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Will Luffy's Next Power Up Be a Haki Upgrade or Something Else?

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I think Luffy being able to still level up his haki is pretty cool, it gives us fans something to look forward too. So I think it's great that we've learned that there is a way to cancel future sight via conquerors haki.

However, I personally would like to see Luffy start to walk his own path. He gets so much help from all the elders and older adventurers in his development. He needs to develop something that is uniquely his. For example, I love how blackbeard sticks out. He has found some way to harness the power of two devil fruits. He's a rule breaker, he's definitely blazing his own trail.

With the confirmation that Luffy has the Nika fruit, it makes you wonder if this will somehow affect his ability to fuse haki with his fruits ability. I don't necessarily understand how that would help but I really feel like he needs to find a way to be unique and distinguish himself from the other powerful guys and it feels like that simply upgrading his haki won't be enough.

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