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  1. This is a very enjoyable watch. I now see what all the hype is about. For me the story is kinda of meh. But it does hold my interest and it makes me want to learn more about the world. But the reason this anime has been getting rave reviews is because of the excellent animation and just out of this world action. The director is Sunghoo Park. If you were a fan of God of High School, then the action in this anime will be right up your alley but on a completely different level. There is absolutely no way you won't love Gojo Sensei. He's like Kakashi 3.0. Yeah, we're skipping 2
  2. It's being reported that their was an accidental leak recently by Sony in regards to a new service known as PlayStation plus video pass. Now this news doesn't surprise me at all, back in December of 2020 news broke that Funimation(which is owned by Sony) was going to purchase Crunchyroll. I immediately shared my thoughts about how Sony may have cornered the anime market and could create a sort of Animepass that would act as a magnet for keeping people subscribed to their platform. No matter how it turns out regarding the anime streaming purchase, I think this is an extremely sma
  3. Well Batman fans, whether you wanted it or not, the multiverse is all but confirmed to play a major part in DC films moving forward. I imagine this will create a lot of confusion, as new Batman movies are released in the future and we end up having different actors play Batman in standalone movies. But I guess at the end of the day as long as the movies are making money, Hollywood is going to milk the super hero angle for all it's worth.
  4. IGN shows off the first 5 hours of Resident Evil Village. I can't wait to see some epic Let's play sessions by youtubers once this game releases.
  5. It's gonna be a long time before we get to see Deku's fight, in the mean time the other guys are making it interesting. I really like the beast dude from class B, he's really strong and it seems like he benefits from other animal related traits, like his sense of smell and hearing. Shinso once again gets to shine here. I just don't know how useful he can be without a team. His quirk is extremely effective at disrupting the communications but when he's cornered by a user with a powerful quirk such as Bakugo, Todoroki or someone like Muscular, and they know the conditions for him to activat
  6. It was a nice touch for Liebe to acknowledge there is no way he could be doing this on his own. Which makes you wonder about Asta's origins. I'm starting to get some strong Ichigo vibes from this. It would be kinda cool if Asta was just some random dude from the country and was able to train himself to be just as strong as the top guys, but I imagine there is a lot more to his background. The other mages should get a chance to shine while Asta recharges. I wonder if Yuno has any surprises for us.
  7. Soooo! It seems like Deku will be working with Hawks, Endeavor and best Jeanist for a little while moving forward. I'll be honest and admit I'm not all that excited about them knowing all about his powers. It's cool that they know that he received his power from all might. But I also feel that the full extent of his power should remain a mystery. Smokescreen is awesome though. It seems like Deku will use it in all of his interactions with ordinary people and heroes to conceal his identity. Danger sense's range seems to have increased as well. It kind of feels like a combination
  8. Leon and Claire return! Its not the visual style that I prefer but I'll probably check out. See the trailer below it may take 3 secs to load.😁
  9. The visuals on this game are very atmospheric. I can see everybody that played or sampled Frostpunk will eat this game up. It looks great and it seems like the devs have added another gameplay element, in the form of trauma to a villagers mental state. Now I'll be honest, when it comes to games and movies I've never really cared for the traumatic experience element as a plot device or major gameplay mechanic. Hopefully this will just be more of a minor mechanic and the game will focus more on the RPG aspects and city building. But that's just personal preference. Either way I think
  10. Luka had a great sort of trick shot against the Grizzlies. But to me he's proven at this point in his career that he is more than capable of hitting the game winner. I think he's a top 5 player in the league right now. Even though he's not an MVP candidate because of the Mavs record he is definitely a AAA player. There isn't a GM in the league that doesn't wish they had the foresight to draft Luka before the Mavs. It's funny that analysts like Skip Bayless really just focus on his weaknesses. Shannon will compare him to Larry Bird and Skip will say he doesn't see it. Never mind
  11. Episode 91 was good. Shinso's voicebox is a nice little cheat code. You never know if your ally is the one who said something or if Shinso is simply mimicking him. He completely changes the battlefield because the enemy can't communicate via word of mouth. I also love the touch of having him have some familiarity with Aizawa as you see him with those binding cloths wrapped around his neck. I'm looking forward to the rest of the fight. We haven't seen in amazing animation yet such as in Deku's fight against muscular but we know it's coming! It was also really good to see Deku spe
  12. Yea, Asta with the mega sword is cool but I just know that he's about to run out of time and will revert back to regular form. It feels like Magna and Zora along with some of the other minor characters will get a chance to shine for a little bit. I also have a feeling that Zora has set like a thousand magic traps while this battle has been raging.
  13. Finally! It looks like Luffy is about to fight for real. Big Mom is out of the picture, Traffy is down, Zoro is down, Kid and Killer are off screen. Just Luffy and Kaido!😁πŸ”₯ I love that Zoro got a clean hit in on Kaido. It seems like there is some debate as to how. Was it color of supreme king that Zoro accidentally used? Or was it some type of unknown power related to his 9 sword style?
  14. Deku looks pretty cool! I love how he is wearing Gran Torino's cape now. Also the scene the Sixth puts his arm around him giving him guidance about his quirk smokescreen is pretty cool. Another good scene was where the Sixth told Deku to consider the quirks in one for all more like tools and then the manga shows what the quirks physical manifestations would be be a rope, a jetpack, a radio, a smoke grenade. At the end of the chapter after delivering the punch Deku says that's his full power, so I'm wondering if he is just merely saying hey I'm able to use multiple quirks at once
  15. Wow. Lol. That would be too much. Just way too much If anybody ever decided to follow through with this I would say just make sure its on an island please. Lets have no mainland Jurassic Park imitations. But if you were really smart enough to do this then why not put that intellect to good use and solve some of the world more pressing problems. Just saying...πŸ˜…
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