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    • Okay so once again the crew is split up. I must admit I was looking forward to spending time with the entire crew. Just being able to see them interact and respond to each other is always a treat.

      I'm glad to see that we will finally be able to learn more about the one piece world through dr vegapunk. But it also seems like its possible that the Dr. Vegapunk before us is not "the dr. vegapunk" we've been hearing about for so long. This whole time throughout the manga dr. vegapunk has been referred to as a man. And then we have this curious punk 02 on the chest of this female Dr. Vegapunk, which raises some interesting questions. 

      Is the person before us some kind of clone of the original dr. vegapunk? Are they Dr. vegapunk's family member, like a daughter? Is Dr. vegapunk a title that is shared and passed down to the most talented scientist of the world government? I believe the most likely explanation is that this could be some kind of android that is being controlled by Dr. Vegapunk from deep within a secure facility on egghead island. This would explain the punk 02 on the chest and the radio antenna over the left ear. It also makes sense that Vegapunk would have androids because we know that he and the world government have developed the seraphims and the pacifistas. So there is a certain track record.

      I'm curious to discover if Dr. Vegapunk really has bad intentions or if the good doctor just wanted access to near unlimited resources to continue conducting their experiments. It would also be cool if Vegapunk ate a devil fruit like the smart-smart fruit, making him really smart or the bot-bot fruit which allows him to turn living things into androids or robot like creatures.

      On second thought if he was the holder of some type of android making devil fruit that would make a ton of sense. I can't wait to find out.


    • I love the start of this chapter. Right away we have Luffy screaming that Sabo would never do that! In regards to the news being reported that Sabo killed king Cobra. Nico Robin instantly agrees. As a side note I love how Robin almost always seems to be in tune with Luffy's feelings. The way Oda characterizes her is that she seems to understand Luffy more than anyone. Zoro comes in at a close 2nd but he butts heads with Luffy pretty often. Robin on the other hand seems to know exactly how to handle Luffy and seems to be in sync regarding his thoughts and feelings. That's part of the reason, I'm not a big fan of shipping Robin and Law😏.

      I love how when Luffy says "lets go to marijoa" and Zoro second guesses him, Luffy immediately says "are you scared or something?"😂. Zoro immediately gets upset. I like seeing Zoro display some common sense for once but in this instance it would have been even funnier to see Zoro get so riled up by Luffys accusation that "he's scared", that Zoro starts campaigning to go to Marijoa even more than Luffy, like a challenge. From there the two of them would get angry at the rest of the crew for having a little more common sense a recognizing that it's a bad idea.

      Chopper, Nami and Sanji being torn up about Vivi is priceless. Interestingly enough, Ussop is more sad about King Cobra. I would have thought that everyone would be feeling bad about Vivi. But I guess this is just Oda's way of showing us that the Strawhats cared about both of them.

      Nico Robin telling Luffy that there are more names in the news that have a connection to him and asking if he wants to know is just another example of how well she knows him. The two of them are just laid back and calm about it. Luffy's like just tell me if its "really bad", to me, that's like saying just tell me if I need to go rescue someone. In hindsight though, I  find it curious that Koby's abduction by the blackbeard pirates wasn't put in the paper. You would have to think Luffy would at least be a little concerned. And to me that would register to as "really bad". At least bad enought to let Luffy know. So it is curious to me that Robin doesn't mention it at all. I would also love to know what Garp and Sengoku have been up to.

      Robin's panels are always so interesting. When Luffy shares his real dream with the crew(not his dream of wanting to be pirate king) Zoro, Jinbei, Nami and Ussop are shocked to the point of near confusion. Brook, Franky and Sanji find it hilarious, Chopper is impressed and Robin is just stunned but seemingly in a good way. Later on, Luffy is like oh yeah, I forgot I never told you guys about this dream, only shanks, ace and Sabo.

      We then get another panel of Robin on the same page, no other crew member but Robin reacting, she is leaning over intently while smiling and she asks Luffy what they said when he told them about his dream and he says they all just laughed and that Shanks had tears in his eyes. He says it in a calm peaceful way, with his hands behind his back. I don't know about you guys, but to me it sure seems like Oda drew these last few chapters on the ship with Robin and Luffy having some STRONG vibes passing between them. He doesn't make it overtly obvious, or show the rest of the crew reacting to it but often times when Robin is talking to someone when the rest of the crew is around she's talking to Luffy or reacting to him.

