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    • I love seeing an angry, desperate Endeavor. Also I can tell that the mangaka Kohei Horikoshi really is going "all in" on All for One's 'rebellion' problem. Whenever he draws the panel showing rebellion, the art looks amazing, and sort of sad and desperate all at once. I think this is going to be a major problem for All for One going forward.

      At this point its obvious that All for One will not be defeated by Deku or any one hero, it's going to be a collection of people that come together to defeat him. I'm still very curious to see how they deal with All For One's obvious duality at this point. Assuming he is defeated at great cost by Endeavor, Hawks, Jiro and Tsukyomi. He will probably instantly attempt taking over Shigaraki. Will Deku try to save Shigiraki? I think so. But it could really cost him. How can Deku be sure that by saving Shigiraki he is not also keeping All for One alive as well? It seems almost obvious to me that this version of All for One, is not long for this world.

    • Well this was shocking. The world government placed a 3 billion beri bounty on Luffy, Eustass and Law. These bounties feel a little bit absurd considering the fact that Luffy is the one the brought down Kaido and that Kid and Law teamed up to bring down Big Mom.

      It makes you feel like Big Mom was a lot more powerful than we initially believed. Also it's a little strange that Luffy's bounty would be in line with there's especially with Luffy's awakening of his mythical zoan. Perhpas its part of the the government's plot to still try and keep that underwraps. I have a feeling they won't be able to keep things underwraps for long since the new admiral Ryukugyu is on the island.

      Ryukugyu looks like a beast! It seems like he easily took down Queen and King without breaking a sweat. And he's headed straight for Luffy! Things are about to get interesting very quickly. I think his entire role will be to show just how far Luffy has come. In the past an admiral showing up has meant certain defeat. But with confirmation that Zoro has the offensive fire power to harm Kaido and Luffy's Joyboy awakening you'd have to think that Luffy is going to wipe the floor with Ryokugyu.

      Three other things of note. Buggy the clown is a Yonko now? What in the world is happening? What in the world has happened? Buggy's devil fruit ability allows for some interesting scenarios upon awakening but even so, I can't imagine a power boost large enough to make him a Yonko. There has to be some exigent circumstances. He must have gained a powerful weapon, stole a powerful item or made some kind of powerful pirate alliance. Buggy becoming a yonko is so hilarious and just like Oda to do something like that. I wonder if it has something to do with Shanks going to visit the five elders at the world government about a year or so ago.

      Nico Robin has gotten the former shogun(oden's father) to confirm that Pluto is indeed on Wano. Will we be seeing the ancient weapon soon?

      And last but not least, on page 4 we get a Sabo sighting. It looks like Sabo is rich or at least is in some type of highly recognized position of authority. If the government actually captured Sabo and have brainwashed him or somehow forced him to do what they want, Luffy is going to be enraged.

      Lots of stuff to look forward to, I can't wait to continue the journey a month from now!

    • I'm so happy to hear this news!

      It's being reported that Mangaka Kentaro Miura had a close friend Kouji Mori and hewas told how the manga was intended to end.

      This is great news for Berserk fans. Not only will the manga continue but we still have hope that once its finished. An anime studio will come along and make a definitive Berserk anime series.

      In my opinion Berserk is one of the greatest fantasy stories ever made. It's a grand tragedy masterfully illustrated. It speaks on fate, revenge, destiny and perseverance.



    • Wow huge developments. Julius Novachrono is actually one of the bad guys! 😄 The world is a dangerous place! Nothing is as it seems! I don't see how the gang manages to beat the guy with time magic. They're probably gonna have to go on some journey perhaps to the underworld find an ally or some secret to have a chance against this guy.

      I love how Yuno declares his intention of still pursuing the title of Wizard king. And that he refers to Asta as his family in the clover kingdom. It's a very nice touch.

    • I must say, the Black Bulls seem so OP. With a member that can create food to restore magic they are virtually unstoppable. Like some other manga readers, I wish Black Clover had more serious outcomes for their character decisions. Everyone seems to survive all the time. No one feels like they are in any real danger. That being said I'm very glad to see that both Nacht and Captain Yami survived. 😄

      I have no idea what that other devil is planning. Probably some type of coup is going on in the underworld. No doubt, this will set us up for the next arc.

    • The action panels showing flashfire fist looks great this chapter. I'm still not sure exactly how Shoto has altered flashfire fist. He seems to call it flashfire fist phosphor. Dabi is seriously messed up, he is a true villain. I think he is more of a villain than even Shigiraki. I don't think there is any chance of saving Dabi, Shigiraki or All for One but out of all of them its clear to me that the true villains are Dabi and All for One. Shigiraki lacks the pure malice and bad intentions of both of them. In the word of Alfred the great(The Dark Knight), "Some men just want to watch the world burn".

    • No big reveals this chapter. Just more of Luffy showing off how ridiculous his powers have become. I don't like the fact that Luffy is taking tons of damage. I love the huge Haki fist coming out of the clouds though. I' ready for Luffy to finally beat Kaido. I need some more story elements moving forward.

