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Resident Evil (2022) Season 1 Episode 7 Discussion

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Jade just causes havoc wherever she goes. I feel sorry for her daughter. That being said what stood out the most to me this episode was the beginning. That was a wild sequence. The original Albert walks into the room looking like he had just come from a Blade costume party. I was like where are all the vampires?😅

So of course we find out that Billie was indeed faking it when she made it look like she was helping Jade in the previous episode.  And we also learn that Billie has somehow taken control over Evelyn and effectively all of umbrella.

Albert's big secret is revealed that he's actually a clone and that he needs his children's blood to continue to exist. I mean I don't understand why they were so angry. He's a clone, but he's always taken care of them and he's treated them like true daughters, not blood banks.

Jade breaking the vial and all the zeros start to converge on the camp was a cool moment but also a bit under developed. It just doesn't feel like the vial could cover that much ground to where the zeroes could smell so far away.


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