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Will The PS5 or Xbox Series X Win The New Generation?

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Interestingly enough I think they are both going to win. Sony's fanbase are diehard and I can't see them ever abandoning Sony. Xbox has diehard fans as well but aren't as numerous as Sony right now(all my friends love Sony). However, I think Xbox is going to be nursing an advantage(gamepass) that's going to be tough to overcome monetarily over the next few years if left unchallenged. It will be interesting to watch.


What do you think?

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On 11/23/2020 at 7:02 PM, Guest anon said:


Worldwide based on console sales? PS5.

Worldwide based on subscriptions? Xbox.

You know it's interesting. Sony's CEO Jim Ryan hinted recently that PlayStation may be developing a competitor to Xbox's gamepass. But he also mentioned that they won't be making new releases available instantly on their service.  "We are not going to go down the road of putting new releases titles into a subscription model. These games cost many millions of dollars, well over $100 million, to develop. We just don't see that as sustainable," he said.

I think that may be a mistake if they want to truly compete. When we look at Disney plus for example people really disliked the idea of paying for a Disney plus subscription and then having to pay extra just to watch Mulan. Granted one is a movie the other is a video game. But I think that example is telling. Far lesser example is HBO MAX announcing the new wonder woman will be released on their platform and then later confirming there is going to be no 4K option. Many people are really disappointed to hear that. The idea is, why do I spend all this money and the very best stuff is still inaccessible.

One last example for me personally is the difference between HBO MAX and Netflix. I feel like HBO has superior content. It has content that I want to view. And I stay subscribed to the service because of the content. Netflix on the other hand has a superior service. Netlfix just feels way better. Their UI is more intuitive and snappier. Netflix feels more premium and accommodating then HBO MAX. And right now they both are offered at a price point that I have no issues paying for. However, I have cut off HBO in the past and I've never once cut my Netflix subscription. When HBO releases a really interesting show that I want to see, I turn it back on. When it gets kinds stale, I turn it off until they have another big release.

So for gaming, for me, I feel like it will be the same way. Sony will release a great one of a kind game and I'll buy it, play it and really love it but then stop for awhile. But with gamepass I'll have so many options that I can try something new everyday. And with the ability to get all the new first party games as well, I feel like it will really keep me hooked. And I think that ultimately over time they will be able to reinvest their money to improve the service even more. The problem with Netflix is that they've had to go into heavy debt to really keep up with their pace of content production. On the other hand Microsoft has deep pockets and can afford to invest at some point they will be worried about profit but I don't think it will be anytime soon.

As soon as they reach around 30 million subscribers(which could happen as early as late next year) I think they will have reached critical mass. They'll just be making so much money off of the service I don't see how anyone could reasonably compete with their service(not games but their service) anytime soon. Stadia, Amazon, Sony they all have pieces to the puzzle in place but it doesn't seem like anyone else has put all of the pieces together.

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