      Lately Robin always seems to know the perfect thing to do regarding Luffy or at least already have a good idea of how he'll respond to something before she says it. I remember that scene in Wano right after they had beaten  Kaido and Big Mom. Robin had just learned that the ancient weapon Neptune is in Wano. Robin asks Luffy if he's interested in Neptune and he's like nahh. And she's like, "I figured that you'd say that". And she has this self assured look to her. I don't know I'm sensing some early makings of a romantic setup. Definitely something to keep an eye on. 

      The discussion on the ship ends with the crew discussing the need to get to laughtale but the problem is they don't know where to find the last road poneyglyph. We cut away to navy HQ where big things are going down.

      The navy was able to trace Sabo's call over the den den mushi. It seems like he didn't use a secure line. They've pinpointed his location to Lulusia. One of the 8 countries that revolted.  Sabo begins telling dragon that he wasn't the one that assassinated king cobra. And that the throne that is supposed to be empty actually isn't. And then seems to be cut off. As a side note I don't see how this information could have been kept secret for so long. But either way. They begin jamming Sabo's communication, the citizens of Lulusia see something in the clouds overhead. We see a panel of Lulusia on the map and then another panel of Lulusia being crossed out. Next thing we know, we see this huge light that appears to be shining down on the citizens. With this citizens looking up to see what it is.

      Interestingly enough Sabo sees the light too. But it appears he's look up and to the side. He's not looking directly up. It gives the impression that he's not directly under the light. And then in an instant the light comes down, our perspective zooms out and it appears that the island is totally obliterated.

      Now part of me feels like it was something akin to a nuclear weapon. The fandom thinks its "uranus" one of the three ancient weapons that has been talked about for years. I will admit that it does make sense for the the world government to be in control of the weapon. How else would they have gained control of the world. Having a huge deterrent like that makes sense.

      However another part of me feels like it could be Imu's power. It makes sense that Imu would have an incredibly strong devil fruit. Some have specualted that its immortality, others have speculated that Imu can control the sea because Imu is Umi backwards and that means sea or ocean in Japanese. But what if it's something totally different. What if its some kind of sun fruit, star fruit or meteor fruit. The fact that the citizens could see a shadow in the clouds makes you think that it could perhaps be some kind of big object that was falling. But the fact that it seemed to be a bright light seems to dismiss that idea. At this point its honestly too hard to know.

      But whatever the weapon is, Imu is obviously in control of it. It has to have some kind of recharge or limit to it. Also you can't just destroy an entire island and everybody just forgets that it ever existed. Also why destory the island in this way? Why did the navy do a buster call on the island of ohara. If Imu could do this, buster calls are pointless. There are a ton of questions here and I doubt we'll get any answers to this anytime soon.


    • Okay so my first thoughts about this chapter are that it seems like Oda wants to let us know that Marco is relevant and will continue to be so in the future. I'm a bit surprised to see him talking to the red hair pirates. In my mind, I'm like, why show that at all? Did they discuss something important. Did Marco reveal some much needed information? I guess we'll find out. 

      We also get to Yamato tell Luffy that she's staying behind! That was disappointing! A total fake out by Oda. He had everyone thinking that Yamato was going to join the crew. It makes you wonder if the crew is now completely set. There has been a ton of opportunities to add new crew members and we just haven't gotten any. Yea, sure we finally have Jimbei aboard but its taken forever! And he's not new! I would have loved to have 2-3 new faces to join in on the adventure by actually sailing with the crew.

      I wasn't expecting to see Boa hancock this chapter, she came out of nowhere. We get to see her thinking about the fact that as long as she's on her island it will always be targeted by the Navy and other troublemakers like blackbeard. It makes you wonder if she might find her way to Luffy at some point down the line. At this point I really doubt it. There has been basically zero romance in One Piece. It's always been about discovering a new island and helping the local inhabitants overcome their oppressor with the help of Nakama. I think injecting a little romance in to it would up the stakes even more and inject some new layers into the manga. This manga has been going on for 20 years. It has plenty of mature fans that I think would appreciate that sort of evolution.

