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  1. It's interesting, every time we turn around there is some thing going on with Batman. Almost like someone really doesn't want to let Ben Affleck pass the torch on to Robert Pattinson. I hope he makes a fast recovery and production can continue. I officially became a Robert Pattinson fan after I saw the King on Netflix. I was completely shocked as I didnt know Robert Pattinson had that kind of range. I felt like he stole every single little scene he was in.

  2. Anybody else ready for the mandalorian. You know as much as I enjoyed The Mandalorian season 1. I must say, it felt extremely small. And for me Star wars was always felt big and epic. I'll be interested to see what they do with the next season will it be more of the same or have a lot more scope? More baby yoda is always good! 😁 We'll know more October 30th 2020.


  3. Wow Re Zero was crazy good today! I expected some new reveals but they really took it to another level. All of the witches were true to form and seemed to embody their title pretty well. I found it a bit annoying that Subaru broke basically all of the rules that he was given beforehand. Im interested to see what happens between him and Echidna. 

    If you haven't checked out this series yet. Please go to crunchyroll immediately, subscribe, and then proceed to watch the directors cut version of season 1. Come back here and give me a hug 😅


    A friend of mine sent me this video today. Thought I'd share it. The prices sound within the realm of possibility. The release date sounds legit too. It could very well be true. But one has to wonder. If this is the case why wait so long to release the information. Are sony and microsoft planning to undercut the other by a significant margin? I seriously doubt it. As I plan to get both the price want affect my purchase decision, as long as they keep it at $600 or less for the console I'm good.


  5. I have to give crunchyroll a lot of credit. This series came out of nowhere for me. And I've really enjoyed the action scenes and even the few small moments of character development. It even has a nice little mystery going for it. Episode 2 is what hooked me though. But this episode was excellent too. It's always nice to see the supporting characters thrive, and there were a few nice surprises here.

  6. I enjoy every single episode of this anime. The mystery is awesome. I never know what to expect next so I've been doing good avoiding the manga. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out though!

    Last week's episode was solid, not my favorite of the season but still a really strong showing. The ending as always was a nice little surprise and it sets things up nicely for the next episode. It seems like we'll be getting some more big reveals soon.

    I hope the team releases a director's cut version just like the first season. Some of the animation on that was really really good.

  7. This is the first time in a long time where Chris Paul is seemingly fully healthy.  I've always said that if Chris Paul was 6'6' he'd already be considered one of the greatest players of all time. I would think this victory would be the sweetest in his career. Can you imagine being traded and then defying all odds and making the playoffs with your new team and then actually going to a game 7 and beating the team that traded you? Game 7 is going to be crazy!

  8. https://www.ign.com/articles/att-no-longer-looking-to-sell-warner-bros-interactive-gaming-division-batman-suicide-squad-mortal-kombat-harry-potter

    This is probably good for the gaming industry. I have a friend that is a huge Sony fan and he was actually considering buying an Xbox just so he could play batman lol. Although in reality it could be more posturing on AT&T's part to secure a better deal. If Microsoft were able to pull it off I think it would be extremely valuable to have Batman on their platform.


    I must say, I'm extremely hype for this game. It looks gorgeous and it seems like they are really aiming to take MMOs further than ever before. I haven't been this excited for a game in a long time. I had to stop following its development for awhile. It was just too painful too wait lol. Kinda like waiting on good old George to finish the next book in a song of ice and fire(A game of thrones). I feel like both will be worh the wait though!

    This video does an excellent job of really showing off how far the game has come and what players can expect when it finally releases. Between this and Star Citizen I don't think I could be more hype for a PC release.

  10. https://www.ign.com/articles/fresh-prince-reunion-special-hbo-max

    This was one of my favorite shows coming up. Although I can't say I'm really hype for this special. I'm more interested to see what they do with the remake. I was skeptical at first but after seeing the trailer. I do feel they have a good angle they could approach things from that would make things interesting and while still appealing to fans of the original.

  11. https://www.ign.com/articles/ps5-ubisoft-support-page-muddies-ps1-ps2-ps3-backward-compatibility-question

    It feels pretty clear to me at this point that Sony never viewed backwards compatability as an essential feature. Instead it feels like they are pursuing it purely from a business standpoint, to keep Microsoft from having a complete competitive advantage when it comes to appealing to players that want to play their old games across generations.

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