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  1. Finally I got the ra ra moment I've been looking for. This show is full of ups and downs but this was one of the best episodes to me. I love it when and show moves forward. Its not just campy but you feel some real progression. And episode 8 was great. The last 5 minutes was Wow. I was not expecting that until the very last second. Im still a bit confused as to how. I don't want to spoil anything. But based on the premise already set up in episodes 1 and 2 I don't quite see how that was possible. But it was very entertaining! If you haven't watched it yet, go check it out!

  2. Me personally, I plan to get the the Seagate expansion card. And while I'm thinking about it, I wonder why Xbox just didn't use the commonly understood vernacular, memory card. I think its just way more easier to remember and a little more catchy. I personally feel like series x and series s sound too familiar as well. Maybe that was intentional. But I suspect there are going to be a lot more people taht buy the Sxbox series S or Xbox one X in error when what they really wanted was the series X.


  3. As a kid growing up in the 90s. I loved reading Dr. Seuss books. My favorite was green eggs and ham. But I must admit I've never understood the fascination or huge desire turn them into the movies. They always seemed better as simple children's books. Also, for a guy that gets a lot of criticism JJ Abrams sure seems to get almost any job that he wants. If I was a studio looking for a script or a story to bring to the big screen, I don't think I'd be interested in investing in a Dr. Seuss story and this is coming from a fan!ūü§£

    But let's give JJ a chance and see what he does.


  4. Wow. I don't know what to make of this report. I think all great coaches collaborate with their players to some degree and with some being much more effective than others. But The idea that the head coach is not a head coach just causes me to raise my eyebrows. In all sports players play, coaches coach. Coaches don't play and by the same logic players don't coach. At the end of the day the one that tells players to come out of the game or to go into the game that's the head coach. I'm excited to see what happens with this experiment they have going on in Brooklyn.


  5. Good for Doc. I figured he wouldn't stay unemployed for long. Most coaches wish they had that kind of clout. I'll be interested to see if the 76ers decide to keep the team together or if they end up deciding to trade away Embid or Simmons. I still feel like Ben Simmons has superstar written all over him. To be that tall, that fast , that long with ball handling that tight just screams mismatch for the rest of his career.


  6. I hope he get's the job. Whatever is right for him. I like Doc Rivers. He almost always has interesting comments when interviewed and he seems to take things personal. I like that in a coach. If a player says something about one of his guys publicly or if he doesn't like the calls that the officials are making lol it seems to get under his skin just a little bit. It makes for good entertainment honestly. And adds interesting sub layers to games.


  7. This is interesting stuff. I have a friend that loves Ben Affleck as Batman. And he's ecstatic.  I don't know how they are going to handle having to actors be batman at the same time. Some people have suggested a multiverse storyline. Storywise I don't mind. I will say that Batman has never really been about science fiction. Yes, there are stories with Batman that are more sci fi oriented but that's never been what makes Batman cool.

    The reason why we love Batman is because he loves Gotham. He's tough, he's dark, intense, he's the world's greatest detective and he always finds a way to get things done even without superpowers. Having a multiverse hopping Batman is not my preferred vision. While I'll watch all the same it's not what I prefer. There were no two wolverines, two supermans, or two batmans at the same time in the past. Once an actor took on the role that's who he was. While I like Ben I don't like the studio bending the natural order of things. I feel like Ben had his time to shine and he put away the cape. Robert Pattinson is The Batman now. Let's see what he does with it.


  8. At this point everyone knows that it happens. Especially in a corporate environment. Unfortunately when it comes to art it's much harder to gauge the time it will take to complete a project. I suspect that these delays are mostly the result of a few people at the top that have a certain expectation of quality and just underestimate the tine it takes to get there. And its part of the reason that CD Project Red has been so successful. When you have high standards you tend to produce a high quality product. A studio head can promise or guarantee anything he wants but at the end of the day its the same old story. Quality games take quality time. My only thing is I just wonder why they just don't set a longer development time. I can understand a small studio that has salaried employees requiring overtime to get a project out the door. But when you are a large studio and presumably have plenty of cash(I haven't checked CD Project red financials) just push out the date and don't require the crunch.

