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Cyberpunk 2077 | Pre-Orders were over 8 million and they have already recouped their investment!


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Congrats Cyberpunk team. In spite of various reports regarding glitches. The reviews are in and they're extremely high. CDProjekt Red has already recouped their investment. It's all gravy from here 🙂

I can't wait to see what type of DLC they release. Multiplayer I suspect will be next level as well, whenever it releases sometime in 2021.

Read the whole article on Polygon if you are interested.

What's really interesting about this though is that their stock actually dropped near launch. It makes me feel like analysts really don't understand the gaming community. The hype was just to large for this game to fail. Once that initial hype train gets out there, and that first wave buys the game and starts streaming and sharing how much fun they're having on social media its success is almost guaranteed.

I suspect that this game will be GTA like as far as popularity goes. That sat back and watched Rockstar games make tons of money off of GTA V and I expect CDProjekt Red to attempt something similar.

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