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Song of Ice and Fire: The Pink Letter Mystery


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Based on first thought, when questioning the letter's authenticity, my first thought does go to Mance Rayder since the deception fits rather nicely with his established character. However, after reading the Theon sample chapter in The Winds of Winter, it also seems possible Stannis could have faked his own death. He even mentions to Justin Massey that he may hear that he is dead.

While I do kind of like the idea of Stannis doing something clever it just feels more like Mance Rayder. There is a Theon chapter in Dance of Dragons when he is making his escape from Winterfell. Theon thinks about a crazy plot by Abel and the washerwomen. This is a strong indicator to me that its Mance Rayder.  Assuming that Mance Rayder is the author of the pink letter, I want to know if Melisandre is in on this as well. Supposedly they were going to get Arya that was riding towards the wall, but they end up at Winterfell. Is Mance Rayder still under Melisandre's power or was he able to somehow break free and is now up to his own plot?

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