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Call Me Crazy But I Still Feel Like Cyberpunk is Still Going To Be Extremely Popular And CD Projekt Red Is Going To Be Fine

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I know there is a lot of noise out there right now about CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077 but I honestly feel like the game is still going to do extremely well over the long run and CD Project Red will end up fine financially.

There is some talk about the E3 demo being faked. I won't get into how much of it was legit and how much wasn't but at the end of the day it seems like the demo was watermarked as work in progress, so I think they are pretty much covered.

But the major thing to consider in all of this is that CD projekt Red makes games that people really really enjoy and that's why I ultimately feel like they will be just fine. They have the content that a lot of people like and their games are set in worlds that are unlike most others.

The perfect example is Star Citizen. Its been in development since like 2012. It has raised over $300 million dollars and it has still not released. But Chris Roberts and cloud imperium games are developing a game that is totally unlike any other game out there today. So people continue to pour money into it because it's something that they love and the game promises to provide an experience that people have wanted for so long. I can't wait for them to announce an official release date with updated specs so I can finally play it myself.

Back to Cyberpunk though. We can all tell at this point that CD Projeckt Red has some huge plans for Cyberpunk. The single player experience is only the tip of the iceberg. We have the upcoming multiplayer to look forward to and a huge city to explore. I'm sure there are tons of stories that they have planned. 

I think GTA V was the starting point of trying to figure out what they could do and how they could really improve the experience for that type of game. When you think about it like that, the possibilities are endless.


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