    • That punch by Saitama on Garou on page 18-19 was hilarious. I can't see how these two could ever have any type of serious fight. But the gags will be unlimited.

    • It's a bit odd to me that Asta beat the main bad guy so quickly. But its easy for me to forget that this is Black Clover. It doesn't spend 2 years on one boss fight. So on second thought I do appreciate the brevity.

      I still feel like things aren't over though the other devil that was just sitting around watching has to be up to something. I'm preparing myself for a big info drop next chapter.

    • So now we learn that Dabi was originally considered a back up for Shigiraki in case things didn't work out. I'm glad to see Dabi get a little bit more screen time but at this point I think we know all we need to about Dabi. He hates his father and his flames are extremely powerful. For me the latest chapter doesn't do anything extra with Dabis character, he doesn't present any new plot points, and he doesn't make any new ground breaking decisions. The art is great though!

      It's also interesting to see Dr. Garaki still around he must still have a part to play in these events.

      • Luffy is able to grab lightning now.
      • At this rate Luffy is becoming more powerful by the panel
      • Its important to note though, that we haven't seen Luffy use his awakened powers on a huge scale like that of Donflamingo's bird cage, Big mom's soul abilities or Kaido levitating an entire island while engaged in battle.
      • At the end of this fight I can definitely see Luffy doing something absurd like causing Onigishama to bounce when it falls and it ends up in a completely different part of the world. That would be epic.
      • Zoro is still out and we still don't have any answers about the grim reaper but at this point I think its safe to say that Zoro is somehow fighting death or is in the process of forging a black blade or some combination of both.
      • Raizo using ninja arts to unleash a torrent of water and put out the fire was wild and totally unexpected.
    • Make sure you are caught up on the manga before reading.

      For a long while now,  my hero academia fans have wondered if Deku has a hidden quirk.

      Some people think its possible that Deku had a quirk at birth but it was stolen by the not so good Dr. Kyudai Garaki. I must admit there is some hints in the manga that make that one possibility.

      But its also possible that Dr. Kyudai Garaki was in position to steal Deku's quirk but didn't since he couldn't detect one.

      My highly implausible theory(more like wishful thinking) is that perhaps Deku has a quirk type that hasn't manifested because he's never been in a scenario where it would manifest itself.

      Quirks like Lida's, Todoroki's or Bakugo's  would manifest fairly quickly because its something that's observable to the human eye. You could easily imagine them stumbling upon it just going about their daily lives, maybe they get mad, or are exerting a lot of effort and then puff there it is. 

      But what about someone like Star and Stripe. Her quirk new order is absolutely ridiculous. How could you ever discover that you have that kind of power. It would be a total accident to discover that you could create rules on people and things and it just becomes so. Still though its not hard to imagine that you would eventually discover this quirk. But the point still stands quirks like hers, which don't specifically produce and tangible observable effect might be hard to discover.

      This brings me to my wild theory based on the current state of the manga as of chapter 349. I honestly feel that right now there is no way that Deku can be Shigiraki or All for One.

      I mean Deku seemed to have a bit of trouble with Himiko Toga. Do any of us feel like Shigiraki or All for One wouldn't have been able to one shot Toga in an instant if they wanted to?

      His mastery of the other quirks in One for All's repertoire is still not complete. Translation, he's just not ready to defeat the bad guys at this point. I just don't see it happening, even with help from his friends, nakama power shouldn't work here.

      So how is he going to do it? Because right now this does not seem like the story of how he became the greatest hero(which was teased in the beginning). It seems like the story about how I became strong but ultimately fell a little short.

      So what if Deku actually challenged the bad guys and loses the fight! All for One gets his revenge against All might by killing Deku. That would be a wild ending!

      But then...Deku's original quirk gets activated! For the first time in his life, Deku's quirk is in a situation where it can manifest itself.

      His body, mind and spirt are revived. And due to the effects of One For All its supercharged! Not only can he revive himself but he can revive fallen comrades as well, perhaps even inanimate objects such as destroyed buildings.

      With that kind of quirk he could truly become the greatest hero of all. 

      Plus when you consider One For All's greatest weakness, a revive quirk could fix that. Assuming Deku's quirk is added to the mix he could still go on passing his quirk to others to continue the line of successors. They wouldn't have to worry about dying young because of the revive quirk. Or depending how the author decides to write it, he could presumably live forever.

      I know this is all kind of wishful thinking but for awhile now I've thought it would be cool to discover that Deku actually had a quirk all this time, and the only reason we don't know about it yet is because it only activates upon his death because its a revive quirk.