  9. Nuggets are a great team but they still have some growing to do. The Lakers have more talent and have seasoned veterans. When you have great talent and experience you have a really good chance to win. Especially in basketball, because of the 7 game series format the better team is going to win almost every time. 

    This Denver team has some really good pieces. I'm excited to see Michael Porter Jr's development along with Denver's core group of Jamal Murray, Jokic and Millsap.

    The Lakers on the other hand seemed poised to win their next championship. I just don't see Boston or Miami as having enough firepower to win. Again the Lakers have so much experience and talent, I feel like it will be overwhelming. Miami or Boston would put up a good fight but it still feels too early for them. I think Skip Bayless was right, the team with the best chance to compete against the Lakers was the clippers but something fell apart.

    Miami did knock out the Milkwaukee Bucks so you have to give them credit. They play hard every night and have some talented players. I like them a lot defensively against the Lakers. I guess we'll see. This year has been full of surprises.

  10. Don't look now but the nuggets are down 3 - 1 again! This time to the los angeles lakers. How in the world did this happen again? What are the chances that a team would be down 3-1 in three straight series. This year has been absolutely ridiculous. But what would be even more ridiculous is if the Nuggets were able to somehow come back and actually win this thing.

    I'll be the first one on record to say that is highly unlikely. But you know its been a strange year. And oddly enough if they were to comeback and beat the Lakers I wouldn't be surprised. The basketball guy in me says its too soon though. The lakes just have so much talent as well as experience. I feel like the Nuggets still have some growing to do. But who knows! Anything is possible.

  11. This is really interesting news. As an actor you would think being cast in show this big on the world's biggest platform would be a career move. I wonder why he decided to back out.

    I did a quick glance at his IMDB profile and I saw Fast 9 listed but that's it. Well whatever the reason I hope he's happy with the decision and has no regrets.


  12. The screen shots I've seen looks cool but other than that I haven't seen anything that makes me say I want that or I need that now. I guess what I'm saying is there is no hype. And as far as I know no exclusives or that special feature that makes a person want to try them out. Since its Amazon I will definitely be keeping an eye on their new service.

    From reading comments on the internet, I realized one thing that I didn't consider was the fact that Amazon could swoop in and start buying up gaming studios too. That would make it interesting. If all of the creative talent was concentrated in just streaming services it could really challenge the dynamics of the industry. For one there could be a situation where gamers no longer own any games at all and would have to subscribe to a streaming service forever just to play their favorite games.

    I guess we'll see how it all shakes out. Someone even speculated that Amazon could buy Sony. Which is totally true and would be really interesting. That would change the industry almost overnight. Google, Microsoft and Amazon could all buy Sony outright. So you'd have to ask yourself if any of them are considering seriously competing why not? If Microsoft did it I could see them going under some type of antitrust review since both Sony and Microsoft make consoles. However, Sony or Amazon would likely have less of a hurdle since neither one technically makes a console right now. Although I must add that I feel like Microsoft would still have a case since the PC and Nintendo still exist.

    I feel like this is just the beginning!!


  13. Lets all celebrate the return of the memory card!ūüėĀ¬†We;ve come along ways from 32 mb memory cards we how have 1 TB cards. And its not going to be inexpensive either. $219.99 each. And I don't mind at all. They are requiring proprietary cards be used to ensure that the drives are able to utilize the xbox velocity architecture. Plus with all of the games that I expect gamers will be downloading with gamepass,¬†we are going to need a lot of space.


  14. Tyler Herro was amazing. I know Jimmy Butler gets a lot of the credit. But wow. Absolutely nobody expected a rookie to be playing like this in the eastern conference finals. If the Celtics somehow comeback to win this series, I'd be shocked. These Kentucky dudes are showing out.


