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What Did You Think Of The Last Of Us 2?

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In terms of gameplay, graphics, animations etc. I give it a 9 out of 10 but in terms of personal satisfaction from beating the game, I'd say 1 out of 10. Lets just say I have some big issues with the story. And this is coming from someone that really enjoyed the first game. I have a huge problem with the ending. All that being said I still recommend everyone go play it. If you're gamer and you love to game, go check it out. It's a quality game  and one that should be played but I don't care for what they did with a number of the characters. As a gamer I felt the writers cheated me and in terms of the protagonist/antagonist dynamic it felt like a slap in the face. It just didn't work for me. I've heard people say the writer wanted to try something new. Well I would say there is a reason that writers don't try this type of thing too often, especially in video games. Maybe it will work better as a tv show. But as a gamer they forced me to do things that I didn't want to do,  things that I disagreed with completely.

In retrospect, I feel like if this was a bioware game, in the big moments, I would be given a choice, and then the developers would let me see what happens as a result. I feel like if naughty dog had given a choice to players in the beginning of the third act, then this game could have been a classic. They could have easily split the third act into pieces, switching to different viewpoints based on player choices and it would have been much much much more powerful. But because they forced players to do something that a large number of us absolutely despised, the writer is catching a lot of flak right now.  It's unfortunate that there has been a lot hate towards the writer, the dev team and the actors/actresses that's uncalled for. I feel like the vitriol being spewed now overshadows the very real criticism and disappointment about the decision regarding the story.

My friend and I have had a great time arguing about it though lol. He loves it and thinks its a masterpiece! I guess we all need balance in our lives 🙂. Well anyways, if you've played it, join up and tell me what you think! If you haven't beat it yet, what are you waiting for!

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