      • So we have confirmation that Luffy can now give the environment properties of rubber I think its likely he'll be able to do that to the sea as well.
      • Also its now evident that Luffy can give people the properties of rubber, when he stretched Kaido's body out(after he swallowed Luffy whole) and he also punched Kaido in the face stretching out his face in the process.
      • It makes you wonder if Luffy will be able to extend the properties of rubber to inanimate objects and have them retain their new form after doing so.
      • Luffy's awakening seems to emphasize the heart as the most important aspect to keeping his "Joyboy" form going. I suspect in time, with additional training, he will be able to keep it going longer.
      • The Gum Gum fruit is actually the Zoan-type human-human fruit mythical type, model Nika!
      • Zoan fruits have wills of their own? It makes me wonder if there won't be some type of inner dialogue going on later.
      • By awakening, this fruit brings Luffy greater physical strength and freedom.
      • Also did Luffy's Haki go up another level? Some of Kaido's minions were knocked out and wondered aloud if it was supreme king Haki. I feel like the weak ones would have already been knocked out if that were the case.
      • It seems like Luffy grabbed the ground and gave it the properties of rubber, he may have been able to reflect Kaido's blast using this power.
      • It seems highly likely that Luffy will be able to gift the properties of rubber to anything he touches.
      • It makes me wonder if Luffy will be able to cross the sea without a ship, similar Aokiji.


    • My quick thoughts

      • I don't like the idea that Deku can't beat Toga in an instant
      • At this point, it feels like Deku has no chance against All for One or Shigiraki
    • I love the World Creation magic sword that Captain Vangeance gives to Yami. Yami of course proceeds to get knocked across the battlefield shortly after but still its a nice touch. Personally , I would have loved to see Vangeance fight. It's been a while and I'm sure there are a lot of fans that would enjoy seeing how he would utilize his world creation magic in this type of fight.

      Seeing Zora use his trap magic and Secre using her sealing magic to protect Asta were cool. It looks like it will have some type of combo effect. I still feel like this manga has a ways to go before things conclude. We'll see.

    • Law and Kid continue to show out. Big Mom started to get back up, tried to scare the kiddies but they weren't budging an inch. They put her right back down. Tag team FTW.

      Now according to the manga, it looks like this will go down as a win for Law and Kid but its still pretty clear that neither of them is on the same level as Big Mom. Neither one deserves to be an emperor, so I wonder if the world government will make a secondary classification for them.

      Luffy is obviously going to be next up against Kaido. And I'll be honest it's still hard for me to envision Luffy beating Kaido 1 on 1. Its frustrating to see Law and Kid use their awakened abilities but Luffy is still learning Haki on the fly and hasn't even reached his awakening, yet he's supposed to be the strongest one.

      Luffy is going to have to awaken sometime during this fight. That's the only way he can win and still somehow manage to fight off the world government that is still trying to snatch Nico Robin and seems poised to takeout whoever is the loser in the fight.

      Last but not least, you gotta love Momonosuke's mention of Zunesha's crime and Joy Boy at the end. It seems like we'll be getting a One Piece history lesson pretty soon.

    • It looks like My Hero Academia is about to pick up the pace finally!

      Is it just me or does it seem like All For One is pulling out a new quirk every time we see him now. His search quirk is fantastic and actually feels a little too powerful and permanent.

      And then All For One has a lie detector quirk? Too much to deal with. How will Midoriya ever beat him. Dude just has so many options. Plus now there's two of him. Totally unfair to give him super strength and flight.

      The manga really feels like its been moving fast. Not in the sense of pace or on screen action but going from story segment to segment. It feels like we've covered a lot of ground without much action happening or character developmet.

      For example that training arc where Shinso joined the group with his voicebox, that lasted a while. It took a lot of chapters to get through that. But Ever since Midoriya's big battle with Shigiraki it feels like we've been moving at a much slower pace. Even though we've covered a lot of ground recently it feels like we don't have time for the character development. I don't know the manga just feels different.

      Either way though Im glad we'll finally get to see the big battle. No doubt All for One will have a ton of surprises for us.

    • Metal Bat and Garou team up! It's kinda cool, kinda fun. Totally unexpected.

      Saitama still doing Saitama things and receiving no credit. I wish they'd find a way to keep him as the central focus of the manga. For the past year or more it feels like we've been switching around to all the other heroes and only see Saitama for a few moments.

      Cool moment of this chapter is seeing Saitama run across the water to serious punch the monster and then proceed to use an entire aircraft carrier to surf.😎

    • Wow, what a double team by Law and Kid.

      Law seems to have crazy offensive firepower now. He was always strong but man it seems like he's pulling out a new move every 50 chapters. Luffy on the other hand is still stuck using different variations of punches and kicks.

      Kid meanwhile is using some kind of cobbled together cannon. Im not sure what to make of that but Big Mom definitely felt that one.

      Ultimately though I still don't feel like these two have enough to take down Big Mom. Maybe enough to knock her out of the battle temporarily giving Luffy enought time to figure out a way to beat Kaido. But Big Mom's stamina is otherwordly and Law and Kid seem frail by comparison. I just don't see how they could go toe to toe with her and win right now.

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