  15. Im not surprised at all. Xbox is pushing for an overwhelming content advantage. They have plenty of cash to do so. This is what Google should have done for Stadia but so far it feels as if they were trying to treat Stadia like their search engine. If you want gamers to use your platform, you have to have the content.


  16. I don't think I've ever seen Dak Prescott look so happy. I mean he was ecstatic jumping for joy after his interview. As always the Cowboys put you on an emotional rollercoaster. But that was some kind of game! and that fumble! Lol, nobody on the Falcons wanted any part of that ball. 

    Its good that they avoided going 0-2 to start the season but they have a huge test in going up against the Seattle Seahawks next game. They won't be able to survive again if they fumble the ball 3 times in the first quarter.

  17. Just wow. Almost nobody saw this coming. Elder scrolls and Fallout are huge franchises and much beloved. Nobody can no longer claim that Xbox is all about Halo anymore. Can you imagine them releasing AAA title after AAA title every single year? That's amazing. I will say this though. I see a lot of game industry websites speculating about exclusivity and how Microsoft has to recoup their investment of 7 billion and to do that they need to release on as many systems as possible. 

    And the whole time all Im doing is watching Xbox gamepass numbers increase month after month. In April Microsoft reported they had 10 million subscribers. Today they announced they have 15 million subscribers for those counting at home that's between 100 - 150 million in additional revenue coming in every month. Personally I see them increasing to around 30 million sometime next year. The service has reached a point to where its value is impossible to ignore.

    Consider this. Disney plus launched in November 2019 its not even November 2020 and Disney plus says they now have 50 million subscribers! In less than a year they have 50 million subscribers and lets be real the value that you get from a Disney plus subscription while great, is nowhere near the value you receive from a Netflix subscription. I'm sure there are people that will disagree but Netflix has tons and tons of digital content. Netflix saw that the streaming wars were about to heat up and went on a spending binge to create more original content so they could compete when the big boys like Disney, HBO max and others tried to get serious in the streaming arena. Well Microsoft is doing the same thing, right now! They are buying up loads of studios and buy the same token they are acquiring loads of talent. 

    There is plenty of room to grow, gaming is huge! And going into the holiday season I know they will be pushing gamepass like crazy. What parent says no to a service that they can purchase for 10 bucks a month and gives their kids 100s of games and will also give them tons of big budget games in the future? To me gamepass is a far greater value then Disney plus. If Microsoft sniffs 30 million by the end of next year they can pay off the Zenimax purchase in 2 years. If they hit 50 in less than a year though we are talking over 1 billion dollars in 2 years and I feel that is totally achievable. I think a lot of hardcode gamers will resist at first since there are a lot of diehard Sony 4 life fans(I plan on purchasing both consoles.) Eventually its just going to be so incredibly obvious. Gamepass' popularity is just going to snowball from here. 

    When I was much younger Sega had a really cool service called Sega channel. I could play I think like 50 or so games a month as much as I wanted. Using that service I played games I never would have dreamed of even trying out had Sega channel not existed. I think gamepass is going to get better and better, month after month. And as word of mouth spreads at some point nearly every gamer will have it.

  18. I rarely feel lost in fiction. It doesn't matter if it's books, movies, shows, video games, poems. But I can tell, after viewing the last few episodes there are some things I thought I understood well that perhaps I only got a piece and now need to go back and view the previous eps to make sure I have the full picture. The nice little info drop by Roswal was pretty good and a bit of a surprise even though it was hinted at.

    At this point with Subaru's return by death its hard to imagine how he is going to be able to turn things around. He's in so deep and there are so many moving pieces and still so many unknowns. He's going to need some big time help. My only guess is that he's able to get one of the big baddies to ally with him or at least go after one another because as it stands now he is just far too weak to do anything else. I feel like this whole season he's been running around and just crying all of the time. I'm ready for him to do something splashy!

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