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  1. Interestingly enough I think they are both going to win. Sony's fanbase are diehard and I can't see them ever abandoning Sony. Xbox has diehard fans as well but aren't as numerous as Sony right now(all my friends love Sony). However, I think Xbox is going to be nursing an advantage(gamepass) that's going to be tough to overcome monetarily over the next few years if left unchallenged. It will be interesting to watch.


    What do you think?

    • The Last of Us Part 2
    • Hades
    • Ghost of Tsushima
    • Doom Eternal
    • Animal Crossings: New Horizons
    • Final Fantasy VII Remake
    • Or something else...

    Complete package wise I'd have to say FF7 by default. I have fond memories playing it growing up and I really enjoyed the reimagining and how in a way it also serves as a sort of sequel which was an interesting nuance I wasn't expecting. But I must admit, I have an admitted bias against TLOUS 2 because of the decision they made regarding the story. I recognize the game as a great cinematic experience and I will concede Naughty Dog told the story that they wanted to tell and they told it very well, the problem is that I think it's a story most fans didn't want to play! I feel myself going into analyst mode just talking about it. I think it's a great game that everyone should experience at least once but I ultimately think few people will love it.

    20 years from now I can't imagine myself loading up TLOUS2 to enjoy the journey. But 20 years from now I can definitely see myself loading up the original FF7 and likely the remake. Those games have longevity. Those games create fans that want to go to cons and dress up as their favorite characters, buy some of their jewelry and cause fans to want to see spinoffs. And for me that's the difference. 

    On a brighter note, I need to play Ghost of Tsushima as I've heard that's really fun as well.

    What's your 2020 game of the year? What makes it so special for you?

  2. I can't wait for the Snyder Cut to release on HBO Max next year. I'm of the strong opinion that Zack Synder's Cut will be far superior as the DC universe has his fingerprints all over it. And just the visual style along lends itself to the darker tale that Zack had in mind. Either way though its going to be a unique vision and something much different than the original Justice League movie.

  3. The new trailer looks great. I can't wait to see Zack Snyder's original vision. I just wish he had chosen some different music to go along with the trailer. I get what he was going for, but I just wish the music was a little more epic. Either way, nice trailer. I can't wait to see it.😎 From what I've heard about it so far, it seems like its going to be released as a mini series on HBO Max and later they will make a 4 hour cut. I think around 90% of the director's cut(or Synder Cut) is new footage. With most of the previous director's (Joss Whedon) footage thrown out. The new cut is due to release in 2021.


  4. Xbox is looking good so far

    I can't wait to see wait to see what type of numbers Sony releases. I feel like this generation is going to be great for everyone. There is a lot of positive energy going around for both console manufacturers and I'm sure Nintendo will drop a big announcement somewhere along the way too. 😁

    It's a great time to be a gamer!🥰

    Some facts and figures from Microsoft:

    • More new consoles sold than any prior generation, with Xbox Series S adding the highest percentage of new players for any Xbox console at launch
    • More games played, 3,594 in total, spanning four generations, setting a record for the most games ever played during an Xbox console launch
    • Next gen means more ways to discover and play, 70 percent of Series X|S consoles are attached to new and existing Xbox Game Pass members


  5. I'd prefer it if he went to new york. But I must admit, if CP3 were to go to Phoenix. The Suns would have a great mix of highly skilled veteran leadership and young talent. Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton and Chris Paul could cause people a lot of problems.

    The question is who would the Suns give up? Also I wonder if Chris Paul is willing to play in Phoenix for a few years. Are the Suns willing to mortgage their future? They would have to give up so much to make it work because Chris is making a lot of money.


  6. It seems like season 3 of Mindhunters is a no go. Its not altogether surprising. I imagine a series like this was a massive undertaking to mix real events with a fictional story while at the same time having to incorporate the detective story, personal relationships, and bringing to life the profile methodology. It really was a great show. I was shocked that I had never even attempted to watch it. I know my coworker is going to be very sad lol.

    I'm honestly hoping that the director has a change of heart. But I get it. I imagine writing the show is a massive undertaking, especially if you really want to do it with quality. The show's rotten tomato scores are off the charts too. It seems like almost everyone that's seen Mindhunters, loves the show. :classic_sad:

  7. This show had some epic highs and some epic lows. That being said it made me want to keep watching every week. And I guess as a show you can't really ask more from a viewer than their attention. The 2nd to last episode was great. It had some great surprises. But the last episode felt rush but somehow incomplete. It almost felt like they said okay lets get all of the remaining main characters together for the big finale. And they didn't really explain how they convinced some of them to go so quickly. It also felt like there were some parts left out.

    I'm hoping that HBO releases a directors cut to give the show a more complete ending.

  8. When Dak went down that was the signal that we need to go ahead and start looking to next year. This offseason the boys should look at what they can do to upgrade the defense. When Dak is playing Dallas is likely to get upper 20s to 30 something points per game. That's enough to win a super bowl. But the defense has to do its part too. Too many injuries this year though. Time to hit the reset button on the season.🤣

  9. I love how the gold color looks. It looks very premium in the photos that Apple posted online, I can't wait to see how they look up close. I currently have an iPhone 11 Pro. And I had a Samsung galaxy note before that. I was considering the new Note. But something about this color really catches my eye.


  10. Congratulations to Lebron and the Lakers. They deserved it. They were the better team. Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat put up a fight but we all could see that they were severely undermanned and the Lakers just had more star power. This was definitely Lebron's easiest championship to date.  He's won it now as the leader of 3 different teams. You gotta give the man credit.

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