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My Hero Academia Chapter 364 Review


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On reread I'm actually enjoying this chapter a little bit more. I don't like seeing All For One regenerated just like that but I also don't like the fact that he's indicated its only temporary and that eventually he'll vanish.

If you're going to restore All For One, then restore him fully. Because by using that bullet, you also technically enable Eri to restore the likes of Overhaul and All Might. Even if there was some kind of reason All might could no longer use One For All,  based on what we know about Eri, we know that she should definitely be able to restore All Might's body.

I suspect what will ultimately end up happening is that Eri restores All Might's body and he'll be able to use the last embers of One For All to take down All For One. Right now, there is just no way that I can imagine that the heroes currently on scene with All For One can take him down.

Also, considering Eri's rewind capability Overhaul should be coming back into the fight at any moment. It makes the most sense for him to come to the aid of those fighting shigiraki since it was Shigiraki that damaged his hands. 


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