      So we get to see Boa Hancock's island raided by the Navy and marines. Koby sure is leveling up fast. Boa Hancock manages to petrify everyonebut Koby and blackbeard and Rayleigh. And that pacifista was wrecking everone before Blackbeard used his "blackhole".  These new Pacifista's are going to be a problem. It seems like if you're someone that doesn't have advanced haki you won't stand a chance. And can we just take a moment to appreciate Blackbeard's pants. He has the most stylish pants in the whole manga. He's definitely the most stylish Yonko. Three skulls on his hats, fancy pants😂, 3 guns, captains jacket, epic beard with three separate knots at the ends. He is arguably the most detailed oriented guy in the manga.

      Anyways, Silver Rayleigh steps in to help save Boa from the marines and blackbeard. Now that Koby has been kidnapped by the blackbeard pirates it makes you wonder what Marshal D Teach has planned for him. Several thoughts run through my mind: he will use him as leverage to get something he wants from the marines(i can't imagine he simply wants to torture him), Koby has some information that blackbeard needs, Blackbeard will use him to try to control the pacifistas in some way. I also think its possible that Luffy ends up saving Koby from the Blackbeard pirates. There are a lot of different ways that this could go.

      One last thought it looked like Shakuyaku indicated that one of the pacifista's looked like Boa Hancock when she was young. Is it possible that the Navy is cloning powerful pirates and using them as their replacements?


    • I get it. Placing Luffy in a cage and having Nami yell at him is funny. But with Luffy's newly established emperor standing it feels a bit over the top that he would be weak, battered and bruised locked up in a little cage. Especially after that fight with Kaido.

      The only way that could make sense is if that cage were made of seastone but even then I don't like it. Jimbei just laughing about it and Nami turning around screaming at him to , telling him not to coddle luffy is gold though. It's particularly interesting because when she yells she's on fire! And Jimbei is like whoa is that supreme king haki?

      Now me personally I highly doubt that Nami has supreme king haki. But with Luffy finally awakening his devil fruit which gives him the freedom to kind of warp the world as he pleases, it kinda makes me wonder if there isn't some kind of fruit affect happening here. It would explain how Luffy could be all beat up and could also explain the flames coming from Nami.

      Franky is ecstatic to see how the Sunny was easily able to handle the fall and Zoro is just sleeping through everything.

      This chapter is obviously a bounty update chapter. It's fun to see the crew react to all of their updated bounties. All of the reactions are cool but a few stick out to me. For one, the idea that Ussop's bounty is 500 million is ridiculous. All those years ago could you ever had imagined that Ussop would get this strong. I remember a time when Luffy's bounty was 300 million. I still feel like that version of Luffy could still easily overcome this version of Ussop.

      Sanji being raging mad and sad at the same time over Zoro and Jimbei having a higher bounty than him is lovely. Zoro in particular just drives the stake through hie heart when he says "who cares what fourth place thinks"😅😅😅

      What's even more interesting to consider is that Zoro's bounty is slightly higher than Jimbei. We all knew it was coming eventually. There was no way Luffy was going to be in contention for pirate king when his first mate wasn't capable of going one on one with other captains. But still its still a bit eye opening to actually see it happen in real time.

      I actually feel like eventually Zoro is going to have to reach the ability to easily defeat a character on the level of Trafalgar Law. Now we know he's going to have to over come Dracule Mihawk one day, whose bounty is revealed to be even higher than Luffy's, which absolutely nuts considering everything that Luffy has done.

      There is an idea that has been floating around that the world government is intentionally keeping Luffy's bounty low. I for one am inclined to agree. In the end, Luffy fought Kaido one on one and beat him and Law and Kidd fought big mom together and beat her. Neither of the battles were completely clean wins. Both Yonko had incurred some damage throughout the arc by different people. But I think we all agree that Luffy's bouty at a minimum should be higher than Law and Kidd's bounty. So I think Luffy is much closer to Dracule Mihawk than meets the eye.

      Later on, its revealed that Buggy is an emperor of the sea and has created something called the cross guild. Mihawk and Crocodile are the real leaders in charge using Buggy as a figurehead.

      Last but not least, as this chapter closes out we see Sabo calling Monkey D Dragon to set things straight about what really happened during the events of the reverie.



