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James Bond Producers Are Looking for a New 007 ‘For a Decade, At Least’


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I think its great that the producers are looking for actors that are willing to make a long term commitment. However, my problem is that bond releases are spread out far too much. Why not release new movies every two years. The way they've been releasing bond 10 years barely gives them time to release three movies. And this was pre pandemic.

There was a 4 year gap between piecerce brosan's last movie die another day and Daniel Craig's first movie casino royale. From there it took 2 years to releae quantum of solace and then 3 years to release Skyfall. From there 6 YEARS to release No Time To Die. That's just absurd! 6 years to release a movie that most bond fans were disappointed by. As much as I like Daniel Craig even his star power couldn't save that movie. They took away Bond's essence, that thing that makes him cool they took that away. It should not have taken 6 years to develop that story and turn it in to a feature film.

I'm expecting a lot more from the next bond.

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