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  1. This might be minor news for most but I for one am glad to hear it. After Andromeda, I feel like Bioware needs some stronger emphasis on the role playing aspects of Mass Effect. What made mass effect so special was player decisions, how player choice affects or affected the game world and of course interesting characters. 

    Andromeda had much improved actual gameplay in my opinion but those other elements were missing.


  2. I'm a huge age of empires fan. I've played every single one of them. I also loved age of mythology that was a nice twist and a change of pace on the classic formula. I was sad hear ensemble studios dissolve but was very very excited when I heard the latest news that Microsoft has finally decided to move forward with the next installment of the franchise. I thought the trailer was great and has a good feel. I loved seeing the units move atop the wall that was a really nice touch. I can't wait for them to start releasing gameplay details.


  3. Looking at the 4k Halo Infinite trailer it really doesn't look that bad. Although I definitely understand the complaints about some of the enemy textures. It was great to see 343 industries kind of take ownership, delay the game and begin to polish things up, to deliver a first class experience for everyone that's interested.

    After seeing the response to Cyberpunk's release and the low supply of xbox consoles this could turnout to be the perfect for Halo Infinite as this way there will be a nice user base of xbox series x and therefore a lot more players will get the definitive experience on series x.


  4. Its hard for me to give the game a 10. And I love the original I've played it numerous times. I feel like a 9 is more appropriate. I feel like for the the game to be a 10 it has to really stand out on its own and I feel like there were some interesting story decision. However, I say this with a caveat the story is not done! When its all said and done, I might very well give it a 10. Its just really hard for me to divorce the fact that they turned the first 25 to 30 percent of the game into 30 to 40 hours or more depending on how you play. But I loved playing through it and it held my attention throughout. I can't wait for the next one. Be sure to checkout Gamespot's review. What did you think?

  5. Congrats Cyberpunk team. In spite of various reports regarding glitches. The reviews are in and they're extremely high. CDProjekt Red has already recouped their investment. It's all gravy from here 🙂

    I can't wait to see what type of DLC they release. Multiplayer I suspect will be next level as well, whenever it releases sometime in 2021.

    Read the whole article on Polygon if you are interested.

    What's really interesting about this though is that their stock actually dropped near launch. It makes me feel like analysts really don't understand the gaming community. The hype was just to large for this game to fail. Once that initial hype train gets out there, and that first wave buys the game and starts streaming and sharing how much fun they're having on social media its success is almost guaranteed.

    I suspect that this game will be GTA like as far as popularity goes. That sat back and watched Rockstar games make tons of money off of GTA V and I expect CDProjekt Red to attempt something similar.

  6. I think it looks pretty awesome. For those that are unfamiliar its a grand strategy game. Think civilization but much more granular. In a nutshell you play as a nobleman(In most cases) and are the head of a family. You can get married, marry off your offspring, make alliances, wage war, etc. The unique thing about Crusader Kings you don't just make broad decisions. That affect the country and nobody else. Instead every decision you make affects how other nobles see you. And overtime as you make small decisions you begin to craft your own personal story. So in affect every game can be drastically different. IGN gave Crusader Kings 3 a 10 out of 10 which is really impressive. 

    The game is made by paradox interactive. I've spent tons of hours in Crusader Kings 2. So I'm very glad to see that they released a sequel finally! I will admit that their has traditionally been a steep learning curve. But learning how to play, and discovering what tactics work is part of the fun.

    One thing about their games is that they add a lot of DLC. Some people like that aspect of it as it ensures you are constantly getting additional content and others are not very big on the business model. For me personally, I've found that most of the major DLC almost always seems to add some additional functionality to the game and I love that.

    I haven't purchased the game yet. But I will eventually. Perhaps once they release some more DLC. If you wait long enough they tend to run some discounts. The RPG elements of the game seem to have been taken up a notch. And of course the visuals are way better than Crusader Kings 2. 

    One of the biggest gripes most new people have regarding the Crusader Kings series is accessibility and visual presentation. The gameplay has always been there. Now, it seems like they are really making an effort to update the user interface. So yeah if you hadn't heard about Crusader Kings before now you have!😁


    Crusader Kings 3 Official Trailer


    IGN Crusader Kings 3 Review Video

    Have you ever played Crusader Kings? What do you think of the series?

  7. Wow Sony just bought Crunchyroll for over 1 billion dollars. Sony now own Funimation and Crunchyroll. I guess the rich get richer!