    • I've seen a lot of speculation that Asta is now in Yami's homeland based on that last panel I must say I pretty much agree with that. The question is how? Did sister somehow force herself to transport him somewhere far away? If so how come Lucius didn't realize it? Whatever the reason, whenever Asta finally comes back to fight Lucius I don't want him pulling an Aizen. Saying something like "I've been waiting for your return but your growth disappoints me I'm no longer interested."

      I'd prefer it if Lucius didn't know, even though that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It seems to me that in Asta's current state the only reason he lost was because sister got in the way. Lucius' magic had no effect on him and he could cancel out its area affect power as well, using his anti-magic.

      So I suspect Asta's new training using Ki will likely be about augmenting his physical strength and boosting his speed and quickness so he can properly stand his ground against none magical attacks.

      It sounds kind of weird to say that, considering that Asta is probably the most in shape magical knight in existence. Maybe Yami has something on him in strength but when considering his endurance, strength and speed I can't imagine any of the other captains are in his class currently.

      Yuno definitely isn't close to Asta. And I honestly can't imagine how Yuno stands a chance against Lucius when Asta couldn't beat him. Anti magic is still greater than Star/Moon magic. And Yuno is nowhere close to Asta physically.

      I'm very interested to see how the author structures Yuno's fight against Lucius sans Asta.


    • Okay so now Shigiraki finally starts to falter a little bit. Poor, Lemillion he has the perfect quirk to be completely invulnerable but against people who have OP quirks, he could never truly beat them. He just doesn't pack enough punch.

      Mirko is somehow still holding on. She is definitely one of the author's favorites. If she somehow manages to survive this I expect her to be promptly healed by Eri or Overhaul.

      You know its amazing that out of all the users of One for All, it seems like they original holder never sought out a healer type quirk. Watching Shigiraki take so much damage makes you wonder how this was never prioritized.

      At this point, I think we all understand that Bakugo is going to be saved. I'd prefer if we didn't spend anymore panels on it. Let's move things to the next stage of the fight for Shigiraki and All For One. Deku has been off screen forever and its past time we get some surprise back up support on the hero side.


    • On reread I'm actually enjoying this chapter a little bit more. I don't like seeing All For One regenerated just like that but I also don't like the fact that he's indicated its only temporary and that eventually he'll vanish.

      If you're going to restore All For One, then restore him fully. Because by using that bullet, you also technically enable Eri to restore the likes of Overhaul and All Might. Even if there was some kind of reason All might could no longer use One For All,  based on what we know about Eri, we know that she should definitely be able to restore All Might's body.

      I suspect what will ultimately end up happening is that Eri restores All Might's body and he'll be able to use the last embers of One For All to take down All For One. Right now, there is just no way that I can imagine that the heroes currently on scene with All For One can take him down.

      Also, considering Eri's rewind capability Overhaul should be coming back into the fight at any moment. It makes the most sense for him to come to the aid of those fighting shigiraki since it was Shigiraki that damaged his hands. 


    • Well it appears that the Garo arc is finally over. That arc was incredibly long. Like unbelievably so! I must admit that I love that Garo has made up with Silverfang and that it appears that he will be joining the hero association.

      The running gag where almost no one knows how powerful Saitama has become is amazing. It can still be funny at times. But then again, I often times find myself wanting Saitama to get some notoriety. At least move Saitama up into S rank!



    • 663427578_myheroacademia.thumb.jpg.3d5a34d5fbf10837fa490b613547bc9c.jpg

      Its looking bad for the heroes! Of course this is just setting the stage for Deku to arrive and save the day but I have a big problem with that mainly because I remember Deku looking extremely ineffective in chapter 348 in his brief face off with Toga.

      If Deku had any chance of beating All For One and Shigiraki, he should be able to defeat Toga in an instant or at least push her to the absolute max within 5 seconds of engaging in combat. Now he is racing to the scene to fight Shigiraki. Sure he should be able to stand in there and take some punches with the rest of them acting as support but lets be real. Deku was struggling with Toga. Someone that does not have super strength, that does not have regeneration, does not have flashy powers like that of Dabi or even some ridiculous human growth power like Shigiraki has now acquired.

