years?

    • I imagine that for Jazz fans this was a tough game to watch but as a Mavericks fan I love seeing my team get a strong win. Even though the Mavericks went up by as many as 30 points this game. I wouldn't call this one a dominant win. The Utah Jazz got plenty of great looks on offense. If they knock down some more open shots, the Mavs wouldn't have been able to dominate the pace like they did. I would think that a team like the Warriors, that have 3 elite shooters in Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole would make them pay a lot more than the Jazz did.

      All that being said though, I'm very satisfied with the energy that Dallas brought to the game today. I'm glad they'll get a couple days rest because they really played hard. I was disappointed to see Donovan Mitchell get injured at the end. He seemed to indicate he'll be getting an MRI sometime today. I hope its nothing serious.

    • I think there is no way in the world that the Lakers could ever get Jason Kidd to leave the Mavs and come coach the Lakers. Kidd has received a lot of credit from getting buy-in from Luka Doncic and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks. He's also been recognized for vastly improving the defense. The Los Angeles Lakers just missed the playoffs. If the Lakers wanted Jason Kidd as their head coach they could have hired him but instead they brought him on as assistant coach. That means the organization didn't believe in him in the first place, why would he leave a great situation where he's getting a ton of credit to take on a role that is perceived as extremely toxic. This latest report/rumor is rubbish.


      I think Skip and Shannon are a bit overly harsh on Zion. He gets a lot of criticism because he's missed a lot of games. Yea, he looks a little heavy but he doesn't look like he's struggling at all too me. I think they were reading a little too much into this video. It may be true that he really doesn't want to play in new orleans. If that's the case, that's his choice, no need to criticize him on those grounds. Zion had a legitimate injury so he's been out. But I guarantee you when he comes back he's gonna be dominating the NBA again.

    • I think Brooklyn has a real shot at knocking out the Boston Celtics. Shannon makes some great points about the Boston Celtics. They have a terrific defense, two young scorers who have playoff experience and a coach that comes from the Greg Popovich coaching tree in Ime Udoka. But the Nets have two future hall of famers that are in their prime and have won championships. Kyrie and Durant by the numbers are easily the best perimeter duo ever. They are elite in every facet of offense. Boston has a great team that has performed well against the rest of the NBA but the Nets are not the rest of the NBA. I see nobody on the Celtics that are capable of shutting down Durant or Kyrie. Likewise I don't see anyone on the Nets that can shut down Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown. But offensively they are just not on the level of Kyrie and Durant. I just feel like those guys are gonna figure it out. I honestly feel bad for Boston. Getting the number 1 seed should get you a easier matchup than the Nets in the first round.

    • I think the Cowboys are the sort of NFL team that might take a chance on signing Antonio Brown. Cowboys have yet to make a splash this offseason and have lost a lot of talent. Signing AB might give them the kind of splash they need. As far as the Floyd Mayweather guarantee, I can't imagine that NFL rules would permit any team to be reimbursed by someone outside the league but I will admit that him saying it is an effective way to say hey Antonio Brown can play and he still hasn't signed with anyone. It keeps AB on people's mind.


      I agree with the analysis in this video. If he is guaranteed to be a first round pick I think he goes. My major problem though is what does he gain by staying?

      Assuming of course he does want to go to the NBA eventually, losing 1 year as a pro could cost him big money down the line. As a young athlete its important for you to go pro as soon as possible. To maximize your earning potential.

      I just can't imagine what else he could do to improve his draft stock.  I don't believe Kentucky winning an NCAA title next year would help his draft stock at all, as he will be 23 before he gets into the NBA. The only thing that I think could move NBA scouts to rank him hire would be him adding outside shooting. But this dude is a beast on the inside. He has a 7 foot 4 wingspan, a high motor and is extremely competitive.

      Tshiebwe is the kind of player that NBA teams pass on then when they succeed, the entire sports media wonders how anyone could have passed on him. 

      • There are 5 teams that have a legitimate chance of coming out of the east. The Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets.
      • All of these teams have the firepower to do some damage in the playoffs.
      • Brooklyn has two scorers in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving that could drop 50 on any given night and a third shooter in Patty Mills that can really get hot and make some huge shots. They really do have a legitimate shot at getting there.
      • Ben Simmons is a dark horse factor.


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