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Dune Awakening Announcement Trailer

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I think this is pretty solid for an announcement trailer. It doesn't give us much to go on. No real details. What we know so far is that Dune is Awakening will be an open world survival MMO.

I feel like I should be more excited than I am. Funcom as a company has a ton of experience with developing MMOs. So I hope they can take the source material and really make the dune universe a complete experience.

Making it a survival MMO is a good idea. The scarcity of food and water will add an interesting element to gameplay. It seems like players will have to worry about the giant sandworms as well as Harkonens. Also I expect many players will want the opportunity to play as a character that develops bene gesserit powers.

It would also be really cool if they added different language skills making them almost a requirement for trade and information gathering in certain regions of the world. I look forward to learning more in 6 months or so.


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