      Now of course Deku arriving on scene and seeing Bakugo just lying there should trigger some kind of quirk awakening. Will he end up puffing up like All Might? Who knows, but right now he has no chance the way he is.

      Looking carefully on page 3 of this chapter Best Jeanist costume sleeves are cutt off. It seems like he's activated his quirk. Will he try to do some type of heart mending procedure on Bakugo? It certainly looks like it. But I feel like Bakugo would need more than that to continue on fighting. Perhaps, the procedure will just temporarily save his life. Its a bit over the top but...I mean who really wants to see Bakugo die? And if he did die, we definitely wouldn't want to see him go so early. It feels like there is still a lot of fighting left to do.

      Also how in the world is Dabi still alive. All of this switching around in the middle of the fight makes it a bit hard to keep up with. But if I remember correctly Shoto had performed a new move on Dabi. At this point, it feels like Dabi is just a walking corpse that refuses to die. I guess he has to confront his father one last time.

      In the last panel of the chapter, it seems like All For One is being regenerated! The bullets were supposed to rewind a person and take away their quirk powers but now it seems All For One has found a way to reverse engineer it to restore himself. That's a bit unfair, but if this is truly the case then we should expect that All Might's return to the battlefield shouldn't be far behind. If All For One can reverse engineer a bullet then Eri should definitely be able to restore All Might to his prime form.

      Also once Deku engages Shigiraki, can you imagine Overhaul jumping into the fray to get some revenge and possibly reassemble Bakugo? There are a lot of options still on the table.

    • I don't know that I fully understand what was going on this chapter. It seems like Asta just let himself get slashed once sister Lily got transformed. I don't like that, it's like he let all his training just go out the window in an instant. That was extremely disappointing. Im sure we all expected him to lose but not to just allow himself to get one shoted by a simple hand slash, no weapon involved. That's weak.


    • I must admit one piece chapter 1057 was not what I expected. I was extremely disappointed when it was revealed that Yamato wouldn't be joining the crew. Yamato would have fit in perfectly. It feels like an extreme fakout by Oda not to include Yam in the crew and a bit unnecessary.

      Also it seems like this chapter serves as an official conclusion to the Wano arc. We saw a lot of flashbacks with Momonosuke. Sometimes its easy to forget that he and Kin'emon have been around for nearly a decade. 

      The coolest thing in this chapter for me was Luffy giving his jolly roger to Momonosuke. Now the Straw hats have a lot of territory that's under their protection it makes you wonder if the world government or some other big pirate crew will put their commitment to the test.  

      All in all not much happened this chapter so I'm definitely looking forward to the next one. I can't wait to find out what the next adventure will be.


    • I think you could make a strong argument either way. But I can say 100% that in the current state of the manga considering All for One, Shigiraki and the high end nomus, a quirkless Deku that just relied on tech would be obliterated.

      There are a ton of heroes with very good quirks who are almost utterly useless when facing these guys because they just don't pack enough punch to make a dent. You really would have to completely change the story to give a quirkless Deku a chance.

      He would have to be some type of genius that was capable of producing support items to make up for his deficiencies on the battlefield. It would be a different manga completely. But it would still be really fun to read.

    • I think Luffy being able to still level up his haki is pretty cool, it gives us fans something to look forward too. So I think it's great that we've learned that there is a way to cancel future sight via conquerors haki.

      However, I personally would like to see Luffy start to walk his own path. He gets so much help from all the elders and older adventurers in his development. He needs to develop something that is uniquely his. For example, I love how blackbeard sticks out. He has found some way to harness the power of two devil fruits. He's a rule breaker, he's definitely blazing his own trail.

      With the confirmation that Luffy has the Nika fruit, it makes you wonder if this will somehow affect his ability to fuse haki with his fruits ability. I don't necessarily understand how that would help but I really feel like he needs to find a way to be unique and distinguish himself from the other powerful guys and it feels like that simply upgrading his haki won't be enough.

    • I like the idea of Luffy and Zoro riding off into the sunset on grand adventures. They make a good team. But if I'm being honest I expect that at some point they'll be going their separate ways.

    • Shinobu and Raizo look like complete corpses. I know some people have discussed how greenbull actually seems like the weakest admiral revealed to date, I have to disagree. I think greenbull has shown plenty of power. In addition to being a logia, he can fly, he can cause growth and regeneration to the soil and he can suck the life out of people, causing them to become shriveled corpses near the point of death.

