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Resident Evil (2022) Season 1 Episode 5 Discussion

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This episode was absolutely insane. One minute the girls are mad at each other and want absolutely nothing to do with each other. The next minute, they are sisters for life nothing else matters. I'm still trying to figure out why Jade hates Albert so much.

Jade actually gets jealous that Albert leaves a getaway plan for Billie! Why is she mad? Jade never listens to Albert, talks about him negatively all the time, is resistant to everything he says. Billie for the most part listens to her dad if she's not influenced by Jade.

The two sisters turn the house upside down looking for a birth certificate? Why? Had Albert ever mistreated them? Ever hurt them?

Jade actually pulls a knife on her father and when her dad tells her to stop Billie knocks Albert upside the head??? What is going on? They strap him to the chair and start interrogating their own father? No apologies for pulling a knife on him, no apologies for hitting him upside the head. All this because he has secrets?

Let's not forget that the father seemingly just saved them from death by fire. This whole scenario is ridiculous. I really don't get it.

After giving a few answers, they let him go only so he can take take care of things at umbrella, not because of some renewed family bond or trust, just pure self preservation which is just remarkable.

And then of course in the future timeline its revealed that the leader of the 2nd umbrella squad is Billie.

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