    It would be funny if Sony rolled them into one and offered it exclusively to Playstation subscribers. And decided to call it Animepass😁

    Although I know this is not technically gaming news it just goes to show how competitive Sony and Microsoft have been lately with their acquisitions. At the end of the day. Rather its gaming or film or anime or some other media. In the entertainment business they're all competing for our eyeballs.

    The more opportunities they have to engage with consumers where we love to spend our time the better it is for their brand.


  8. I think there is a really good chance that Cyberpunk wins game of the year next year. Its made by a highly respected developer, open world, great graphics and you know they are gonna load it up with tons of content. It's hard for me to foresee a future without it winning next year. 

    That being said, it sounds like they really need to work on the bugs as reviewers seems to be reporting a number of issues. All indications to me though, are that Cyberpunk will be a great experience and will likely be around for many years to come.

  9. IGN is reporting that Gal Gadot(Wonder Woman) will be in a James Bond style spy movie. I must admit that she really won me over as Wonder Woman. I was very surprised when they casted her as Wonder Woman in the beginning. The only thing that I had seen her in at that point was the fast and furious series.

    As Wonder Woman she does give off that international, exotic vibe. So I'll be keeping my eye out for this one. I think it's going to be difficult to replicate the magic of James Bond with his witty replies, corny jokes and at the same time manage to keep the tone of the movie from being too silly.

  10. I really can't say one way or the other. On the one hand, I'm just a gaming fan, always have been always will be. And to that end I enjoy Xbox and Playstation. However, on the other hand I think its amazing for a brand so have really passionate fans. I expect this contributes greatly to sales for each console manufacturer and ensures they will always have a base of loyal fans that will contribute to their brands and allow them to stay in business. There are a lot of business that would love to be involved in an industry where #1 there are quote unquote super fans, and #1 that they are so in love with their brand that they completely shun their competitors.😆

  11. On 11/23/2020 at 7:02 PM, Guest anon said:


    Worldwide based on console sales? PS5.

    Worldwide based on subscriptions? Xbox.

    You know it's interesting. Sony's CEO Jim Ryan hinted recently that PlayStation may be developing a competitor to Xbox's gamepass. But he also mentioned that they won't be making new releases available instantly on their service.  "We are not going to go down the road of putting new releases titles into a subscription model. These games cost many millions of dollars, well over $100 million, to develop. We just don't see that as sustainable," he said.

    I think that may be a mistake if they want to truly compete. When we look at Disney plus for example people really disliked the idea of paying for a Disney plus subscription and then having to pay extra just to watch Mulan. Granted one is a movie the other is a video game. But I think that example is telling. Far lesser example is HBO MAX announcing the new wonder woman will be released on their platform and then later confirming there is going to be no 4K option. Many people are really disappointed to hear that. The idea is, why do I spend all this money and the very best stuff is still inaccessible.

    One last example for me personally is the difference between HBO MAX and Netflix. I feel like HBO has superior content. It has content that I want to view. And I stay subscribed to the service because of the content. Netflix on the other hand has a superior service. Netlfix just feels way better. Their UI is more intuitive and snappier. Netflix feels more premium and accommodating then HBO MAX. And right now they both are offered at a price point that I have no issues paying for. However, I have cut off HBO in the past and I've never once cut my Netflix subscription. When HBO releases a really interesting show that I want to see, I turn it back on. When it gets kinds stale, I turn it off until they have another big release.

    So for gaming, for me, I feel like it will be the same way. Sony will release a great one of a kind game and I'll buy it, play it and really love it but then stop for awhile. But with gamepass I'll have so many options that I can try something new everyday. And with the ability to get all the new first party games as well, I feel like it will really keep me hooked. And I think that ultimately over time they will be able to reinvest their money to improve the service even more. The problem with Netflix is that they've had to go into heavy debt to really keep up with their pace of content production. On the other hand Microsoft has deep pockets and can afford to invest at some point they will be worried about profit but I don't think it will be anytime soon.

    As soon as they reach around 30 million subscribers(which could happen as early as late next year) I think they will have reached critical mass. They'll just be making so much money off of the service I don't see how anyone could reasonably compete with their service(not games but their service) anytime soon. Stadia, Amazon, Sony they all have pieces to the puzzle in place but it doesn't seem like anyone else has put all of the pieces together.

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