      I'm a bit disappointed that it seems like Carrot won't be joining the crew but I always like to see the Straw Hats getting a loyal ally in a new territory. Who knows, perhaps Carrot actually turned down her leadership role to join the straw hats.

      Robin asking Luffy if he wanted Pluton and Luffy just casually saying nah is hilarious but totally in sync with his character. At times I do wish that Luffy would have a little more mastermind/high level planner type to him. He's like the most ambitious character in one piece but has absolutely no plan. While its does make for great entertainment its not very consistent with the mindset of ambitious people. In addition to working hard, ambitious people tend to be detailed oriented, have a certain level of cunning and  develop multiple plans to reach their goals.

      Luffy, Law and Kidd haggling about which direction each of them will head in brought a smile to my face. They really do seem like bickering brothers. What I don't quite understand is why they don't just come out and make a permanent alliance. If I had to guess Kidd will end up having a serious fight against Shanks or Luffy. It feels very obvious to me though, that at some point Law is going to bow out of the competition to reach Laughtale and claim the one piece. There will probably be a critical moment and Law ends up helping the Strawhats.

      The revelation that Buggy is now an Emperor of the sea is still absolutely ridiculous but at least we now have a better understanding as to why. It seems like Buggy is working with Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk. Although, if I had to guess I suspect that the three of them came to some type of arrangement to allow Buggy to function as the figurehead while Crocodile and Mihawk actually run the organization.

      Things really do seem to be changing though. Marines now have to worry about bounties being placed on their heads. With all of this chaos, I think these are prime conditions for someone like Coby to really start to rise through the ranks.  It really does feel like Coby will reach the rank of admiral at some point. If I had to guess I would imagine that Coby actually ends up as the grand admiral over the entire Navy and he changes the institution for the better.

      The end of this chapter is where things being to get really interesting. Law throws down a copy of the road poneglyph and gives it to Kidd's crew. This is a bit surprising since the alliance is "over" according to Kidd. Something that he's reiterated multiple times in the last few chapters. But after this bit Killer makes a statement about putting "all their strength into this task" if they want to participate in the war for the one piece. And Kidd mentions finding the man with the burn scar.

      There is a close up of Law's face which is darkened heavily in shadow. And then a close up on Robin's face which is more or less blank and her speech bubble has a question mark.

      To me it feels like Robin and Law had an extended conversation after discovering that Pluton was in Wano underwater. It seems likely they've hatched some type of scheme knowing that Luffy wouldn't be interested in doing any type of future planning even though its obviously very necessary.

      Which is part of the reason Robin asked Luffy if he was interested in Pluton, to which he promptly said no, which served as confirmation of her original assumption and served as a type of signal to proceed with the plot.

      What if Robin came to an agreement with Law to tow Pluton out of Wano? It obviously can't stay in Wano forever. Caribou overheard them talking about it earlier in the manga. Surely his presence didn't go unnoticed in a room full of  Haki users. Robin has to assume the secret is out or that it will get out soon. So there needs to be some contingencies put in place now.

      Law is a smart guy and likely understands the potential danger as well. If he truly felt like the alliance was over I honestly don't think he would have given the road poneglyph to Kidd. I think he wants to make sure that they all make it to the next big battle and doesn't want Kidd to be left behind. The big worry though is Luffy's relationship to other movers and shakers outside the crew, which brings me back to the close up on Robin's and Law's faces.

      The" man with the burn scar" that Kidd and Killer are looking for in all likelihood is Sabo. And if it is, Luffy is going to have a huge problem if they go after him in anyway. This could possibly disrupt any future plans they could have about the three crews teaming up again later on, like say against blackbeards' fleet. Plus, we know that Kidd's crew has some bad blood with the red hair pirates(red hair pirates took his arm).

      My theory is that Law and Robin's plan(if they hatched one) hinges on how Luffy responds to Kidd's actions. My guess is there will be some huge fireworks.

      The end of this chapter is another Yammato tease about her joining the Strawhat crew. She really needs to go ahead and join! I'm tired of the teases. I've seen some speculation that she won't actually join because there are no more roles on the ship needed. Well to that, I would say Shanks has plenty of crew members Whitebeard had plenty as well. You always need more powerful soldiers/vice captains.

