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5 Things I Didn't Like About Final Fantasy 7 Remake


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Please be aware there are some spoilers below.

  • The side quests: As I got deeper into my first play through I noticed more and more that I just didn't care for the side quests. For one I had already played the original multiple times and the side quests in this game were so self contained and felt like they were just kind of available. They weren't like going to Wutai with Yuffie in Final Fantasy 7. Since they weren't made like they were really essential to any main character they felt kind of pointless.
  • Sephiroth's Introduction: They introduced Sephiroth waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early in the game. I get it, a lot of people know who Sephiroth is already but there are a number of people who don't. And there is nothing like finding out about him for the first time in the Shinra tower. When you get out of confinement and get to the top, you see president Shinra slumped over with that ridiculously long sword stuck through his back, all the while, that erie music is playing in the background. I would have preferred something closer to that. But I get it. Introduce Sephiroth now, he's the cool bad guy everyone loves to hate.
  • Red XIII is a guest character! : I loved Red XIII in the original game and I was very disappointed that he is not a playable character in the remake. I understand that there would have been some additional development needed to fully integrate him in the game but as a player its hard to over look that he was not fully playable. I feel like they could have just limited what he could do. It just doesn't feel right that he's only a guest. 
  • Hojo's Lab scene felt a bit bloated: I know this is nitpicking a bit but the Hojo lab scene felt really kind of bloated it would have been nice if they would have streamlined it a bit. It was really cool to discover that he has this huge secret expansive lab but without any significant story elements occurring it felt a bit over long, filled with a lot of combat. I will also admit I'm the type of RPG gamer that doesn't like to have his party split up😅. So it's possible that I'm a bit bias when it comes to this section.
  • The Ending: Now I know this is also an item on my 5 things I loved about FF7 Remake so let me tell you a quick story. I love watching anime. One day I finally decided to watch One Punch Man after getting a recommendation from a coworker. I sat down and watched the first episode and I couldn't believe my eyes! I was like no wonder everyone is talking about this anime, the action is incredible! This is only the first episode and its already this intense. This dude that he's fighting is a BEAST!!! The only problem, was that at the very end of the episode,  I discovered that I wasn't actually watching the first episode but the very last episode of season one!  You can imagine how this affected my perception and expectations for season one. Now in the same way, I loved the epicness of the ending in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. After finishing that part at the end of the game I felt like wow, the devs really put everything they had into that ending. They held absolutely nothing back! It looked great and it felt like I was playing an animated movie at the very end! However! I feel like it was too epic! Cloud was running around fighting gigantic whispers and holding his own against Sephiroth in certain cinematic scenes, doing acrobatic moves just like in advent children(Which occurs after the first game). It felt like it was all way too soon to be pulling out those moves. I mean how does square enix top that ending? If I'm able to go sword on sword with Sephiroth how does any monster in part 2 have any chance against me? I know I will love part 2 regardless and I secretly expect that Sephiroth won't even be the final boss(probably Jenova). But a part of me feels like that ending was just too epic and out of place. In part 2 the Midgar Zolom won't stand a chance!😁

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