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Resident Evil (2022) Season 1 Episode 3 Discussion

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Watching Albert fail at his little insurrection was amusing. I have to admit, besides being sort of a mad scientist he does seem to have his own sort of moral code. He's definitely not simply an evil man. Which makes you wonder about Albert's background. This Albert looks different tha the Wesker that most fans of resident evil are familiar with.

It makes you wonder if there aren't some shennanigans going on with his identity.

That scene where the smugglers are trying to get the people to the other city was interesting. There are "zeros" that reminded me of he clickers in The Last of Us. The basic zeros hunt by smell but these new ones hunt by sound. They are even called "lickers" which comes awfully close to "clickers".

They had the atmosphere down really good. It felt much more serious than the regular encounters with the zeroes. 

My only issues were once again the incredibly bad decisions that all the characters keep making. The family's son was infected 3 days ago and the father just runs into the tunnel supposedly sacrificing himself so the others could get away. I seemed to me like they could have all just ran into the hallway and tried to make a break for it at the same time.

The father's sacrifice did nothing at all, Jade still had to kill the giant spider all by herself and she didn't gain any true leverage by the dad dying. And then at the end the mother decides to just stay with the son and watch him turn. Just bad decisions all around.

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