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Oppenheimer Teaser Trailer Discussion

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Christopher Nolan and Chillian Murphy. Based on these two names alone I'm very interested in seeing this movie.

Even if I know nothing about the production, the setting or the person Cillian is portraying. I know that Christopher Nolan makes great movies, which are often times thought provoking and Cillian Murphy has proven that he is a A list actor when it comes to making a production which is a character study(I'm a big Peaky Blinders fan).

All that being said, this is not exactly the kind of teaser that I was looking forward to. I's definitely a tease in the truest sense. But its lacking a certain level of hype. I'm a strong believer in giving fans something to talk about and speculate on.

Speculation and discussion is the type of thing that sustains the life of the movie long after its release and promotes a movie before it debuts. With this first introduction I feel like they missed the mark. But July 2023 is a long ways away they still have almost a full year to get word mouth going strong.

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