      I've seen some suggestions that Yammato will join the crew and be like Oden serving as a sort of journalist. In my mind though it feels like Robin should already be fulfilling that role. But I'm not against it. A precedent has been set. Either way though as long as Yammato joins I'll be happy.

      Last but not least it feels like its past time for Zoro to get some character development. There has been a lot that's happened recently, but Zoro is the only one that hasn't had a huge backstory. I want some answers about when he was confronted by the grim reaper. Everybody was expecting him to have a huge Wano connection, but it seems like we won't be getting any huge backstory scenes from him. Maybe the next island will deliver the goods. But he's over due!



    • So it appears that the ancient kingdom has actually been located in Wano this whole time! Or perhaps its more accurate to say that Wano is located inside of the borders of the ancient kingdom. What a nice little surprise!

    • Shigiraki just seems way too OP he's holding back all these great heroes without his decay quirk. Plus his body just continues to adapt. It's like he has no weaknesses.

      Watching Lemillion fight, really emphasizes just how powerful he would be if he was given One for all. It's impossible to hit him. The only reason Overhaul was able to beat him was because he was protecting Eri.

      With One For All's pure power and speed, combined with the danger sense quirk and Lemillion's own permeation quirk. I'm not sure any of the villains would stand a chance. There is a sort of logic to passing One for All to powerful quirk holders temporarily to add their quirk to the mix and then passing it back to Deku. I really wish we would get an explanation on why the heroes haven't tried that.

      I am a bit surprised that the heroes didn't consider using Shinso's brainwash quirk in the fights against All for One and Shigiraki. In fact the argument could be made that the heroes should have had Monoma copy Shinsos quirk instead of erasure head's quirk so they could have the brain wash quirk in two places. Both All for One and Shigiraki love to talk. By using their quirk, theoretically they could have already ended both of these battles.

      Last but not least I love Jeanist observing Bakugo going full Deku at the end, muttering to himself to create a plan to stop Shigiraki. Next chapter should be fun!


    • So its confirmed, Ryokugyu eat the woods-woods fruit and is a logia type. I don't know why he thinks he can just walk into Wano and take down Luffy all by himself. I mean everyone that is currently present, were the same people that were able to beat both Kaido and Big Mom.

      I actually low key want Ryokugyu to somehow reach Luffy and then I want to see Luffy just nonchalantly proceed to wipe the floor with him. But Ryo obviously has some other key role to play. Again, most of us are noticing how Ryo is actually reviving Wano step by step. His wood-wood power seems to be recultivating the soil as he walks. It makes you wonder if him coming to Wano to grab Luffy is just a ruse and he is actually trying to help them.

      Wouldn't it be cool though, if right after taking down Kaido, Luffy takes down an admiral! He'd make the front page of the news all over again! He'd definitely become public enemy #1, if he isn't already.

      I also loved how Yamato just comes out of nowhere and hits Ryokugyu(aka greenbull) with her Haki. If there was any doubt as to how strong Yamato is we now have plenty of evidence. She squared off against Kaido and then held her own against an admiral.

      Curiously enough after Momonosuke engages with Ryokygyu Momo tells Yamato she must not fight and then Oda cuts away to Shanks and his crew! Is Momo telling Yamato not to fight because he needs to prove he can take down an admiral and protect Wano himself? Or is it something to do with the WG engaging with the Straw Hat crew?

      After seeing this latest scene with Yamato I feel like its almost guaranteed that Yamato joins the crew as the newest member.

      And then finally Shanks makes an appearance and then proceeds to destroy the hopes of not only his crew but the entire one piece fan base when he announces that instead of going to meet Luffy now they are going to go on to claim the one piece!

      Does this mean that we'll eventually get a one on one battle between Shanks and Luffy or perhaps a crew vs crew battle between the straw hats and the red hair pirates?

      I think that Luffy and Shanks relationship has been built up for so long that at some point they are likely to clash or fake fight to just kind of test each other out. Some people are predicting that Shanks will actually die before meeting Luffy and this will be a triggering event for Luffy. Only time will tell but I really want to see them meet and discuss some cool stuff at least once.

      I'm glad to have one piece back its been too long!


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