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5 Things I Loved About Final Fantasy 7 Remake


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Please be aware that their may be spoilers below.

  • Graphics: The game looks absolutely beautiful. I can't wait for square to release final fantasy 7 remake on next gen consoles. 4k 60 fps will look absolutely amazing. And to be completely honest the game already looks next gent on PS4. When you compare the FF7 Remake to other games on PS4 it looks many times better. Square-enix did an incredible job.
  • The Story: They very cleverly made Final Fantasy 7 Remake a sequel even while following the same events as the first game(on disc 1). I suspect that they game will begin to diverge very quickly in part 2 of the remake. Their is so much story left to tell, so many places to visit, that its going to be awhile before they get to wrap things up. The way they did the story is perfect, old fans can still see their favorite characters and locations reimagined with next gen graphics and at the same times can still enjoy the many surprises that I'm sure are in store for all of us.
  • Expanded interaction with Avalanche: I loved how Square gave us some more time to interact with the different members of Avalanche. It brings them to life a little bit more. Sneaking in to Jessie's house was a nice little touch which gave us an extra attachment to Jessie. They also made us appreciate Biggs a lot more too. This helps to add some weight to the third act of the game. Something I felt was missing in the first game until we wake up in jail and start to follow that trail of blood up to the top of the tower.
  • The Shinra Stairs!: I absolutely loved that they kept this part in the game. And they made it more into a proper race. I'll be honest, I got 2nd, I wasn't too pleased about that, it seemed like I ran out of stamina too fast. But it was just as classic and just as fun as the very time I played it. I feel like unnecessary scenes like this are what really helped to make FF7 a classic. I hope they add more in part 2.
  • The Ending: The ending sequence and the boss fight with you know who was fantastic. I felt like I was playing final fantasy advent children😅. It was just so epic! And at the same time very meta. I didn't train up my guys a lot as I was just really enjoying the story so I lost a few times. But I loved every minute of it!

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