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Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Launches with More Than 150 Games


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I feel like game pass is "going to be a game changer". I've yet to truly embrace mobile gaming. But I could see myself pulling out my phone and maybe streaming a few games via Xcloud when I'm playing "the waiting game" for this that or the other lol. I feel like kids would love the service. These days I see parents just hand kids the phone and they almost sit on top of each watching the one with the phone play games. I was in the barbershop the other day and every little kid in there was playing games on the phone. 

If Microsoft really does their marketing right, showing the different times and situations and ways that people can take advantage of the service, they will really have something special. And this is coming form somebody that has owned a Playstation every generation. The only negative is that I can't play gamepass on my iphone. If gamepass really takes off, Apple's rules will ultimately end up hurting it. As it could mean forcing the consumer to choose between phones based on what apps are supported. Consumer choice tends to win out.

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