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Westworld Season 4 Episode 7 Discussion

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It seems to me that Bernard had plenty of time to blow up that tower and that if he had simply allowed Maeve to come with him instead of going to confront Hale, Maeve could have easily watched his back to ensure that Host William(the man in black clone) was never able to kill him.

Maybe it will be revealed in the next episode but right now I see no benefit in Maeve and Bernard splitting up. Hale would have undergone the transcendence process, Maeve and Bernard could have stopped Host William together, blown up the tower and "C", her Host/human father and Bernard's buddy Stubbs would have been okay and wouldn't have to worry about any danger.

Of course it seems to me that the big twist will be that Bernard cloned everyone or nearly everyone before they decided to embark on the last mission to destroy the tower. There has to be some unknown trick that Hale has left, some trump card or plan B that Bernard knows about and hasn't told anyone else.

Because right now his actions has put a lot of people's lives in danger for no reason at all.

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